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Chapter 20: “Let the Fun Begin!!!”

The episode starts with a loud bang of gunshot heard by everyone. But fortunately, It was not Vansh’s head but was the goon’s hand from which the bullet pierced out making a hole in his hand. The gun dropped from his and not able to bear, he fell unconcious. Everyone looked in the direction far away! Vansh also looked at the source of noise that was approaching and from where the gunshot was heard. It was a helicopter approaching the cruise and a girl was hanging from the rope ladder coming out of the helicopter. Yes, It was Riddhima.
Riddhima’s tashan music plays….
She was holding a shotgun in her hand. Vansh smirks looking at Riddhima. The helicopter came nearer to the cruise and Riddhima jumped on the terrace. With her shotgun, she knocked out the goon standing in front of her. Riddhima gestured Vansh and Angre. He bent down. Then, she opened fire on everyone standing there. Angre and the ladies also bent down as a lot of gun shots other than Riddhima’s were also targetted on the cruise. Angre slowly went near the edge of the cruise to look at the other source of firing.
He looked out and was startled. The cruise was surrounded by many small motor boats and some big ships too. All of them had “Indian Navy” logo on them. Yes, they were soldiers who were shooting all the goons and criminals in the cruise. A goon came near Angre and was about to knock him down when another rifle shot was heard. Angre looked in the direction and found Kabir and Aryan in another big ship approaching near the cruise. Being very near, They made a temporary bridge with the cruise and signalled Angre to bring the ladies(Dadi, Ishani, Sia and Sejal) safely in their ship. Angre did so and was protected by Kabir and Angre who were replying every gun shot being fired at them. It was a horrible encounter. There were dead bodies every where on the cruise. There were fire flames in many decorative items kept there. The goons were also shooting hiding at safe places.

Meanwhile, Riddhima killed all the goons present at terrace. After that, she approached Vansh.
V: You are very late partener!
R:(smirks): I think I was right in time. At least I saved Vansh RaiSinghania from becoming Late Vansh RaiSinghania!
She smirks and this time, Vansh smirks in return.
V: You won’t leave a chance right? Let’s First finish the enemy then I will give you a reply for your taunt.
R: Sure!
V: Let the fun begin! Are you ready?
R: Always ready!
Saying this, Vansh took the gun that Riddhima gave him and then, both of them stood in opposite direction with their backs touched together and started shooting the other goons in the cruise. They both punched whoever came in their way. Together like a strong force, they fought every goon. After almost a half an hour, most of the goons were dead. The Navy Ships had rescued all the people that were pushed out of the ship and arrested the injured goons. Kabir, Aryan and Angre successfully rescued the ladies and took them at a distance from the cruise. There was fire burning in the cruise because of continuous firing and blasts. After insuring that they are safe now, Riddhima and Vansh decided to leave too.
V: Its time we leave too. This cruise can blast any time.
R: The motorboat is waiting for you Vansh! You go. I will come once I insure that there is no one left in the cruise.
V: Riddhima! I am not going to leave you here.
R: Vansh! Its not the time. Let me do my duty. Your life, your safety is my mission. If anything happened to you then I won’t be able to forgive myself ever. All this will go waste. Go Please! I am requesting you. And I…
V(cutting her): And you don’t request quite often. Riddhima! I have already followed so many orders of yours. Just follow one order of mine. I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE ALONE.
R: Ok fine! Let us first insure, that there is no one left then we will go. Hurry up! You go that way and I will go this way. After checking, we will meet right here.
V: Sure!
They both checked the whole cruise and again met at the same point. (The terrace)
R: Done?
V: Yeah. Let’s go.
They were about to go when the boss that was lying unconscious all this while woke up and he threw fire extinguishers in Riddhima’s direction. It hit hard on her head. She stumbled only to fell in Vansh’s arms.
V(Shocked): Riddhima!!
Riddhima tried hard to not get unconscious. She was feeling dizzy holding her head tightly. She started bleeding. She had tears in her eyes. She fell on the ground. Vansh supporting her, sat on the ground.
V: Try to remain awake. Don’t faint! Nothing will happen to you.
He was patting her cheeks when the goon made a heavy table fell on Vansh’s legs. It injured him badly.
R(shocked but faintly): Vansh!!!
Both of them were writhing in pain but were more hurt looking the other one in pain.
Goon: You won’t be going to live anymore now! This is your dead end. The cruise will blast within 5 minutes. God bye Vansh!
Vansh pulled out his gun and shot the goon who lied dead on the ground. He looked at Riddhima whose head was bleeding profusely. He cupped her face.
V(concerned and writhing in pain): Riddhima open your eyes. Try to get up and leave from here. Don’t worry about me. I know you will always save my family.
R: (teary eyes and breathing heavily): No! I am not going to leave you. I will never break my promise. Neither you nor me but WE WILL GO from here.
She removed a hanging decorative cloth from the grill and tied it on Vansh’s leg. She got up with the support of grill and looked at Vansh who was not able to move his leg because of pain. He looked back at Riddhima with pain in his eyes.
R(teary eyed): “Agr mohhobatt saza hai…toh gunahgaar hu…”
She forwarded her hand to Vansh….
Bs tu ek baar mil toh ja….is saza ki toh me sau(सौ) baar haqdaar hu…”

