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Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish crying and running away. Dhara asks Shiva to promise, he won’t scold Krish. Shiva promises and goes. He scolds Krish. He says Dhara loves you and worries for you, what were you doing, meet my eyes now. Krish says what could I do, I had cigarettes pack in my pocket, she would be more hurt to see this. Shiva says I told you to stop smoking, its a last warning, if anyone tells me that you smoke, I will break your hands, focus on studies. Krish hugs him and says I promise, I will never touch cigarette now. Shiva goes. Krish goes to Dhara and asks her to slap him. She asks him to go, she isn’t upset. Krish holds her legs and apologizes. She asks him to get up. She says I tell everything for your betterment, swear, you will not touch the cigarette now. He swears. She hugs him. Shiva looks on and smiles. Krish asks for food.

Its morning, Gautam and Dhara have a moment. He stops her and says we won’t get this chance again, mum will be coming. He kisses her. Ishq hai….plays… He says Jagat spoke about Raavi and Dev’s marriage, I refused. Dhara says Raavi is mad to marry Dev, she always talks about Dev, will it be right to break their hearts if Prafulla and Jagat did wrong. Shiva comes and hears them. Gautam says just mum can decide it, Dev didn’t speak to us about it. She says Dev is shy, its our duty to help him. Gautam goes. She says he doesn’t understand few things.

Raavi does shopping. Dev comes and asks why did you call me. She says I had to give something. He says I have to say something. She says not here, please, every matter has its imp. A man comes to meet Jagat and asks for money. Jagat says I don’t have money. The man gives him one month and goes. Jagat asks Prafulla to come with him, they will apologize to Suman, she will forgive them, Dev is a diamond, we can’t find a guy like him for Raavi, where will we go, we got poor, we have to get Shivaank study well. Prafulla says no, Suman and her sons won’t spare me. Raavi says you weren’t at shop, are you cheating on me. He says I was busy, people are talking about us, its getting odd. She says you don’t care for others. He says I m worried for you. She asks him to just close eyes and imagine her. He asks her to come and have icecream. Shiva comes to Prafulla’s house and shouts on her. She asks him to come and have food. Shiv shows the knife. She gets scared. He stabs her. She shouts. He shows the fake knife. He says don’t overacting, this knife will be real next time, explain Raavi to be away from Dev. Anita comes. Prafulla cries and says Raavi doesn’t listen to me. Shiva goes. Prafulla says I m scared for Jagat, he went there to talk about Raavi’s marriage.

Jagat comes home. Dhara greets him. He says I won’t take much of your time, Raavi trusts you a lot, that you will understand her, she has one dream, Pandya family, whatever you decide, be careful that children don’t get punished for our mistakes, Raavi loves Dev a lot, get them married. Dev asks Raavi to come. Raavi gives a gift. She says we became friends on this day, I found you special. Shiva looks on angrily. Raavi asks Dev to accept the gift. She says I got one for Shiva also, I will get one for Krish also. Dev says fine, thanks for this. He goes. She turns and sees Shiva staring. Dhara says it will be good if Suman decides this, we will talk when she comes. Gautam brings Suman back. Suman scolds Jagat.

Raavi says Jagat has gone to your house to talk about the alliance. Shiva says Jagat can’t even enter the house. Jagat begs to Suman. Suman says the marriage will happen, but your wife has to apologize for her sins.

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