Tu Junnon Tu Ibadat – Introduction & Chapter 1 – Telly Updates


Age:20 years, daughter of uma and rrahaul.(don’t throw chappals on me)😂
Her parent died when she was young.
Cousin of vanish, Aryan,ishani,siya.
Friend of sejal.

Son of anupriya and ajay. His father has already died. Brother of sia and ishani. Cousin of Aryan and RIDHIMA.
Went to England at young age.

Chanchal and rudra are chachi and chacha of vansh and ridhima siya and ishani.
Parents of Aryan.
All characters are positive here.
Don’t forget Dadi and angre

Vansh and ridhima both are looking towards each other with love and affection they have for each other. There eyes are full of tears. They want to live more but don’t have other choice . They are standing near a cliff. They start to recall their past,there memories. They want to enjoy every memory from cousins to lover and from lover to life partners.

2 years before….
A girl is seen sleeping. She looks like a Angel. A lady in her early 50s is seen waking her up.

Lady:Ridhima wake up.

Ridhima: chachi please 5 minutes more.😩😩😩

Lady: no ridhu. You know na today vansh is coming and he want every to be perfect today. So much work is left and you have to help me.

RIDHIMA: I am not doing anything for the great monster. I am not her slave.

LADY: okay as you wish. When he will come Back I will tell him what you said about him.😆

(Ridhima hurrily woke up)
RIDHIMA: no anupriya chachi.😨 I am coming to help you.

ANUPRIYA: I know how much you scare from him.😂

RIDHIMA: and you are using it wrongly😯

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