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Singhania Sadan (next morning)

Akshara: Duggu, Mishti, Kartik come for breakfast, everyone else have ate bas you guys are left.

Keerthi: if you all didn’t come so no breakfast, as we are fasting.

Naksh: Sorry Keerthi I got a call from krishna so that’s why, and where is Kartik and Mishti?

Mishti: I am here bhaiyyu

Keerthi: Mishti were is your bf? Last time you both were talking na?

Mishti: Yes bhabhi, but I don’t know where is he now. I’ll go and find him.

Kartik: No need I’m here only.

Mishti: Where were you bff?

Kartik: woh I was on terrace, wowww…. Kochoris there are my favorite.

Akshara: Toh eat beta, Keerthi come beta let’s go to the temple Mrs Bhatt have conducted a puja for Teej festival.

Keerthi: Haan maa we’ll go as we have also kept the fast. I’ll make Krish ready.

The moment Kartik heard that word vrat he froze on the position.

Akshara: what happened Kartik why are you not eating?

Kartik: Aunty….. Woh.. woh.. I’m not hungry, yesterday…..yesterday when you were eating I also ate na, that’s why but I’ll eat when I am hungry.

Akshara: teek hai. Keerthi call Karishma and maa, I’ll make Krish ready.

Keerthi: okay maa.

Kartik (pov):- thankyou so much Keerthi bhabhi. I don’t know if you didn’t utter the word vrat I would have accidentally broke it. I’m keeping this for my Naira, I can’t be this irresponsible. Now I’ll be extra careful.

Naksh: wowww what kachori maa makes, no one can beat her in this.

Mishti: Haan bhaiyyu taiji’s kachori is the best. Bf come na it’s yummy and you loves kachori a lot right?

Kartik: Haan but I’m not that hungry now you eat. (Pov) mishti ki bacchi eat stuff your whole stomach with kachori but you will the curse of a dieheart kachori lover. See Naira I’m doing all these only for you, and krishna ji pls make her mine.

Scene freezes

Singhania enterprises (main office)

Naira: No I can’t stay there I am good at office if I will be there Arjun’s memories will haunt me and I can’t take it more Teej was really special for us. I miss you Arjun and I’ll always love you

Scene freezes

Singhania Sadan (Evening)

It was evening and almost time for the moon to come. All ladies got ready in their traditional attires and were waiting to break their fast. Naira comes there.

Bhabhima: Naira beta, come here

Naira: no badi dadi I’ll go to my room.

Bhabhima: Naira beta I know your turmoil. Even I am going through the same your daddaji is not here but I am compensating it to be in everyone’s happiness.

Naira: Okay badi dadi I will fresh up and come.

Bhabhima: teek hai.

On the other side

Backyard of Singhania Sadan.

Gayu is seen doing preperation to propose Kartik.

Gayu: I hope Kartik likes all these, I did it with my whole heart. I just want him with me pls bhagwan help me out.

This was seen by a pair of eyes guess who..




Naira (pov):- Di loves Kartik. Well till I knew him he is a very nice person, he takes care of this family as his own and will also love Gayu di too. Wait… Did he loves her I need to get to know that, I can’t see Gayu di broken.

Gayu: Mishti… Come here.

Mishti: Haan Gayu di what happened?

Gayu: Mishti can you give this to your bf don’t tell him that I sent thi okay.

Mishti: Okay, but what’s in this note Gayu di?

Gayu: And promise me you will not open this and read.

Mishti: okayy!

While in Kartik’s room.

Kartik: Now till when, if it is not of use the moon come out so easily, and today it is showing attitude. Forget it!! Chand bhai, pls come soon na.

Mishti enters the room.

Mishti: bf…..

Kartik: yes gf,

Mishti: woh this is for you..

Kartik: for me, lekin what is in it.

Mishti: bf… For whom you have keep the fast? Hmmm.

Kartik was dumbstruck listening to this.

Kartik: wwhhaatt…. Vrat…. And mee…. No way….

Mishti: uff ho bf pls don’t make any excuses I heard what you said. You can trust me and I will not tell this to anyone. I knew it before that you like someone else, and I have 2 boyfriends in school so don’t tell that I am a kid.

Kartik: woh….! She.. you know her!

Mishti: what!! Whose that pls tell na bf, sorry now onwards I am your bff so pls don’t hide that from me.

Kartik: woh it’s your di..

Mishti: Naira di right!!

Kartik:(shocked 😲) how do you know bff?

Mishti: the way you look her anyone can say that you love her, I just wanted to clear that.

Kartik: but don’t tell your di now, okay I will tell her.

Mishti: plss can I share it with Gayu di.

Kartik: noo Mishti I will tell her in right time, waise you go now and I’ll read the chit.

Mishti: okay bff come soon.

This was also heard by Naira (only the bold font)

Naira: so that means he also lobes di.

the scene freezes

Precap:- will go through the flow of story

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