Kavita Kaushik shares screenshots of abusive trolls and says, ‘Call them out! Expose them!’ – Telly Updates

Kavita Kaushik recently called out abusive trolls online and raised her voice against cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is increasing rapidly. Celebs and public figures are becoming a soft target for these cyberbullies. They satisfy their urge for cheap thrills by abusing the public figures and through hate comments, while they hide behind their fake id’s.

Kavita Kaushik also has faced this many times but this time she tweeted about the same and wrote, “Call them out ! Expose them !”

The user later pleaded to forgive her as she is a girl. The tweet read: “Ma’am maaf kar do mujhse galti ho gayi, mai ek ladki hu plz maaf kar do.”

Recently, Divya Agarwal also received heat on her topless theme shoot pictures that she posted on her social media handle. In a interview with ETimes Tv, the actress said, “I genuinely don’t think much about it. I don’t think much about what to post. The trolls are a big headache, what to tell you. This shoot was for my own personal Instagram. I was trying to experiment. In the year 2020, I was at home. It was so disappointing. You must know what I have been through. I thought of doing something which I have never done and was experimenting. It was never an intention to show off my body. I saw this concept and I really liked it and wanted to try. There is nothing more to it.”

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