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Episode 57:-

What’s awaiting Raichands ?


Raichand Mansion.


Everyone is getting ready for wedding ceremony.

Roma Raichand is looking Dilip Raichand who is sitting on the wheel chair . She is smiles at him.

Roma Raichand- “ Dilip , Iam so happy today. Finally my dream is going to fulfill. Once this marriage happens, we will have a relationship with Mehra Sahab . He has promised to give me a ticket for this election. Then I will make everything alright. Dilip , you will be proud of me “.

Dilip Raichand looks her with a smile.

Menaka Raichand knocks in the door. Roma Raichand turns back.

Menaka Raichand- “ Bhabhi, aren’t you ready ? It’s getting late “.

Roma Raichand- “ Iam ready , I getting Dilip ready . Afterall it’s a big day for us “.

Menaka Raichand- “ Yeah it’s true ! Daksh has went to check Dhruv “.

Roma Raichand- “ Where is Dev ?”

Menaka Raichand- “ Dev is waiting for us in the hall . Trisha is also there . Dev and Prithvi have went to hall in the early morning and they came back “.

Roma Raichand- “ WOW ! That’s great . Dev has become responsible “.

Menaka Raichand- “ Yeah .. he is one who did all arrangements . He shown me pics of the mandap too , it looks great “.

Roma Raichand- “ Okay , let’s go now “.

Roma Raichand brings Dilip Raichand in wheelchair and Menaka Raichand assembles in the hall. Shashikala Raichand comes there too. Daksh brings Dhruv . Roma Raichand looks him and becomes happy. Dhruv comes there and takes blessing from Shashikala Raichand, Dilip Raichand and Roma Raichand. Menaka Raichand gives him a hug and blesses him.

Dev – “ Dhruv Bhaiya you look handsome”.

Daksh – “ Afterall I selected his shervani “.

Dhruv – “ Oho really!”.

Dev – “ But it’s looking good because Dhruv Bhaiya has worn it “.

Trisha – “ I agree “.

Daksh – “ Oho my god ! Dhruv Bro became a groom you both came to his side “.

Menaka Raichand- “ Why not Daksh ? Today Dhruv is special, he will get his credits . You can’t snatch it from him “.

Daksh – “ You too Bua !”

Shashikala Raichand- “ You can be special too , if you get ready to marry “.

Daksh – “ Oho ! I don’t want to spoil my whole life for getting one special day “.

Roma Raichand- “ Then you deserve this . Now let’s go we are getting late “.

They leave for the wedding venue .

Ritu is inside the room in the wedding hall. She has decked up as a bride . She is nervous. Everyone goes to arrange things for welcoming the Baarat (wedding procession) . Ritu is alone in her room. She

sends a message to Dhruv.

Dhruv checks her message in the car- ‘ Dhruv, I have to see you before our marriage. There is a problem, you are the only one I trust . Please come to my room before muharat ‘.

Dhruv gets tensed. He doesn’t understand what to do . Dev finds Dhruv worried.

Dev – “ Is everything okay ?”

Dhruv- “ Yeah “.

Raichands reaches wedding venue. Mehra’s give them a grand welcome. Everyone is in a joyful mood. Dev looks around. Dev rings Sameeksha . She doesn’t picks his call. Dev cuts the call and stands tensed. Then someone keeps hand on his shoulder. He turns back and gets to see Sameeksha . He is mesmerized seeing her in a saree .

Sameeksha – “ You want to miss your brother’s  wedding? “.

Dev – “ What?”

Sameeksha – “ I would like you getting lost like this when you see me . But if you stand here staring me for whole day, you will miss his wedding “.

Dev – “ Oho , So you like me staring at you !”

Sameeksha – “ No , I love it if you looks me with love “.

Sameeksha smiles and takes him inside.

Dhruv is worried about Ritu’s message. Dhruv excuses himself from his family by saying that he has to attend an important call. Menaka Raichand teases him saying that he is busy even on his wedding day.

Ritu is sitting in her room. She gets a message from Dhruv.

