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Qurbaan Hua 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat says how the doll is the only thing by which gollu would be able to hear the voice of Saraswathi and it is her last memory, so the importance of the last memory is understood by her. Chahat rushes saying how she would do all that she can to find the doll however the van driver away.

Naveli thinks how Baleq would not be able to take his position as Mant if anyone finds the doll, she searches the entire room however is not able to find the doll and gets worried thinking about what would happen if someone find’s it.

Chahat with all her might rushes after the van however she falls in mud so thinks how she would do all that she can to get the doll for Kripa, Chahat after coming in the window asks Godambari where she has sent the donations however Godambari says how Kripa is the Granddaughter of Vyas je so they will buy the new doll for her, AlakhNanda comes to her saying how she would find the address, she then takes the phone of Godamabri and runs in the house asking for the address of the donation house where she ahs given then belongings, Godambari at first refuses to inform her but when she threatens to destroy the mobile then Godambari reveals the entire locations where she has sent them and then Alakh Nanda asks Chahat if she has got the address. Godambari threatens to teach AlakhNanda a lesson.

Vyas je along with Baleq and Jamuna are with Acharia Vishwaiyant je when he asks Vyas je to be ready to hand the position of Mant to the new candite, Vyas je asks who is the new Mant when Acharia Vishwaiyant je mentions how it is Baleq, Vyas je is happy when Baleq exclaims how he can never take his position as Mant because Vyas je is his guru, Chahat asks him to stop lying as he knew that he was going to be the new Mant, Baleq advises Vyas je to not listen to anything which Chahat is saying as she is lying then Vyas je also orders her to not talk in their religious matters, Chahat exclaims how she knows that she doesnot know much about their religious rituals but is aware of the fact that even in Hinduism the servant of god cannot be someone who starts the religious duty with lying, Vyas je exclaims how it is because of her that he is no longer the Mant, Chahat responds how the new Mant should be someone like him, Vyas je exclaims how Neel had the character however he can also not become the Mant as he has married her, Neel says how he would not become the Mant for the seven lives which he has as for him love is above every other duty, Vyas je gets mad exclaiming how Baleq would take the oath as Mant and Chahat should not be present in the ritual.

Godambari sees Naveli searching for something when she asks what has happened as she is ruining the entire house, Naveli asks where the doll is when she exclaims how she has donated it which relaxes Naveli as she exclaims that if the doll is not in the house then the secret of Baleq is safe.

AlakhNanda is enjoying when Jamuna and Godambari both ask what the reason is, she says how there is a new musical competition coming, Godamabri asks why she is happy because of a show, and Neel also says how Chahat mentioned how she likes music and a new show is coming, AlakhNanda says how it is a competition and there would also be ambassadors which are really popular, she mentions how they all forgot to mention that Salman khan is the brand ambassador.

Chahat hugs Neel in the night when he mentions how for doing so much work, he requires a lot of love, she even kisses him when he asks her to sit with him, mentioning how he loves her so much but is early waiting that their family has a new member, Chahat thanks him for supporting her in front of everyone and how he even refused the position as Mant, Neel exclaims how her love is what he desired and he has all that he needs in his life including kripa, Chahat remembers so explains how there was a doll which came for Kripa and it was from Saraswathi, she mentions how it might have a message for Kripa, Neel also says how they should surely bring it, they both plan to go to the donation camp first thing in the morning.

Chahat and Neel are about to leave for the camp in the morning, Vyas je asks where he is going because as a member of the family, he should be present in the function of Baleq, Neel says how he doesnot have any interest in the functions of the Mandir and his wife needs his support, Chahat makes him swear that he would stay in the house.

Godambari is helping Baleq get ready when she requests that he not forget them, Naveli asks her to not worry as she is going to be the mother of the Mantian and would rule, Baleq after getting up after walking away says how his dream is about to become the truth, mentioning how Chahat would do all that she can to ruin his ceremony, he asks Godambari to keep an eye on Chahat as it is really important.

Chahat is searching the donation camp restlessly but she is not able to find the doll, she after reaching the third camp prays that she is able to find something as it is her last chance, she starts looking in the camp when she finds a box named as toys where she is finally able to find the doll however is shocked because it is not the same doll, Chahat after seeing the poster of Baleq exclaims how nothing is happening in the right way as Baleq is about to become the Mant so prays that something should happen that causes Baleq to not become the Mant.

Chahat reaches the house when Godambari stops her from entering the house saying how she understood the orders of Vyas je and she her disgraced steps should not even come in the house, Chahat mentions how what is happening is not right as Baleq is not suitable for the position of Mant, Naveli exclaims how if Baleq desired then would have her thrown out of the house which is why she is worried, Godambari praises her saying that her words become true, Chahat thinks how the only people who is suitable if Vyas je or Neel who have the pure hearts while Baleq is not worthy.

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