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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari walks to Angoori with a rose, Angoori very upset with Tiwari, Tiwari says I will make it up to you, Angoori says lets go on vacation, Tiwari says I broke your heart and not murder, lets go eat Pani Puri in market, Angoori gets very excited.

Anu and Veer Singh having Pani Puri, Anu asks Veer Singh to behave like Vibhu and feed her Pani Puri, Vibhu says we are in market its so bad, Anu says cmon be a support, Vibhu says you are stretching this a lot, people will ill talk about you, Anu says you are a boring man, Vibhu says okay and feeds her Pani Puri, Tiwari and Angoori see them.

Tiwari walks to Helan and David, and tells them about Veer and Anu eating Pani Puri, Helan says we spoke to Vibhu also about this but he isn’t listening, so you talk to Vibhu, Tiwari says okay.

Anu walks to Angoori, Angoori ignores her, Anu says I know you are upset with me because you saw me with watchman, Angoori says yes, I didn’t expect this with you, Anu says Vibhu was there too, I am doing this to make Vibhu jealous of me, we are little distant and he is bored of me, Angoori says same is happening with me, Anu says yes to bring the passion back I did this, Angoori says but other man, Anu says watchman knows it and we are very clear, Angoori says so clever, and tells even Tiwari is bored of me doesn’t pay attention to me, even I want the fire back, so can I borrow the watchman, even I will go eat pani puri with him and Tiwari will be jealous.

Teeka walks to Veer Singh in turban, and says my sister loves you, she is very talented, Teeka says if you marry her you will get to eat all outside food because she can’t cook and she dances so much no one stays around so all house is on you. Veer Singh says please forgive me, Teeka says here’s Shagun, Veer Singh sees 2 bananas and biscuit packets says please leave me alone, Teeka begs to him to marry his sister, Veer Singh says I won’t and leave or else I will hit you, Teeka leaves crying.

Tiwari drinking in bar, Vibhu walks to him, and says why are you sitting in this cheap bar, Tiwari says let me narate you a story, a male bird leaves for work and female bird gets another bird for entertainment, and this story is yours, Veer Singh is fooling around with bhabhiji, Vibhu says so much little of you, he loves his madam, he doesnt discriminate between male female and Anu doesn’t discriminate between servant’s and friends and leaves.

Anu reading magazine, Tiwari walks in, Anu asks him what is wrong, did you again peep into my bedroom, Tiwari says is road your bedroom, Anu says no anyways what did you see today, Vibhu may die in disgust, Anu says he was just serving me what is your issue, Tiwari says you fed him Pani Puri too, Anu says cmon Tiwari I gave him Pani Puri why so over dramatic, and what happens if I do, I can do that with you too, Tiwari says sure, Anu says okay come lets go eat Pani Puri, Tiwari says sure ,Anu asks him to wait for her out. Anu calls Angoori that she is going with Tiwari to eat Pani Puri.

Pre cap: Angoori tells Veer Singh that she wants Tiwari to be jealous, Veer Singh agrees.
Angoori and Veer Singh having Pani Puri, Tiwari and Anu see them, Anu says look at them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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