Message reads as – ‘ Ritu , Iam standing outside your room. Are you alone in your room ?”

Ritu message him back – ‘ Yes . Come in ‘.

Dhruv opens the door and get to see Ritu on her chair near the mirror, crying . He is shocked. He goes towards her .

Dhruv- “ Ritu , What happened?”

Ritu gets up and hug him . She continues crying. Dhruv gets more panic seeing her situation.

Dhruv- “ Please tell me , what is the matter ?”

Ritu – “ Dhruv, my best friend Meera met with an accident. She is in a critical situation “.

Dhruv- “ What ? Don’t worry she will be okay“.

Ritu- “ Dhruv, I want to meet her . Maybe this the last time, Iam going to meet her . Papa won’t agree , he will say that it’s your wedding today it’s not auspicious to go to hospital! Dhruv, please take me to hospital. I beg you “.

Dhruv- “ Ritu , But how can I ? I really want to help you but at this time…. I will take you once the wedding is over “.

Ritu – “ How can you expect me to be peaceful during our wedding in this situation?”

Dhruv- “ But what else can I do ?”

Ritu – “ Dhruv, once I see her then I will feel better… please “.

Dhruv- “ Ritu .. how can I do this? In the middle of our wedding ! “.

Ritu – “ There is nearly 2 hours for muharat, the hospital is nearby it will hardly takes 1/2 hours for both going and coming back. Please… I won’t ask you anything else after this “.

Dhruv- “ Okay , But how will I convince your Dad ? “.

Ritu – “ He won’t allow us if we tell him that we are going to hospital. At this time, we can’t say truth … “.

Dhruv- “ Okay , we will lie to him .. but what ?”.

Ritu – “ Temple… that can be a good reason.. he will believe that “.

Dhruv – “ Yeah But … what if he suggest us to go there after wedding ?”

Ritu – “ What if you tell him that it’s the offering of your any family member that we should visit the temple before marriage ?”

Dhruv – “ Okay , that’s good idea . I will talk to him and convince him . Don’t worry, I won’t let you be distress during our wedding “.

Ritu – “ Thank you so much , No one would do this for his to be wife “.

Dhruv- “ Your happiness is my priority “.

Dhruv goes out of the room,

Dhruv goes out and he takes Vishwajeet Mehra to side.

Dhruv- “ Uncle , I want to talk to you”.

Vishwajeet Mehra – “ Tell me , What is the matter ?“

Dhruv- “ Actually Nani had an offering so that my marriage happens with no issues. For that I and Ritu has visit the Durga temple nearby before marriage. Can I take Ritu to the temple? “.

Vishwajeet Mehra – “ But Muharat .. “.

Dhruv- “ We will be back within a hour .. I assure you “.

Vishwajeet Mehra – “ Since it’s about god , I won’t disagree. I permit you , go and come fast “.

Dhruv – “ Yes . I will do it . Thank you “.

Dhruv comes to Ritu.

Dhruv- “ I have talked to your father allowed us . I will be waiting for you in the car , behind the hall . You come there “.

Ritu – “ Okay. Thank you “.

Dhruv – “ You are always welcome “.

In the hall, Shashikala Raichand looks for Dev and doesn’t find him . She then goes to Sameeksha .

Shashikala Raichand- “ Sameeksha, did you see Dev ?”

Sameeksha – “ Yeah Nani , he got a call . So he went to the back entrance as it is noisy here “.

Shashikala Raichand – “ Okay . What did you addressed me ?”

Sameeksha – “ Nani … Oho Sorry … Ma’am . It came out in a flow “.

Shashikala Raichand- “ Don’t be Sorry . I like it , don’t change it “.

Sameeksha – “ Okay .. “.

Sameeksha smiles at Shashikala Raichand. She becomes happy and goes towards back entrance.

Sameeksha (thinks) – “ Great ! Even the universe is supporting my plan “.

(Fb:- Few minutes ago ,

Sameeksha gets a message from Ritu.

