Riansh (ishq mein marjawan 2) a different love story episode 10 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with:

Vansh was laughing and Riddhima was making cute faces just then Ishani sia Aaryan and shivaay enter but vansh and Riddhima didn’t notice them.

Riddhima: sir it’s enough now. I can’t tolerate more. You are again and again laughing at me.

Vansh: anyone will laugh at your these sad faces.(still laughing)

Riddhima pouts.

Ishani: bhai are we visible to you??

Vansh: when did you all come(shock)

Aryan: when you both were fighting.

Riddhima: we were not fighting.

Shivaay: vansh do you find ways to punish Riddhima?

Vansh: shut up. It was her mistake that’s why I punished her.

Riddhima looks at him annoyingly.

Vansh: whatt?(stern look)

Riddhima: nothing…nothing…

Vansh: it’s good if you don’t say anything otherwise you know what can I do.

Riddhima nods. Everyone laugh seeing Riddhima scared of vansh.

Vansh: by the way how come you all here?

Sia: bhai you are talking like that we can’t come to meet you.

Vansh: it’s not like that sia I was just saying.

Ishani: bhai we came to spend time with you.

Vansh : ohh but what will we do in college?

Shivaay: we will see vansh. First let us relax for some time.

Vansh: relax?? You are saying like you came walking from home to here.

Shivaay: shut up.

They all sit quietly and relax.

Riddhima: sir…

Vansh: shut up!

Riddhima: sir please..

Shivaay: vansh why are you torturing her.

Vansh: I am not torturing her. She is torturing me with her foolish talks.

Riddhima: sir I am really very hungry.. I will fall down if I don’t eat anything.

Sia: bhai let her eat na.

Vansh: ok go eat and come back.

Riddhima smiles brightly and goes.

Shivaay: what was this? You are being very strict with her.

Vansh: I am strict with everyone.

Aryan: but bhai with her…

Vansh : shut up!

Riddhima reaches the class and see ritika standing out. Ritika also sees her coming.

Ritika: cheap girl.

Riddhima: be in your limits otherwise I also don’t know what I can do with you!

Riddhima goes inside.

Sejal: riddhu what were you doing in his cabin from a long time.

Riddhima(sad face): punishment!

Sejal giggles.

Riddhima: I will eat food and then again go.

Sejal: how bad!

Riddhima makes sad face and they both go out to have food.

In vansh’s cabin:

Ishani: bhai let’s have a walk of college.

Vansh: ok come.

They all go out.

Riddhima and Sejal were having their lunch. Kirti comes.

Kirti: how bad you both forgot me.

Riddhima: it’s not like that come sit.

They chitchat and have their lunch. Just then Kabir comes there.

Kabir: ms. Riddhima Malhotra.. see your hand…poor you.. but if you fight with me again…I will do something worst.

Riddhima throws water on his face from her water bottle. Aryan, sia,Ishani, shivaay and vansh were witnessing all this and they got shocked seeing Riddhima’s this character.

Aryan: she is..she is a heroine.

Everyone: yess..(shock)

Kabir(shouting): Riddhima.. how dare you..

Riddhima: you deserved this baby.

Kabir: youuu…

He raises his hand to slap her but she stops his hand and twists it badly.

Kabir(pain): ahhhh!

Riddhima: this is what you did with me.

Sejal: Kabir she is not that Riddhima now whom you met last year. She learnt how to fight with idiots like you..

Kabir: I will see you Riddhima.

Riddhima: see me. I am in front of you..

Sejal and kirti start laughing. On the other side Aryan,sia and Ishani also start laughing while shivaay and vansh were still in shock. Kabir leaves in anger.

Sejal: you taught him a good lesson.

Riddhima smiles and they finish their lunch. Vansh Ishani sia Aryan and shivaay reach vansh’s cabin. Riddhima also reaches. Everyone was staring her there.

Riddhima: what did I do now?

Ishani: you are so daring. We saw you fighting.

Riddhima: ohh that…

Vansh: yes now complete your punishment.

Riddhima stares him and stands at the corner of the cabin holding her ears.

Sia: bhai how much time left for going home?

Vansh: 30 minutes.

Sia: ok.

They talk about normal things and college ends.

Vansh: come Riddhima. We have to practice today also at home.

Riddhima comes. Her ears had become red.

Ishani: your ears… They have turned red.

Riddhima: because of your bhai.

Vansh stares her and they all head to RS mansion.

At RS mansion:

Riddhima meets everyone and they both leave to vansh’s room. They practice their dance moves. In this process accidentally Riddhima’s foot twists.

Riddhima: ouch. My foot.

Vansh makes her sit.

Vansh: are you ok?

Riddhima: do you think?

Vansh stares her.

Vansh: wait I will call doctor.

Riddhima: no need of doctor.

Vansh: shh.

Doctor comes. Everyone get shocked seeing doctor. They all reach to vansh’s room to see what happened.

Dadi: what happened beta?

Vansh: dadi Riddhima’s foot twisted.

Doctor checks Riddhima’s foot.

Doctor: no need to worry it’s a small sprain. It will get cured in a day.

He prescribes ointments and pain killers to Riddhima.

Doctor: you need full bed rest for today. Don’t even get down from bed.

Riddhima: but how will I go home then.

Dadi: beta stay here only for today.

Riddhima: but dadi..

Uma: no ifs and buts you are staying here only.

Riddhima nods. Vansh thanks the doctor and doctor leaves.

Riddhima: I will call my family and inform them.

Dadi: yes they might be worried. Vansh beta you stay in guest room today. Riddhima will stay in your room.

Vansh nods. They all leave. Riddhima informs her family. They all worry for her but she make them understand that she will be okay by tomorrow.

Riddhima: what should I do I can’t stay on bed whole day.

Sia comes and hears her.

Sia: you want to go out?

Riddhima: yes yes but how will I?

Sia: see this wheelchair. You can come on this if you want. I will help you.

Riddhima: ok.

Riddhima sits on wheelchair and sia takes her. They come down.

Uma: wow sia. Nice idea. Now she will not get bored.

Aryan: oh you have brain also.

Sia: shut up!

They all laugh. Just then dadi comes shouting.

Dadi(shouting): vansh vansh come here fast.

Everyone looks at her. Vansh comes.

Vansh:What happened dadi?

Dadi takes vansh to a side and talks to him. Vansh stays stunned.

Vansh: sorry dadi it was by mistake..

Dadi: mistake…. You always punish everyone for their mistakes.. now it’s your time for punishment.

Riddhima looks on.

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