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Santoshi Maa 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati feels how dupatta came near Mata’s idol hence she asks Mata is this some signal to me or if I doing wrong to first inform Indresh hence what should I do or shall I inform mother in law & Swati gets signal of falling a flower from Mata’s idol hence finally thanks Mata for signaling to inform mother in law because she can only decide about her husband’s fate like her about Indresh.
Dev Rishi appreciates Mata telling her that good you showed her the right path while Mata tells him she needed help this time who is devoted purely towards her husband.
Swati is leaving while Singhasan waits behind him & she is shocked. Singhasan asks her to give the proof but instead she tells him to accept your crime & release Indresh but he tells her that Indresh will get released but to give away the proof & he is manhandling her while some women come to help her but Singhasan manhandles with them too & one of woman throws mud on his eyes & they help Swati to run away from him.
Devesh comes to help Singhasan while Singhasan curses him & he tells him that i know you are the killer & Singhasan is shocked leaving from there.
Devi Polomi appreciates about her devotee’s behaviour which will lead her to winning from Devi Santoshi.
Indresh’s family is discussing about Swati with his mother while Swati comes running & takes Indresh’s mother on other side telling her that the killer of Bubli is none other than her husband itself but she is cursing her while Swati is trying to show her the video but that too she throws away & Singhasan comes blaming Swati pulling her with neck to kill her & takes her away asking to give the proof but she instead refuses & later Indresh’s mother comes to stop Singhasan to not to harm her but to save her son while Singhasan is trying to defend himself asking her that are you believing Swati but Indresh’s mother tells him that I do not believe her but instead this video shows all the proof who has killed Bubli & all family members are cursing Singhasan while he warns everybody of not to go against him but Indresh’s mother finally confronts him saying that now I won’t wait as my duty towards husband is to obey but I need to perform my duty towards my son as his mother hence I have already shared this video sending to police.
Singhasan is shocked while Swati feels happy about it.

Precap in Progress

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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