Message reads as – ‘ Our Plan worked ‘.

Sameeksha messaged to Khanna – ‘Ready to move forward with the plan ‘

Khanna replied – ‘ Done ‘.

He messaged to his man and Aryan about the same.

Dev came and sat near Sameeksha . He got a call. He picks it but he couldn’t hear anything clearly due to the noise .

Sameeksha asked him to go to back entrance so that he can hear clearly.

Dev found her suggestion good and went there ) .

Sameeksha smirks.

Dhruv goes to bring car to the backside of the hall. While going he gets to see Shashikala Raichand. He gets worried.

Shashikala Raichand – “ Where are you going ?”

Dhruv – “ Nani .. “.

Shashikala Raichand – “ What ?”

Dhruv – “ Actually Ritu’s late Dadi had a wish that she should visit the nearby Durga Temple before getting married with her to be husband and should perform Aarti . We are going for that “.

Shashikala Raichand – “ But they didn’t told us before “.

Dhruv – “ Actually they forgot about it in between the wedding tension . Her dad remembered it in the morning. We will be back within an hour . Please inform Mom. Let us leave fast “.

He leaves in a hurry.

Shashikala Raichand(thinks) – “ They should have thought about it before .. let children go and come back “.

Dhruv brings the car to the backside . Ritu comes to back entrance.

Dev is standing there and he is talking to someone over phone.

Ritu walks past him but he doesn’t notice her initially. Then his hangs up the call and the recall seeing a someone in bridal attire going out. He then turns back and get

to see Ritu getting into a car . The car drives off , this leaves Dev shocked.

Dev – “ Where is she going ? Something is fishy. I should inform all“.

He turns to go inside and he see Shashikala Raichand coming towards him. He goes to her.

Dev – “ Nani , I saw Bhabhi going in a car”.

Shashikala Raichand – “ She went with Dhruv to temple to fulfill her late Daadi’s wish … “.

Dev – “ At this time?”

Shashikala Raichand- “ Her Dad remembered it today morning, that’s it . Don’t worry they will be back very soon. You come with me , I have to discuss something with you “.

She takes him inside but Dev is skeptical about it .

Dev (thinks) – “ I don’t know why Iam not feeling something fishy… Is it because Iam worried about Sameeksha’s calmness ? I hope that my  intuitions is proved wrong “.

In the car,

Ritu and Dhruv is driving towards hospital.

Ritu – “ Dhruv, I won’t forget this ever “.

Dhruv- “ Don’t be so formal “.

Suddenly Dhruv spots someone lying on the road and stops there . He looks through window.

Dhruv (shouts outside) – “ Hello , brother … are you awake ?”

Ritu – “ What happened?”

Dhruv- “ There is someone lying on the road , seems like he is unconscious “.

Ritu – “ Oho.. it’s getting late . Dhruv, why don’t you get down and check ?”

Dhruv – “ Okay , let me see “.

Dhruv gets down and walks towards the man lying on road . He knees down and checks the person. Then suddenly that man sprays chloroform on Dhruv’s face. Dhruv becomes unconscious. It is revealed that it is Aryan. Ritu gets down .

Ritu and Aryan takes Dhruv and makes him sit on the back seat . Ritu drives while Aryan sits in the front seat. They stops near a house . Ritu changes her dress and comes back.

They goes to a remote place.

A man is waiting near a  truck . Ritu stops the car . Aryan and Ritu gets down . Ritu keeps an envelope in the car.  They walk towards the man.

Aryan – “ Shamsher?”

Shamsher – “ Yes. Love is strong , no one can separate true lovers. Khanna, asked me to help you“

Aryan – “ Okay . Thank you”.

Shamsher – “ Your luggage is inside the truck . And here is your job offer letters and tickets. You will be taken to safe place. All arrangements is done for your marriage at the same place.And day after tomorrow you can migrate to Italy . Everything is done “.

Shamsher gives them a file . Aryan takes it.

Ritu – “ Thank you so much “.

Aryan – “ We would like to talk to Sameeksha , to thank her “.

