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Pandya Store 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone liking the kheer and puri made by Dhara. Suman also likes it. Everyone leaves. The kids also praise Dhara. They ask Gautam to come and sleep with them. Gautam says I can’t come. Dhara says you can sleep here today. Mann mast magan….plays… Gautam and Dhara sleep with the kids. Its morning. Dhara and Suman get sad seeing the wound marks on Gautam’s back. Dhara prays that he always stands with Gautam in his joy and sorrow. Suman also prays. Dhara greets her. She gives the prasad to Gautam. Suman hugs him and cries. She says I have always taught my sons to win, your wounds will give you strength, it will remind you your dad’s dreams, people cheated us. He says you don’t get angry, I will never forgive Mama, but dad’s dreams will be fulfilled one day. She says I know, promise me, you will never trust anyone in your life.

Gautam promises. He asks her to come with him to the shop. He says every happiness is incomplete without you. She says fine, I will come, go and get ready. She thinks shop came back, but I will make Dhara out of Gautam’s life. Kids play. Dhara comes to them. Suman sees the kids playing and drops the bucket of water. She shouts Gautam, see Dhara is planning to kill me, look at the soap water so that I slip and die. Gautam smiles and says you are on wheelchair, how will you slip. They laugh.

Suman scolds Dhara. She asks Gautam to drop Dhara at Hardik’s house. Gautam says leave it, its a special day. He asks Dhara to make the kids ready for school. The kids say we want to go to shop today. Suman says take them to the shop. He says no, its imp that they go to school. They insist Dhara. Dhara says they will come to shop and then go to school, there is much time. He says fine. They smile. Suman gets angry and thinks Dhara will try to win his heart now, what shall I do now, how to save him.

Gautam opens the store. He turns to Suman. Suman signs him to go in. She smiles. Gautam and everyone clean the store. Itti si hasi….plays… Suman smiles. Prafulla tries to fix Anita’s alliance. She says Anita cried a lot when her marriage broke. Saroj comes and says Gautam got Pandya store back, if Anita didn’t do a drama on marriage day, then she would have become Pandya store owner. The guy’s mum scolds Prafulla and Anita.

Anita angrily slaps the guy’s mum and scolds her back. The guy and his mum leave. Anita sits crying. Prafulla asks how did this happen. Mama says Dhara is auspicious for Gautam and his family. Gautam fixes Pandya store board back. Kaka asks Dhara to put the garlands. Suman says Gautam will do it. Gautam says I can’t fix this alone, Dhara help me. Kids help her. Gautam and Dhara fix the garlands and smile.

Dhara asks where is Shiva. She calls Gautam. She says Shiva isn’t here. He says Shiva wasn’t with me. They check Shiva’s video and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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