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Episode starts with…

VR Mansion:

The family coming to the kitchen and seeing Kabir in that state. Dadi and Anupriya are shocked while Ishani, Aryan, Angre, Tanya and chachi are laughing their heads off. Just then Vansh, Janvi and chachu come into the house and are amused at what they see in front of them.

Vansh: So Kabir you have finally found something useful to do with your life.

Kabir: Vansh! These kids are little devils god knows whose kids those are and how dare they do this to me.

Vansh (looks at all the kids and is shocked to find Shovan and Shaina in VR mansion): You two here?

Sakshi: mamu I got them here, I wanted to play with them also, they needed to ask something to you.

Dadi: Kids what do you want to ask Vansh?

Vansh: It’s nothing Dadi just some school thing I’ll talk to them later. For now, everyone get back to your work.

Hearing this everyone disperses to get back at what they were doing. While Vansh takes all the kids to the poolside.

Vansh: So, kids have you guys had lunch yet?

Sakshi: Yes, mamu we had mumma fed us.

Vansh: Okay! So, Shovan and Shaina what brings you here?

Shaina: We wanted to talk about yesterday, why did come to the cinemas with us? Sakshi told us that you don’t like watching movies.

Shovan Then why did you watch it with us? Also, what were you talking with our mumma?

Vansh (smiles a little seeing how they take liberties with him and are not at all afraid of him): Wow, hold your horses, you guys have bombarded me with so many questions. To begin with I came to cinemas to speak with your mother. I only watched the movie because I wanted to finish my conversation with your mumma and I was talking about my sister Siya to your mother. (he lies because he can’t the kids the truth).

Shovan: Okay!

Vansh: That’s it just ‘okay’?

Shaina: Yes, were you expecting a long response?

Vansh: Well, yeah.

Shaina: Well too bad we only share our feelings with our mumma.

Vansh (wonders to himself): They are just like me and Riddhima we also don’t share our feelings with many people. I really hope what I am thinking comes true.

Vansh: Okay! Kids is anyone coming to pick you guys.

Kids: No, we called mumma in her hospital and told her we are going to a friend’s house. But she said she is going to be late so we will need to stay here till later.

Vansh: No need I can drop you guys later tell her you will be dropped off.

Kids: Okay! We will let her know.

Vansh: Why don’t we all play games and then I will drop you two off.

All kids: Yay!

They all play several games basketball, cricket, few board games as well. During the basketball game Vansh and Shovan bond over their skills, Vansh saw a junior Vansh in him. Just then Shania comes crying since she hurt herself with a loose nail that was peeping through a wall.

Vansh: Oh dear, Shaina come sit on this chair I’ll get first aid.

He does the first aid and as soon as he takes the tetanus injection to inject in Shaina when looking at it, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Vansh was taken aback. He didn’t know what to do like Sakshi never behaved like this. But he knew he had to pacify her otherwise he can’t give her the injection and it’s not good for her health.

Shovan: Uncle Shaina is afraid of injection. Mumma has a hard time giving her one when she is sick.

Vansh: Well, she needs to get one we don’t have a choice.

Shaina: NO! PLEASE

Vansh: Okay, fine I won’t see I am putting it down. (he tries to trick her, he sweet talks her about cartoon characters and favourite chocolates).

Shaina gets distracted and starts discussing about cartoons with Shovan and Sakshi. Vansh seizes this opportunity to inject the injection and Shaina doesn’t feel it as she is too busy discussing the next movie she wants to watch.

Vansh: DONE!

Shaina: What! You already put the injection in why didn’t I feel it?

Vansh (jokingly): I have magic in my hands.

Shaina: You are funny

Vansh was amused as no one has called him funny before. He felt a strange connection with the kids and felt like he had to protect them at any cost.

Vansh: So, Shovan and Shaina I’ll drop you guys off now. Let’s go

At Riddhima’s house:

Vishal: Knock, knock is anyone home?

Riddhima: Oh Vishal, what brings you here?

Vishal: Why I can’t come to visit my friend?

Riddhima: Of course, you can, I just hadn’t expected anyone except my kids.

Vishal: They are not home yet?

Riddhima: They went over to a friend’s house I have no idea who it is? I’ll ask them which friend this is after they come back.

Just then the doorbell rings and Riddhima goes to answer it. She sees Vansh at the door, before she could say anything, she sees the kids coming out from behind him.

Riddhima: kids what are you doing with him?

Kids: Mumma we went over to Sakshi’s house. Her mamu dropped us off.

Riddhima: Okay, go get changed (the kids run inside).

Before Vansh could say anything, Vishal interrupts them.

Vishal: Hey is everything okay here?

Vansh: what are you doing here?

Before he could say something Riddhima interjects: He is a friend and I don’t think we need to update you on who visits my house.

Vishal sensed tension between the two and thought it was wise to leave.

Vishal: Riddhima I think I will leave now I’ll come some other time to meet you (saying so he leaves from there).

Vansh: He will come again? Really, I didn’t know you were so close to him that he visits you?