Shamsher- “ You can talk to her once you reach your hideout . Now get inside the truck , don’t waste your time”.

Aryan and Ritu gets into truck . Shamsher gets into Dhruv’s car.

In wedding hall,

Vishwajeet and other family members are worried as Ritu and Dhruv haven’t came back . Raichands are also tensed.

Vishwajeet- “ I shouldn’t have let them go”.

Shobana – “ Did you called them ?”

Vishwajeet- “ Yes , Ritu’s Phone is switch off and Dhruv’s Phone is out of coverage area “.

Shobana – “ I hope they are safe “.

Vishwajeet- “ I think now I should talk to Raichands “.

Shobana nods ‘Yes’.

Dev – “ Dhruv’s bhaiya’s phond is out of coverage area “.

Roma Raichand – “ Why did he agreed to take her to temple just before marriage?”

Shashikala Raichand – “ Time is going, there is only 30minutes for muharat “.

Daksh – “ What if they got in between traffic?”

Trisha – “ Yeah.. that is a possibility “.

Dev –  “ I don’t feel so… there is something wrong somewhere . I have asked a local man to check them at temple “.

Menaka Raichand – “ Lets talk to Ritu’s parents “.

Roma Raichand – “ Yeah that’s right “.

Sameeksha and her parents enjoys seeing the tension. Sameeksha gets message from Khanna that their plan has worked.

Sameeksha smiles.

Sameeksha (low volume) – “ Now it’s show time “.

Mr.Chowdhary (low volume) – “ Entertainment and Entertainment “.

Mrs.Chowdhary (low volume) – “ Poor Raichand, their dreams are going to shatter “.

Vishwajeet and his family comes towards Raichands.

Vishwajeet- “ Time is passing.. where is our children?”

Roma Raichand – “ We are also worried for them . We tried them on phone but no one responded “.

Shobana – “ Shashikala ji , everything happened because of your wish that they should visit temple before marriage “.

Raichands gets shocked . Sameeksha smirks.

Menaka Raichand – “ What are you saying?”

Vishwajeet- “ She said it right “.

Shashikala Raichand – “ What are you saying? My wish ? Dhruv had told me that it is the wish of your late mother “.

Vishwajeet- “ What ? My mother’s wish ?”

Roma Raichand – “ What is this ?”.

On other side ,

Shamsher drives Dhruv to a wedding venue . He stops the car in the road behind the hall. He makes Dhruv sit on the driver’s seat. He makes Dhruv smell something and leaves.

Vishwajeet tells his side of the story and Shashikala tells her side.

Menaka Raichand – “ So whose wish was that they should visit temple and perform puja before marriage? It’s confusing “.

Dev gets a call from the man he assigned to get information about Dhruv and Ritu. Dev gets shocked after talking to that man. Prithvi  calls someone to know about Dhruv.

Dev comes to Roma Raichand.

Dev (whispers) – “ They haven’t visited the temple. That man has checked CCTV footage of a shop near the temple “.

Roma Raichand becomes tensed.

Vishwajeet- “ What happened?”

Roma Raichand – “ They didn’t reach temple “.

Vishwajeet – “ What ?”

Daksh – “ What if they meet with some accident ?”

Roma Raichand – “ Daksh , don’t say anything like that “.

Daksh – “ Dev , let’s go and check “.

Dev –  “ You are right ., let’s go “.

Dev and Daksh leaves in car . They searches for them.

By then situation changes

While Dhruv starts to regain consciousness. He finds him alone in the car . He becomes shocked. He gets a letter kept on the stirring wheel .

Letter reads as – ‘

To Dhruv,

I got to know that Aryan was innocent in that girl’s case. Aryan proved it . I can’t leave him as I love him . Iam Sorry , I had to do this to unite with him. I know it will hurt but it’s better than loveless marriage.

Ritu … “.

Dhruv- “ So it was her plan elope with Aryan . Yesterday he came there and convinced her . They fooled me !!! Ritu , you broke my trust and you won’t escape. I will inform everyone “.

