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New Delhi, India- MKK Mansion Hall

Aisha rushes down the staircase after getting a few missed calls. She decides against waiting for Prerna as the matter seemed serious. Her phone wouldn’t stop buzzing and she wonders why this person is annoying her so much. She decides to message the person.

Aisha- If I’m not picking up, that means a lot right?

Person- Shut up Aish. How could you?

Aisha- How could I what? I told you this isn’t working and besides I live in Delhi now

Person- I’m in Delhi right now

Aisha- You got to be kidding me

Person- No babe, and if you don’t come see me right now, I’m coming to the Mehra Mansion

Aisha- My foot! Are you stalking me

Person- I saw your stories, and that girl- Rhea Mehra is a pretty big name around here. It took me two minutes

Aisha- Creep. Where are you? Don’t come here

Person- Meet me at Cafe Coffee Day near the house

Aisha- Okay, I’m coming

Saying this, she looks around to see if anyone is there and rushes out before anyone notices her.

New Delhi, India- Pragya Room


Saying this, Prerna runs out of the room while Abhi looks shocked. Everyone’s attention shifts to Pragya who’s having a hard time breathing. Sahil tries to calm her down but in vain. Pragya has just heard what Prerna has said and has taken it in. She doesn’t know how to handle her emotions, she’s almost reached her breaking point. Ironically, she’s felt like this quite a lot in the past few years. But what does this revelation do now?

She begins breathing violently and moves her hands and legs. Abhi, Prachi and Rhea look concerned and lot at Sahil. Sahil looks at them with no hope. Rhea understands that this matter is very serious and she has had enough. She cannot lose her mother and neither can she afford to see her mother in so much pain, with so many mental health issues. She signals to everyone that she will be back and she storms out of the room, looking for someone. Abhi worries about who will have to suffer Rhea’s wrath.

New Delhi, India- Road

A lady is seen running around the road like crazy. Almost as if she is going to bang into all the cars. Before a car can hit her, a strong hand pulls her into his embrace

Man- Ragini! Behave yourself

Ragini- Nachiket,,,{crying}

Neil- What happened? What did Prerna do?

Ragini- She remembers everything Nachiket,,, she does

Neil- What? What are you talking about?

Ragini- That family, they are her old family

Neil- What? How do you know?

Ragini- Did you hear, Prerna called that lady her Mom and turns out Anurag, he’s actually her childhood best friend. They grew up together.

Neil- Oh!

Ragini- Now what? Will she go away from us?

Neil- It’s not like that, we don’t know anything. We don’t know when she got her memory back and we don’t even know how she feels about them.

Ragini- and my mom? what was she doing there?

Neil- I don’t know, but maybe if we went back there we can piece all the information together

Ragini- And my Sahil? Does he work for them?

Neil- Yes, I’m guessing because his client was a lady and he told us na it’s a huge family.

Ragini- Can you take me to see Prerna

Neil- Yes, let’s go. But first, let’s go see your mom and your family okay?

Ragini- Will they forgive me?

Neil- Of course, they looked happy to see you

Ragini- I love you, Nachiket

Neil- I love you too!

New Delhi, India- Kohli House

The doorbell rings and a tensed Pallavi opens the door to find a depressed looking Ranbir. However, looking at her he grows concerned

Ranbir- Mom, is everything okay?

Pallavi- Come inside first, meet your Dad and Dida

Ranbir- Why do they look so tensed

Pallavi- I’m not sure. There are two things

Ranbir- Okay.

The doorbell rings again and Ranbir tells his mother that he would open the door. He opens the door and finds and unknown couple standing at the door. From their facial expressions, he can make out that they are a little emotional. After he realises that he has been staring at them for more than a minute, he asks them about who they have come to meet. He welcomes them in after they say his dad’s name.

Ranbir- Dad! Dida, this beautiful couple is here to see you

Vikram- Who is it? Bring them here

Dida- Ragini puttar, is that you?

Ragini- Maa…{both of them look emotional while pallavi looks on}

Ragini and the Kohli’s spend time catching up and they introduce each other and their children while Ragini tells her about Sahil and Prerna being her children. She also tells them that Prerna is adopted and her real parents live in the other house. Vikram nods while Ranbir looks confused.

New Delhi, India- Khanna House

Aryan- You didn’t tell us that you had a girl friend

Disha- And you didn’t even tell us that you were engaged

Purab- Do we not mean anything to you?

Anurag- Guys, please stop being over dramatic

Disha- Only if you tell us everything

Anurag- What do you want to know detective

Purab- In all seriousness, did you know she was Kiara?

Anurag- No, I didn’t. She was my partner lawyer- Prerna Khanna

Disha- And what know? Are you still going to marry her?

Anurag- Ya of course, what do you mean

Disha- Sunny, will you go back to London?

Anurag- Whatever Prerna decides

Disha- Oh look! This boy has already forgotten his mom. Doesn’t even miss me. Purab Ji, let’s Aryan close to us otherwise he’ll also forget us

Aryan- Mom please! I’ll always be mumma’s boy

New Delhi, India- MKK Mansion

A lady runs down the steps after Prerna and screams her name a couple of times.


The Kohlis and Khanna’s rush to the main lobby after hearing all this commotion and wonder who is yelling so loudly.

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