Riddhima: Seriously Vansh I don’t know what your problem is? You have Tanya in your life, apparently your family wants the two of you married so I don’t understand why it matters to you whom I associate myself with.

Vansh didn’t know how to answer her. He knew she knows he still has feelings for her he can just tell. But after their separation he was never vocal about his feelings because he knew Dadi and the rest of the family will feel he is sad. He loves his family way too much and can’t make them worry for him. He leaves from there as he knew he didn’t have anything to add.

Riddhima (thinks): I know you didn’t like Vishal coming over, but I also don’t like Tanya hovering over you all the time. So Vansh I can’t give you the luxury of deciding my life if you can move on then I don’t think you deserve my answers.

Next day at the hospital:

Riddhima was talking to the staff when Janvi entered.

Janvi: Dr Riddhima can I please talk to you. It’s personal not related to hospital.

Riddhima: Okay fine! Give me sometime let’s meet in my cabin in 15 mins.

Janvi: Okay, thanks

15 mins later in Riddhima’s cabin:

Riddhima: Please come in Janvi.

Janvi: Thanks, I wanted to talk about you and Vansh bhai. I didn’t know you were his wife.

Riddhima: Correction it’s ex-wife.

Janvi: You two aren’t divorced yet so I don’t think the ex-wife title is justified yet.

Riddhima: That is not the point our relationship is already broken few papers aren’t going to change that. Is this all you wanted to discuss?

Janvi: No, I wanted to know your side of the story. I have worked with you for 2 weeks now I feel you can’t be this wrong. I feel there is something we all are missing out on. If you didn’t love bhai you wouldn’t have given birth to his kids. You always had a choice to abort but you went ahead with your pregnancy. So, I know you still love bhai a lot. So, I want to know your truth, please don’t take this the wrong way I am not here to defend bhai just want to know your pain. You calmed me, motivated me when I was worried about my pregnancy. I feel I owe this to you.

Riddhima: How can you be sure those are Vansh’s kids?

Janvi: I know you enough to know that these can’t be anyone else’s.

Riddhima (smiles): Well thanks for trusting me. I didn’t expect trust from any Raisinghania. Well the truth is Kabir and Anupriya manipulated everyone including me. (tells her all the story about her marriage, Vansh’s death and his comeback).

Janvi: Oh god I can’t believe someone can be so vicious. I mean I had no idea badi ma would be like this. She acts so sweet.

Riddhima: Well she is an expert in faking love. She only loves her son Kabir and nobody else.

Janvi: I am going to help you prove your innocence.

Riddhima: Thanks, but…

Janvi: Don’t worry I am not asking to mend you relation with bhai or the family, but I know you are worried for them because Anupriya and Kabir are in the house.

Riddhima: I can’t forget what all has happened I can’t forgive Vansh so easily but yes, we can together teach that mother-son duo a lesson. Anyways we should get going need to finish all work we have the haldi ceremony in the afternoon.

Same morning VR mansion:

Kabir: Yes, Mishra any update. Did you find out whose kids are those?

Mishra: Yes boss, Riddhima was pregnant before she left VR mansion. So, there is a high chance that they are her and Vansh’s kids.

Kabir: Okay, thanks Mishra (hangs up the call).

Kabir (thinks): So, those are Vansh’s kids, I can use this to my benefit. But those kids are so annoying. Just like their parents, they also get on my nerves.

Khuranna house in the afternoon:

Riddhima: Put these flowers there.

Staff: Okay!

Riddhima was helping out with the preperations when the Raisinghanias also arrived. Vansh was looking around for Sameer when he collided into Riddhima. She falls into his arms and they share a moment. Janvi who wasa spectator of this wished that the love she saw in their eyes becomes a reality and that they start a fresh with their kids. But she also knows that Riddhima needs time so she can’t force her to spend time with Vansh.

Janvi (thinks): I can’t openly get these two together, but I can create situations where they have to face each other.

The ceremony is done without any hassles. Everyone has a good time. The kids spend time with each since they are now friends. Vansh takes care of the kids and Riddhima has no issues since Vansh already knows the kids are hers though he may not know who the father is yet.

Riddhima: Shovan and Shaina let’s go we are getting late you have school tomorrow.

Vansh: Riddhima can’t you see they are having fun together let them play for some more time.

Riddhima: Vansh please you don’t interfere between me and my kids. Were you there for the past five years to take care of them then how can you think you can decide for them now (she takes the kids away)?

It dawns upon Vansh that she is right he hasn’t been there for them. Also, why was he getting so attached to the kids. He didn’t know to comprehend what was happening to him.

Precap: Janvi tells Dadi and Aryan the truth about Riddhima. Dadi, Janvi and Aryan join hands to bring Riansh together. Kabir tries to harm the kids. Siya shows improvement. Vishal and Riddhima plan for Vishal’s proposal, and Vansh sees them together.

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Few Questions to chew your brains out:

Will Kabir be successful in his plans?

Will Vansh find out about Vishal’s girlfriend?

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