Dhruv drives to venue . He stops at the entrance and gets down. He enters the hall. Trisha is talking to Dev over phone. Trisha gets to see him.

Trisha – “ Dhruv Bhaiya!


Dev gets surprised hearing that .

Everyone turns and gets to see Dhruv. Everyone relieves.

Dev (on call) – “ Trisha, did he came ?”

Trisha – “ Yes “.

Dev – “ Okay , we are coming back “.

Dev turns the car and drives back.

In hall ,

Everyone looks behind Dhruv. Dhruv comes to them.

Roma Raichand- “ Where were you both?”

Vishwajeet- “ Where is Ritu ?”

Dhruv- “ She ran away with her lover Aryan “.

Raichands gets shocked. Vishwajeet’s family gets shocked hearing it. Dhruv handover Ritu’s letter to Vishwajeet . Vishwajeet reads it and loses his cool.

Dhruv tells his side of story to everyone . Then everyone is shattered.

Roma Raichand – “Why couldn’t you sense the foul play ?”.

Dhruv – “ I trusted Ritu blindly.. I didn’t expected it.. “.

Trisha – “ How could she ?”.

Suddenly Shobana takes the letter and looks it carefully .

Sobhana – “ This isn’t Ritu’s handwriting “.

Everyone gets shocked.

Vishwajeet – “ What ? “

Shobana – “ Iam saying right .. this isn’t her handwriting “.

Trisha – “ What if that Aryan kidnapped Ritu ? It can be his move to confuse us “.

Roma Raichand – “ There is a possibility for that “.

Vishwajeet asks P.A. to check Dhruv’s car once to get some clue. He asks his secretary to contact police. Dhruv feels confused. Sameeksha enjoys seeing their tension. By then Dev and Daksh comes back.

Sameeksha comes near to Dev and tells him about the whole story. Dev is left shocked.

P.A. comes back with an envelope. He stands near him.

P.A. – “ Sir this is not a case of kidnapping .., but it is a conspiracy by Dhruv Raichand. He has helped Ritu beti to elope with that Aryan and behaving innocent “.

Dhruv – “ What rubbish?”

Vishwajeet – “ What ?”

Sameeksha comes forward.

Sameeksha – “ Iam Sorry to interrupt . But this accusation is ridiculous. How can you blame Dhruv like this ? If she had ran away with Aryan then Dhruv is the victim here “.

Shashikala Raichand- “ Don’t make us baseless accusations against my grandson “.

Roma Raichand- “ Why would he do so ?”

Menaka Raichand – “ Is our Dhruv crazy to help his to be wife to elope with her lover ? “ .

P.A.  – “ He isn’t crazy but greedy. Ritu Beti has named that sea view bungalow in Dhruv’s name . And there is thank you note too”.

P.A gives that envelope to Vishwajeet. Shobana checks the letter and she assured that it is written by Ritu.

Vishwajeet- “ Sharma ,  just read it to them “.

P.A. – “ Dear Dhruv,

Iam so thankful that you agreed to help me to unite with Aryan. I won’t forget this ever. When my father betrayed me you supported me. Iam grateful that you saved Aryan to get out without being caught . According to our deal, I have kept the papers of the property transfer along with this . Sincere thanks for doing all the arrangements.

Yours Ritu .. “.

Raichands are completely confused and shocked .

Dhruv – “ Its all lie .. Iam not linked to this “.

Vishwajeet gets angry but controls it.

Vishwajeet – “ Why did you lied to me and took her out ?”

Dhruv- “ She told me that her friend Meera is hospitalized and she is in a critical condition “.

Then a girl comes to them.

Girl – “ Uncle, Ritu won’t lie about people she love . Afterall Iam her best friend, why would she lie about me like this ? She won’t such things as joke “.

Vishwajeet – “ She is Meera , Ritu’s childhood friend . The one in the hospitalized as per your story “.

Dhruv- “ Uncle , Iam not lying. Ritu told me to say that lie of visiting temple before marriage and all that … “.

