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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Sargam opens the door and is shocked to see that everyone has injuries, she asks what has happened when they first insist on coming inside, she asks what has happened because they all went to the wedding.

Sargam brings the first aid box and starts applying the medicine on Akhi when she asks how did it happen, the father explains how they went to the wedding when there was a stampede and Asha Amar drowned in a tank of water, he exclaims how he said that they should not go however the father asks him to think of Sedha jee as his entire function was ruined by Noida ka Yadav, Sargam asks who he is, father mentions that he was not able to get married so now pelts stones at other peoples weddings, Apu exclaims how the band people were hiding themselves and explained how it is a normal routine in Noida, Apu exclaims how people get like him after marriage when his father orders that he stop talking otherwise Sargam would not give them food.

Asthik is eager to go and take a bath when his father asks what he is doing, he exclaims how a person in their group was married and lied to them all so their Guru jee has ordered them all to take a bath so as to cleanse themselves so they should not stop him, he then heads into the bathroom after taking the towel when Father asks Sargam to prepare the dinner because they all are really hungry, while they are having dinner Apu says how Yadav of Noida is really a character and he would like to play it in his next video, Sargam also asks Father to talk with Asthik as if he is not married then would live his life alone, the father thinks of how he might be like Yadav so says how he has lost his appetite, Sargam asks him to talk with Asthik.

The father is sitting with Asthik, when he explains how he should marry as it is the only way by which he would be able to live a happy life then Asthik agrees, both Sargam and Father clarify if he is ready, then Sargam says how her friend has a sister who would be great wife then when Sargam leaves the father asks if Asthik is ready when he exclaims how he was just not talking the truth because he read it in his group that when the family member come forcing them to marry they should accept everything then decline when they feel so.

Asthik is performing yoga on the terrace when the father once again tries to pressurize him saying how he would be happy after the marriage, Asthik however answers how the marriage is a problematic relationship and he should just look at Sargam and Apu, father asks if he is saying that they are not happy, Asthik inquires if there has been a single week in which they have not fought, so he mentions on how in the remaining two days both of them would fight, Father mentions that if he si so sure then should place a bet, Asthik says to the father how he would never pressurize him if he looses the bet then the father also mentions how if he wins then Asthik would have to marry someone,. Asthik is tensed however agrees.

Apu is preparing his cooking video in the kitchen, he is trying to make a pudding and informs of the ingredients when Sargam advises him to not put too much water, Akhi is amazed with how the pudding is bubbling so mentions how he feels the ingredient is different, Sargam after seeing it is shocked so explains how he has added the detergent, Akhi then asks what he has added in the washing machine, Sargam sits in anger then Apu says how he is sorry and she should not worry because there has not been a blunder, Sargam says how he must not help her because she doesnot need their help, Apu gets mad so starts arguing with her saying how she has forgotten all the times he has helped only after a single mistake which is not acceptable, Sargam scolds him saying how when she asked him to bring Akhi, he left Akhi in the school and brought back another child, Apu exclaims how ti was because they both were wearing he same mask, Akhi however mentions how the other boy had not been wearing a mask and has also contacted the corona virus, Asthik along with Asha Amar are both rejoicing as they would now win the bet, however then Apu mentions how she has forgotten the last Valentine when he was sitting by her after she got a cold, Sargam asks him if he remembers how did she got the cold because she bought the same dress which he is wearing as a gift, Apu inquires if she cannot understand why he wears the same shirt, they both apologize and prepare to take a selfie, the father seeing them rejoices and leaves the house while dancing. However, they then realize that Grandfather is still watching so they also bring him.

Asthik exclaims how did the Valentine come as they both were about to fight, Asha Amar asks Asthik to get himself groomed as they would get him married really soon.

Asthik is calling out to his guru when Asha Amar comes asking what is he saying, he explains how he is really tensed so was calling to his Guru when Asha Amar asks him to use the wrong way if he cannot get the work done with the proper method, Asthik says how he has also read the Maha Bharat, Asha Amar says how he should have learned something from when he used to fight with his wife.
Asha Amar and Asthik both try to create misunderstandings between Sargam and Apu however they are not able to be successful and instead bring them both even close.

In the night everyone is having dinner when their father is signing the son to irritate Asthik and they all start to tease him, he is however optimistic then mentions how there is still time, Apu comes and is eager to leave saying how his friend has bought a new motorcycle however Sargam asks him to not go however he starts fighting with her saying how he cannot live according to her instructions anymore and they then leave after fighting, Asthik after coming to around to their father’s chair exclaims how they both have had a fight so he has won the bet and leaves.

In the night everyone is sleeping when they hear the music, they are shocked to see that it is Apu who is dancing, he after coming to Sargam presents a gift mentioning how he remembers their first anniversary and that is why he acted to fight with her, Sargam also says that she desired to give him his gift at midnight however he insisted on leaving. He hands her the gift, she after opening it exclaims how it is the same book which she was holding, she also gives him his present, he doesnot understand what the photo frame really means, Sargam says that it is the first text message which he sent to her. The father advises Asthik to see how strong their bond is, the grandfather exclaims that relationships should never be on the extremes but be a mixture as only then can they reveal the truth.

The father exclaims how this means he has won the bet, then they all explain how Asthik agreed to get married if they did not fight for two days, Asthik gets a text on his group in which it is mentioned how they should never get pressurized and get married on the basis of a bet, the father gets mad so runs to beat Asthik as he had promised him, Sargam asks Apu to think of the event on the next day however he is not able to, she reminds him how it is the anniversary of the first time when she made the Russian salad for him, Asthik however after interrupting then says how marriage is a troublesome matter which cannot allow mental piece.

Precap: Aloki brings garbage in the house, Sargam asks why did he bring it, he explains how it would increase their immunity, father unknowingly picks up a bomb, Asthik Bahia and father both are stuck with the bomb, the bomb disposal squad comes, they all ask if he would be able to remove it, he responds how he is not sure and they would see what happens.

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