(Again beautiful verses by Aisha, the great poetess)
Ishq mein marjawan sad version plays….

Tears roll down her cheeks and same was the condition of Vansh. He put his hand on Riddhima’s hand and with Her support and the grill, he got up. Riddhima grabbed his hand and put it around her shoulder giving him support.
V: We have 2 minutes left!
R: We will do it!
They both started walking, stumbling and supporting each other. Because of fire all around, they were choking and coughing. Vansh was dragging his leg but walking with Riddhima’s support. Riddhima was also fainting but kept herself strong by Vansh’s support. With much difficulty, they both reached at the edge of the cruise. They both looked in each other’s eyes.
R: If anything happened to me then Don’t think I broke my promise. Your answers are waiting for you in VR Mansion.
V: Nothing will happen to us. You will be the one giving me answers. No one else.
R: I am not the right person for your answers. He is the one who has all the rights on you.

Again a bomb blasts at the terrace very near to them. They both stumble but hug each other in reflex.They were in a tight hug. They both closed their eyes for a moment and tried to calm each other.

Arma de dil ko mere plays……

Vansh looked at his watch. Only 30 seconds were left. He brike the hug and holds her hand tightly and their fingers were fused together like a strong lock.
V(strong voice): Are you ready?
R(strong voice): Always ready!
Saying this, they both jumped in the water. As soon as they fell in water, the cruise had started blasting creating a huge impact in the sea. There was fire and smoke everywhere. The rescue ship was finding Vansh and Riddhima. But there was no one. All of a sudden, they both come out of water, panting and still holding each other’s hand. Soon, they were rescued.
After 15 minutes, when they were given first aid in the ship, they both settled in the open area of the motorship that was sailing back to Mumbai. They both had been bandaged and were protected by many soldiers surrounding them A soldier came to her,
S: Ma’am! There is a call for you.
He handed her the phone. She listened to it and smiled victoriously. And then, cut the call. Vansh was looking her with questioning look.
V: What happened?
R: We won the case!! Manish Raichand won the case!!
She looked at him. He was having confused looks.
R: I know you have alot of questions in your mind. Just few more minutes! And all your puzzles will be solved forever!!
V: Who was the one whom you were talking about before jumping? The one about whom you said that he got all the rights on me? About whom you said that they wanted to weaken him by hurting me? About whom you said that he wants me to fight back? Who was he?
Riddhima stares him with stress and takes a long deep breath. She spoke finally,
R: Dad!!!
V: Your uncle, Manish Raichand?
R: Yes! My uncle and…..(stern) Your Dad! Manish Raichand!!!!!!!A.K.A Ajay RaiSinghania!!!! 

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