Vishwajeet- “ Okay , Fine . For instance if I believe you , tell me why did you hide the fact that Aryan had came for Sangeet “.

Dhruv – “ He convinced me that he came there with no bad intention”.

Vishwajeet- “ Why did you helped him to go out ?”

Dhruv- “ I thought he is harmless , I thought to avoid a scene “.

Vishwajeet- “ Try your luck in scripting , your can make stories very well “.

Vishwajeet gets enraged and hold Dhruv’s collar. Other comes to move him away. Situation becomes worse. Vishwajeet orders his goons to find Ritu and Aryan .

Sameeksha remembers revealing her plan to Ritu and Aryan.

(Fb:- Last evening,

Sameeksha is standing with Aryan and Ritu. She tells them the plan .

Ritu – “ So you mean that in this plan we will trap Dhruv in this “.

Sameeksha – “ Yes, Dhruv should be held responsible for your elope with Aryan. We have to plant all evidence against him. So that we can distract them all . You will get more time during that drama “. )

Fb ends .

Raichands and Mehra’s have heated argument over Ritu’s elope .

Raichands reputation gets tarnished infront others. Dhruv defends himself but all evidence is against him.

Dhruv stands there being helpless.

Sameeksha/ Samika rememberers How Dhruv gained Samrat’s trust and betrayed them.

Sameeksha (thinks)- “ Dhruv Raichand! Now you got to taste your medicine. You did same with my Samrat Bhaiya . Now you are standing in his position . Like this everyone in your family will go through the pain you given us “.

Night , Raichand Mansion.

Menaka Raichand and Daksh is sitting together. They discussing about the incident.

Menaka Raichand- “ Iam telling you this family got cursed .. no marriage had happened after Dev and Samika’s marriage. First Dev and Trisha’s engagement was called off and now Dhruv’s marriage got cancelled”.

Daksh  – “ Oho Bua , don’t be so silly “.

Menaka Raichand- “ Our House has became a drama place… “.

Daksh – “ Drama has become an integral part of all function of our house . When everything was going smooth during Dhruv bro’s pre wedding functions , I thought the history is going to change . But it didn’t “.

Trisha comes there and joins them.

Trisha – “ That Rituja turned out to be a cheater .. Poor Dhruv Bhaiya.. she broken his heart badly. He might have felt so helpless ”.

Daksh – “ He didn’t had any true love for Ritu , he loved her Dad’s position in political party and her wealth . But it was bad that he got insulted by them “.

Trisha- “ If I have got that Ritu and her lover .. I would have cut into pieces “.

Menaka Raichand- “ Yeah that’s what that girl deserves “.

Sameeksha’s house ,

Mr.Chowdhary , Mrs.Chowdhary , Sameeksha  are standing inside the dark room.

Sameeksha – “First Dhruv lost his project , now he got betrayed by his bride and got insulted infront of everyone “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ This was a great move”.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ It was really surprising that everything turned out so well. I would say it was more than perfect “.

Sameeksha – “ One arrow , 2 birds … One- Dhruv’s image got tarnished, two- Dev became shocked “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Correction, it’s actually 3 wins .. 3rd one – Raichand family’s reputation got damaged infront of public “.

Sameeksha – “ You are right , Mom “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ Why did you aimed Dhruv alone in this game ? You could have framed Dev too . You could have against “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Dev is alert , he would have sensed it “.

Sameeksha – “That’s it . To shock our enemy one should target their companions first and turn situations in such a way that our enemy is left with only one option .. that is to be a helpless witness.  It will shake the enemy’s mental strength “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ Who is next ?”

Sameeksha – “ Before next move , I need to know what is inside Dev’s mind . He was silent these days .. Iam sure he is planning something big . After this he won’t stay silent “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ But Why would he suspect you ?”

Sameeksha – “ He don’t have any evidence but he will have doubt on me for sure”.

Dhruv is sitting alone in his room. Dev goes to console him.

