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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi asking Alok couldn’t he create any other problem in the college, what was the reason to become filmi villain. Alok says that girl is really stubborn, she has done a lot. She says you have two daughters, you made a big mistake, I didn’t know you will do this, did you think what will happen if Tej knows this. Aastha worries for Anokhi. She asks are you fine. Anokhi says yes, I feel scared thinking of this. Aastha says I can understand. Devi says if anything happened to my son, then I would have not forgiven you. Alok asks what shall I do now. She says Shaurya got involved, he will not take it lightly, he will go to its root. Shaurya comes and asks whose idea was it. They get worried. Aastha takes care of Anokhi. Anokhi says if Shaurya didn’t come of time, then don’t know what would goons do with me. Aastha says we should thank Lord that you are safe, thankfully your impression about Shaurya has changed, my son is good at heart, he helped you.

Anokhi says he didn’t know it was me. Aastha says you are praising him or complaining, if he can risk his life for a stranger, then he can do anything for someone he knows. Shaurya says this idea, tea and salad. Devi says oh yes, it was Alok’s idea, you know just Alok gets such strange ideas. Shaurya says of course. She says I can make tea for you if you want. He says no, I m tired today.

Devi asks where were you. Shaurya says I got a student on the way, she was in trouble, some goons were attacking her, its good I reached on time. She asks is that girl fine. He says yes. Alok says such crimes have increased these days. Shaurya says of course, people don’t file complaints, don’t worry, I will go to police and file a complaint in the morning.

Aastha says I m lucky to get a student like you, its not good to judge everyone because of me, its not a normal relation for me, I will tell you something, change your equation with Shaurya. Anokhi says when I think something good about him, he finds chances to prove me wrong. Aastha says no, he doesn’t let anyone look inside him. Anokhi asks what’s the feelings in his heart. Aastha asks her to have biscuits. Devi says Anokhi is coming close to Shaurya, I m going away from him, no, I can’t let this happen, my hardwork, my love… Alok asks what are you thinking. She asks how shall I explain you, this shouldn’t happen again. She goes.

Its morning, Shaurya goes to the police station and meets Ahir. He sees Anokhi there. Ahir jokes. Shaurya says lets start the with lessons today, keep personal and professional things separate. Anokhi says I came to file FIR, did you come to file the same. Shaurya asks what did you think. Ahir says its a good coincidence that you came to file FIR for the same thing. Anokhi says its okay. Ahir asks her to say it. They both give details of the kidnapping incident. Ahir asks is he saying right. Anokhi says yes. Shaurya asks don’t you trust me, why are you asking her, she is new here, she won’t know the route, she would be in shock. Ahir says she is a victim, so I will ask her. She says Shaurya is right. He asks Anokhi to say what happened, incident happened with her. Anokhi tells about it. She coughs. Ahir gives her water. Shaurya thinks why am I here. Haal-e-dil mera….plays…

Anokhi thanks Ahir. Ahir says thanks that you came here and filed the complaint, you are brave unlike others. She says girls aren’t wrong, even educated and big people blame girls. Ahir says right, those are fools. She says I m lucky to get a friendly and understanding officer, I m not scared to come to the police station. Ahir thanks her. He asks her to sign on the register. Shaurya says my work is done, I will go.

Anokhi comes to the college and meets Shaurya. He asks her to go. They argue. He says your purpose won’t get fulfilled if you don’t do this. She asks what purpose, I came here to study. He says don’t make it say the real purpose. She asks what. He says to be rich, have contacts, these are your aspirations to run your life. She says I have already mentioned my aspiration in the application, I really don’t know it. He says you do everything and use the victim card, once work ends, then move on. She asks what do you want to say, tell me. He says you could have gone to local police station, you went to ACP. She says I know less people here. He asks how long do you know him, you met him here when Aastha went missing. She says yes. He says you impressed him soon, great. She gets shocked. He says your speed is good.

Anokhi asks am I loose character. Shaurya says yes. She says I don’t want to study here where there are such professors, I m leaving this college.

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