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Here is the last part of this os, hope you enjoy it.

Episode start:

Author (POV): (it is Monday)

Riddhima woke up early in the morning to get ready. She was really excited that those days she would just be with vansh and learn to know him better and understand him even more. When sejal woke up, she was surprised to see riddhima. As she never wakes up early

Sejal: lazy goose, what happened to you today? How did you wake up early?

Riddhima (happy): we are going to Vansh’s house that is why

Sejal (raising her eyebrow): why are you so happy about that? What do you mean by us?

Riddhima: Do not ask me why am happy because even until now, I have not understood what I felt. But now I do know one thing that, I never loved Kabir, it was just an infatuation and I realized yesterday after he lied to me?

Sejal (happy): you mean to say that you broke with him.

Riddhima: no

Sejal (sad): then, what did you do?

Riddhima: he lied to me, that vansh is a criminal; while I know he is not. He tried to manipulate me by saying that vansh did an illegal deal with a criminal yesterday. And I know that he did not do that as in the party he was just sitting there.

Sejal (confused when you knew that, you still did not break up with him

Riddhima: no

Sejal: but why?

Riddhima: because he wanted to arrest vansh and he is innocent and he wanted to use me to arrest him. But I played him, and manipulated him into believing that I am weak, so I cannot do that. But the truth is that I want to protect vansh.

Sejal (laughing): so evil of you. By the way, why do you want to protect vansh🤔?

Riddhima: that I do not know but my heart wants me to do it. Now do not say that now it is the true love, I am feeling. I do not want to rush things in my heart and misunderstand everything like I did with Kabir. So I will go live with him and understand him better, so that I can know if it is love or not.

Sejal: wooh, calm down ma’am. You answered all my questions except for one

Riddhima: which one🤨

Sejal: what you meant by us?

Riddhima: I meant that you too are going with me. I can’t let you live alone

Sejal (hugging her): oooh, you care for me a lot.

Riddhima (hugging her back): of course. After all, you are my family. Now go, pack, and get ready, as we have to go

Sejal: ok

Author (POV):

Sejal went to get ready and packed her things. Riddhima too was done with everything. They were getting ready to go. When someone knocked on the door. Riddhima went to open.

Riddhima: You!!

Someone: yes, me

Riddhima: but what are you doing here, sir.

Someone: call me Angre. Actually, boss asked me to come and pick you up.

Riddhima: yes, but we could have come on our own

Angre: yes, I know. But boss, thought you could be late and he does not like later people. Moreover, he wanted to tell you the rules before he goes to office

Riddhima: ok, let me call my friend then.

Angre: ok, do fast. We are waiting for you in the car

Author (POV):

Riddhima called sejal and told her, that vansh had sent a car to pick them. And sejal was in awe, of how is just a simple gentleman. When they went out, some other girls who were living with them in the hostel started to gossip.

Girl 1: aree yaar. I used to think, riddhima is an orphan but by looking at the car waiting for her and the bodyguard, I think she comes from a rich family.

Girl 2: haa. Or maybe some rich family, adopted her and in reality she was an orphan

Girl 3: it’s also possible, that maybe she isn’t getting married in a rich family

Girl 1: Ananya are you crazy. married? Who will accept her? You are thinking wrong. Sujata, you. What do you think?

Sujata: Ana, I do not know yaar. But I think that maybe her family found her and came to take her.

Ana: so do you agree with Ananya.

Sujata: Yes, it is possible but even what Sara said can be right that a rich family adopts her

Ana: Haa, but see she is taking sejal with her.

Sujata: Haa, yaar. Now she will enjoy all the money of riddhima’s family

Ananya: see I told you to be friends with her but no one listened to me. Now see, even us maybe we could have gone with her or sometime just go to visit her.

Sara: haa, yaar. But that did not happen

Sejal who listened to them decided to mock them

Sejal (mocking yaa, see I always told you that, to have a friend like riddhima is the best thing someone can get it. now you see what I meant

Ananya, Sujata, Ana & Sara: Shut up, okay.

Author’s note: Girl 1 is Ana, girl 2 is Sara & girl 3 is Ananya (just in case you are confused)

Author (POV):

Riddhima told sejal to calm down and leave them beside they won’t meet them after that. They left with Angre in the car. On the way, riddhima and sejal were talking, laughing. Until they arrived at VR Mansion. When they arrived there, they were asking each if this is a house. It just looks like a palace, with guards and servants.

Riddhima (whispering): sejal this is not a house or a mansion yaar. It is a palace

Sejal (whispering: haa, yaar. Did you see how the guard opened the gate and how the servants were waiting here and as soon as we came, they took our things. I feel like a princess

Riddhima (whispering): ooh, ok. Now let’s go inside

Author (POV):

They walked inside and were just speechless. The interior were first-class. The paintings with horse’s head were beautifully. Not only that the sculptures of horse heads were marvelous.

Sejal: wow yaar. It is so beautiful

Riddhima: I know, right.

Voice: how did you find the house?