Dev – “ Bhaiya , forget everything . We all are with you “.

Dhruv – “ How can I forget it easily ? My to be wide eloped with her lover , she fooled me , and she framed me in it . Iam the one who got insulted infront all . I became joker “.

Dev – “ Don’t worry, we will prove that you are innocent and we will punish the one who is behind the conspiracy “.

Dhruv – “ But that won’t make any difference, my image got spoiled “.

Dev – “ You take your own time , time will heal the wounds. Good night  “.

Dev is turns to leave but Dhruv stops him.

Dhruv – “ Dev, are you behind this ? “

Dev turns to him in shock.

Dev – “ What?”

Dhruv – “ I remember , when you got to know that I joined hands with Mr.Mehra to frame Aryan so that Ritu agrees to marry me.. you criticized me saying that I did wrong by framing Aryan . You even told me that this will be a problem if Ritu gets to know about this in future “.

Dev – “ Oho .. So that’s it. Tell me didn’t that turned out right ? It’s true that I warned you about this but .. “.

Dhruv – “ Did you helped them so that you can tarnish my image ?”

Dev – “ Believe it or not .. Iam not behind this . If I want to tarnish your image , I would have done it another but I won’t let that affect our family’s name “.

Roma Raichand overhears their conversation and comes inside .

Roma Raichand- “ Dhruv, you won’t change . Everything happened because of your foolishness. If you informed us about that Aryan  before the situation would have been different. And you are blaming Dev without any reason “.

Dev – “ Mom , please don’t scold him today. He is hurt , we should support him”.

Roma Raichand – “ Dhruv, see his concern. Let it go Dhruv. We will find some solution . Dev , come with me . We need to talk “.

Dev and Roma Raichand leaves. They goes to study room.

Roma Raichand – “ Everything got spoiled. Now Mehra won’t support me and would do everything possible to not let me inside the party “.

Dev – “ There is enough time for elections, we will see to it . I have been in contact with the leader of other party . Your ticket won’t be in danger “.

Roma Raichand- “ WOW.. that’s great . Iam proud of you “.

Dev – “ Iam concerned about the conspiracy against Dhruv Bhaiya “.

Roma Raichand- “ That May have done this Rituja and Aryan did it to save themselves and to revenge Dhruv for separating them “.

Dev – “ No.. they can’t do this alone without a help . One of our enemy has helped them and used this situation against us “.

Roma Raichand- “ Why do you think so ?”

Dev – “ How come every evidence against Dhruv Bhaiya like this ? It was done with precision. Aryan and Rituja was just a puppet in the hand of that person. It is done with proper plan “.

Roma Raichand- “ Whom do you suspect?”

Dev – “ I don’t have evidence but I think it is Sameeksha “.

Roma Raichand- “ What ? Are you sure ? But she ?”

Dev – “ Iam not sure but I doubt . Next option is Mr.Bajaj … he had challenged us to take over our business very soon when we paid him compensation instead giving away shares “.

Roma Raichand- “ He can do so , he is so crooked “.

Dev – “ But when I got to know about the whole incident from Dhruv Bhaiya’s side . I felt a personal attack style , here the enemy used trust as a weapon. People use such tactics when it’s personal revenge. That’s reason why I suspect Sameeksha “.

Roma Raichand – “ So it’s your guess ?”

Dev – “ We don’t have any materialistic evidence but there is some situational points – like yesterday when Dhruv Bhaiya went to check Ritu , Sameeksha was there along with Ritu in her room. I got a random call and I went to back entrance . She was the one who suggested that . During the main events I was busy with some other things . Sameeksha was with me always during every function”.

Roma Raichand- “ Oho .. it make sense “.

Dev – “ When  it is proven that she is Samika … now we shouldn’t waste time. It’s time to make our move . Now it has become more important to recognize our enemy “.

Precap:- Sameeksha reads newspaper and gets shocked. Dev is surrounded by some journalists. Sameeksha sees him making some revelation on TV and Sameeksha gets angry. She throws the remote on the floor .


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