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Hi there, here I am with my new episode hope you liked the previous part.

Episode starts with Naira shouting.

Kartik:(afraid) what happened Naira are you alright,

Naira: Yes I am alright but I need your help.

Kartik: Anything serious Naira you seems to be tensed.

Naira: Yeah it’s damn serious. That’s why I need to talk to you immediately.

Kartik: yup!!!

Their conversation went silent (it will be revealed with the upcoming plot)

Kartik: what!!! Are you sure, we can’t take ahead with a guess game.

Naira: I’m sure, I know him and this time no one can stop me.

Scene freezes

Scene shifts to Singhania Sadan

Naksh: Mumma, I’m home.

Akshara: Haan beta you sit, Keerthi beta bring a cup of tea for Naksh.

Keerthi comes there with tea for Naksh.

Akshara: Naitik, do you have any idea why Naira have called everyone to gather here. What’s going on?

Naksh: Haan Papa, she called me at krishna and told me to come home as soon as possible.

Naitik: I don’t have any idea regarding this matter she will come na ask to her. And whatever decision she takes I will be with her

Gayu: She called me too. And still now she isn’t here.

Akshara: There is 15 minutes left for the time she told to meet. And it’s good too, Naman is not here yet.

Bhabhima: Karishma beta call him once and ask him to pick Mishti from school too. Naira said that she needs whole family here so….

Karishma: Ji bhabhima I’ll call him, and ask him to bring Mishti too.

Mishti: I’m here badi daadi….

Bhabhima: My child came home..

Naman: Yes bhabhima woh I received Naira’s call to come home, anything serious?

Devyani: Don’t know beta… We get know about it when she comes here.

Krish: mumma, mumma bhookhi lagi hai..

Akshara: I’ll get food here Keerthi. You just handle Krish.

Keerthi: jee maa.

Just then Naira enters the house with her security team and Kartik.

Naitik: Princess you are here, tell us what happened and why you tell us to gather here. Pls tell us beta we are tensed!!

Naira: Papa relax, and it’s a request to you don’t panic after hearing all these and the things going to happen afterwards.

All gets confused.

Naira goes straight and slaps someone tightly leaving everyone in immense shock!!

Episode freezes

Precap:- Who was slapped by Naira, did this have any relation with that 25 lakhs disappearance.

This was a basic episode for your easiness to understand the next episode.

Hope you all liked it

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