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The Episode starts with Sampoorna saying Binoy is my Lord, can he do wrong with anyone, I m standing alive here because of him, you were ill, you had fainted, my life was worse than hell. Anirudh asks how. She says everyone believed that you fell ill because of me, I m responsible, I have ruined Saurabh and will ruin your life too, just Bondita stood by me, she was opposing my marriage with Bihari. Anirudh asks what. He asks Trilochan was he getting Sampoorna married to Bihari. Trilochan says yes, that was for her good, she is a widow. Bondita says but I told her that once Anirudh gets fine, we will convince Trilochan and stop the marriage. Anirudh says you knew this, Bondita, Bihari’s age is also like Sampoorna’s age, can they stay happy. She nods. He asks why didn’t you tell me, did Kaka ask you to hide. She signs no.

Sampoorna says don’t scold Bondita, I didn’t wish to marry Bihari, I was trying to run away, villagers came and attacked me, they insulted me and tried to kill me, they said that if a widow runs away, her fate just has death, when I got to know who is responsible for this, I was more scared, then…. Binoy came and saved me, my tears couldn’t end that fire, he had filled sindoor in my maang and had put off that fire, he saved me from those devils, Anirudh became protector for Bondita. Anirudh recalls the past. She says same way, your dad became my protector. Anirudh sees Binoy and hugs him. He smiles.

He says dad, I m proud of you, I understood that I got this madness from you, you have a high status in society, you are actually a big hearted man, I respect you even more, I love you. Binoy nods. Sampoorna says I wish every landlord was same, Binoy saved me while Trilochan tried to get me killed. Anirudh asks Trilochan did you get her attacked, I didn’t expect this, just Lord has a right to give and take life, how were you getting her married to Sampoorna. Trilochan asks what are you saying. Anirudh says I know what you think, she didn’t listen, you got egoistic and got her attacked. Bondita says no, I believe Trilochan, he can never do this.

Trilochan says yes, she is saying right, I didn’t ask anyone to kill Sampoorna, she is lying, she looks helpless and afraid, look into her eyes, you will see her evil. Anirudh asks do you see evil in her heart, not her fear, tell me, what’s the need for her to lie. Trilochan asks will you believe anyone, you are not understanding. He asks Binoy to say, he was there, Sampoorna is lying, right. Sampoorna holds Binoy’s hand. Binoy says Sampoorna is saying the truth, villagers tried to kill her, they were taking your name. Trilochan says no Anirudh. Anirudh says Kaka, we both know our thinking don’t match, but I respected you always, but what you did today, it means you can stoop to any level for keeping old customs, you can get a widow attacked. Bondita says don’t say this, Trilochan is very good, he can never do this. Anirudh says then tell me, if Sampoorna and Binoy are lying. Trilochan says you think I m lying, wow, you just trusted me this much that the trust broke. Anirudh says I had regarded you Lord, but I can’t deny this. Bondita says it can be a lie, but Trilochan can’t do this, maybe its someone’s conspiracy, he can never hurt Sampoorna.

She says I trust Sampoorna, he always taught me to keep family united. Anirudh asks her to stop it. He says dad has done a big favor on me, thanks. He says I will respect you like my mum from now, since my dad married you. He touches Sampoorna’s feet. He says your place will be more high for Bondita and me from today, its my promise to you, you will deserve the same respect as the Badi Malkin, your insult will be the insult of Roy Choudhary Bahu, you will be my Sampoorna Maa from today. They all get shocked.

Trilochan asks what are you saying, relations have to be earned. Anirudh says she will be Sampoorna Maa for me. He goes. Trilochan says the woman who separates father and son, you shouldn’t trust her, one can’t become a mum like that, one has to do a lot to become a mum, one has to keep mum’s Dharm, not everyone can do it, remember it. He goes. Sampoorna smiles. Bondita prays. Sampoorna asks Bondita won’t she welcome her by rasam. She asks are you not happy that I have become your Saas. Bondita says yes, you are also Bahu of this house. She asks Bihari and Koyli to get things to welcome Sampoorna. She gets on a stool and does aarti of Binoy and Sampoorna. Koyli says Bondita is doing aarti of her Saas. Bihari says who thought the two sisters will become Saas Bahu. Koyli says relations changed, their love will also change now. Bihari says its not about change, what will be the result, I wish its a good change, Bondita had won everyone’s heart, Sampoorna should also do the same. Sampoorna steps in the haveli and recalls Saurabh.

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