LOVE IN SPLITSVILLE #celebrity season# (episode -12) xv – Telly Updates

Firstly I am very sorry for the delay. And thank you for your immense love and support.

The episode starts with………..

Vansh :- Riddhima you are just behaving like a kid still now.

Riddhima :- (eating chocolates) vansh! whatever you want to think, or whatever you want to say, just do it. But, don’t disturb me while I was eating chocolates. (She was liking her fingers)

Vansh was giggling…..

Riddhima :- why are laughing?

Vansh :- riddhima!!!!! Just look at yourself, how you applied chocolate at your face just like……. (Laughing)

Riddhima :- hoo! You are laughing at me, now see how I will make your face.(anger)

She keep her chocolates aside. she found some mud, she took it into her hands and start throwing.

Vansh :- have you lost it?

Riddhima :- if I say yes. (Laughing)

Vansh :- I am not gonna leave you this time.

She start running towards the villa and he run behind her.

She caught her by her waist from her back and start rubbing his cheeks to her. She shouts vansh! Stop it! (Laughing)

They both enjoyed their time for sometime and they left to their rooms.

While riddhima was leaving to her room, she stopped at her way and saw Nia hugging a hug very tightly by kissing him on his forehead and cheeks.

Riddhima :- what the? Vansh what are you just doing at this time with her, you said, you was tired but you were spending your time with your……. (Anger and jealous)

Wait! Why I am feeling like this? Am i? No! Why should I will be?  Riddhima! Just forget it!

By saying these, she turn her head to left side. She was shocked by seeing vansh.

Riddhima :- if vansh is their then who is that person with Nia……..

She was shocked after seeing that person! Infact, the earth was broken under her legs…….. Tears flow in her eyes.

Nia :- I love you so much

Person :- love you too

Nia :- I really miss your touch, smell everything (hugging him)

Person :- me too (hugging her very tightly)

Riddhima left from their with full of tears, then she collided with vansh and she didn’t control herself and hugged him.

Vansh :- riddhu? What happened? Why are crying? Just look at me! (Lifting her head)

Riddhima :- vansh please don’t ask me anything, please, just hold me!!!!! (Crying)


She fell asleep in his arms like that.

Next morning…………

Good morning splitsvillans……..

It’s time to celebrate our special days at a time. Let’s celebrate teddy bear, hug, kiss, promise day at a time. Already we have found some couples.

Sia and Sohel

Angre and ishani

Arnav and Khushi

Mahir and Bhavya (Bela)

Shiv and anikha

Vansh and Nia

And I have a surprise for all of you. Our adhya is back!!!!!!!!

She came with board smile by saying hi!

Jay runs towards her and hugged her very tightly.

Jay :- I really miss you, without you, it’s like a hell for me. I miss you very much.

Aadhaya :- jay! Every one were watching us (embarrassing)

They both compose themselves……

Host :- today, we planned this session something different.

You all want to collect teddy bears in this fist stage.

In second stage…….

By giving teddies you want to promise.

Third stage…….

You want to dance with your partners and you want to get a hug from them.

Fourth stage……..

Kiss them by expressing your feelings for them.

We planned our special days as a game.

Now let’s start the game but this time girls will perform this task……… And one more thing in first level for whom will you give that teddy you want to perform remaining tasks with him only. If anyone choose one person, then another person was not able to choose that person.

The game begins…….

Everyone start climbing the slide which is very slippery by holding a rope.

It’s so slippery, no was able to climb it. Everyone was falling down. Boys were enjoying the show……….

Nia start climbing slowly, riddhima saw it and thought.

Riddhima :- no! I can’t let her go to vansh. She was cheating him. I can’t let her win.

Riddhima fell on that slide, by using her hand she uses her full power, she pull the rope down and start going forward. She reach before Nia reach to top. She pic teddy bear which was hanging. She take that teddy and run towards vansh and she sit on one knee, she ask him to take that teddy (by making teddy face)

Riddhima :- vansh, I promise you. I never break your trust, until my last breathe I always try to make you happy and I never allow anyone to break you, to play with your emotions. I always protect you as a shield.

Vansh feeling :- I can understand what you are saying but I hope your guess want to be wrong.


Next Nia reached the top and she gave the teddy bear to Kabir.

Next sia reached gave the teddy to Sohel.



Next ishani gave teddy to angre.

Next stage………..

Everyone start dancing, after everyone finishes their they all get hug from their partners.

Some of the pics……….

Next stage,

Nia came to vansh and propose him.

Kabir came to riddhima and propose her.

Riddhima slaps Nia and Kabir.

Everyone is shocked………

Riddhima :- how can you both cheat us.

Kabir :- riddhima ! What are you talking?

Riddhima :- I saw everything! Last night I saw you and Nia together. So, please don’t act.

Nia :- finally, you discover her truth then we don’t need to act.

Vansh :- (he was totally broken) nia! How can you?

Nia :- I am sorry vansh! What shall I do? I want to win these game at any level. So, I don’t have any other option. For me and Kabir it’s very important to win. So, we decided to any one of us want to win. Here, you and riddhima are very strong. If we made bond with you both then definitely one of us will win these. After winning then we decided to reveal everything but this Riddhima find the truth.

Vansh :- you cheat!

Riddhima :- vansh! One second!

Kabir…… That mean the time we spend, it’s all……..

Kabir :- come on riddhima! After listening all these, you think still it’s all true.

Riddhima left from their with full of tears. She leave to her room, she was totally broken. Vansh go behind riddhima.

She reminds her moments with Kabir and crying.

Suddenly she realised about vansh and she leave the room in very hurry to see vansh.

She find vansh was sitting alone and he had lost in his thoughts.

Vansh was thinking his moments with Nia.

Riddhima came to him and squeeze his hand.

Ok friends today’s update is completed…….

My small request please don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in a grandy way. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day then please celebrate it in a simple way.

Because,today our 40 crpf had dead on this day (Palawan attack) it’s a black day for us. So, I hope you all will understand.

I am not saying don’t enjoy this special day but at same time respect their death.


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