Namak Issq Ka actress Shruti Sharma wants to do Mysterious Roles!!

Actress Shruti Sharma is winning many hearts, citing to her portrayal of Kahani in her current show ‘Namak Issq Ka’. She has been winning hearts and her skills don’t just include the brilliance in acting. She is a dancer par excellence and she calls the show ‘A Blessing in disguise’ where she got to do what she always wanted to do on-screen.

Moving on, The Gathbandhan actress spoke lengths on the kind of role she aspires to play on-screen to a leading entertainment portal. She shares “I want to head towards different types of characters only because I did Dhanak which was very different and then I played Sneha which was very contradictory and then I played Shayari and now Kahani. So the types of roles that I have played or have been playing have been very opposite to each other. But somewhere, I would love to play a psychotic lover on screen or any mysterious kind of a role.

When asked about her new year plans, the actress said “I don’t have any new year plans as such, I’ll be working throughout as my show has just started. But just hoping for happiness and peace to prevail.

On the work front, Shruti has starred in shows like Gathbandhan, Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, Nazar 2, etc.

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