Riddhima: vansh sir, good morning

Vansh: good morning. How did you find the house?

Before riddhima could answer sejal interrupted and said

Sejal: sir, this is not a house or a mansion, it is a palace. Vaise sir, I think you like horses a lot that’s why we can see horse’s head a lot.

Vansh: Yes, I like the horses a lot. Not only like but also love them

Sejal: sir, can I tell you one more thing

Vansh: yes, tell

Sejal: sir, you are really handsome and elegant

Vansh: thank you

Riddhima banged her hand on her head after listening to all the question sejal was asking vansh

Riddhima: sir, do not mind that’s how my friend is.

Vansh: it’s okay. Before I introduce you to my family. You have to listen to this house rules

Sejal: vaise, sir. Why are their rules? Now it is feel like a palace. Where a king gives rules to the kingdom

Vansh (POV):

Oh, god. Riddhma’s friend is really funny. But I like it. I think she will enjoy with ishani a lot

Riddhima: sejal just shut up. Okay, do not interrupted sir again

Sejal (pout): okay mumma

Riddhima: sejallllll

Sejal: ok, sorry

Vansh smiled at their drama but did not let them notice it and kept his strict face

Vansh: it is okay, riddhima

Riddhima: sir, you continue

Vansh: so, I was saying that. There are five rules here:

1. You should respect my family

2. Breakfast is taken at 9: 00 am, and I do not like someone who is late. If you want to eat breakfast come at time, or wait for lunch or dinner. You cannot go and cook after we have eaten but yeah you can have snacks, fruits.

3. Lunch is taken at 13:00 pm. Same goes here like for breakfast

4. Dinner is taken at 20:00 PM. same rule goes here too. You shouldn’t be later for coming to eat whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner

5. Last rule, which is important. If you have any complaint, about someone, we will discuss that on Friday. Every Friday, here, we sit in family and enjoy. If we have a problem we discuss it and end it

6. And this is for my family, but if you want to you can come. On weekends, we go somewhere to enjoy and come back on Monday morning. This is not a rule but something you should accept if you want or not. Where we will go, is discussed on Friday and we vote and conclude where to go.

Vansh: Hope you understand, the rules, which are important. Now I will introduce you to my family and think about the last thing I told you about. And tonight, at the table tell me whether you want to come or during weekends or you will stay. For the rules, I will start to check if you follow them after two days as I am giving you two days so that you can be habituated to it. So it means that you have to follow the rules but I will not check it. I think I explained what is important. If you have, any question say it now

Riddhima: no, sir. Continue

Vansh: ok now i will introduce my family.

Vansh called everyone and started.

Vansh: this is my lovely sister, siya. Whom you are going to treat.

Siya: hi, you are riddhima

Ridd: yes. You know you are really pretty and cute

Siya: thank you. And you too are really beautiful

Ridd: thank you

Sejal: see, I always tell you. That you are beautiful but you never listen. Anyways siya, I’m sejal

Ridd: sejal can you just keeo quiet

Sejal: you know na, I can’t do it.

Ridd: siya, please don’t mind her

Siya: it’s okay. Nice to meet you sejal. I think you and ishani sis will be buddy, she talks a lot like you.

Ishani: siya, shut up. You are saying nonsense before guests. Angre tell them that I don’t speak a lot

Angre (POV): Aree, barawana. Why do you want to get me killed at such a young age? If I tell the truth, I am dead, if I lie then I will live but siya will trouble me

Continued on next page…

Angre: no, ishani. Siya is right (smiles)

Siya: see, told you

Ishani: I will take care of you later.

Vansh: can you please be quiet. Please continue your usually drama later, and let me finish as I have work. I am not going to sit all day like you people. Now let’s continue, this is Ishani my princess, and her best friend cum my personal assistant Angre.

Angre: I think that there is no need to introduce myself more

Riddhima (smile): of course. I just want to know more about ishani not you, as I have seen you and heard your name more than enough

When she finished, everyone laughed at Angre.

Ishani: hi, riddhima. I am ishani but you can call me ishu

Riddhima: ok, you too you can call me riddhu

Angre: but, Ishu. I was the only one who calls you that

Ishani: so what, now my new friend will call me like that

Angre: As soon as someone new came, you forgot me

Ishani: yeah do you have a problem.

Angre: no

Ishani: by the way riddhu, can we become friends.

Riddhima: that is not even something to ask

Sejal (jumping): even I want to become your friend. After all, you are so beautiful, stylish and look really cute with those blue eyes.

Ishani: thank you sejal. Of course, you too can became my friend and we will wreak a havoc here.

Sejal: of course

They hi-fived each while riddhima banged her palm on her forehead

Ridd: sejal can you please control yourself. It is our first day here and look at you

Sejal: sorry, yaar. I can’t just control myself

Ishani: it’s okay riddhima. By the way, I heard that you meet bhai in his beach party and he was quite impressed by your behaviour.

When she finished everyone was just shocked. Vansh was glaring Angre. While Angre was praying to god to save him. On the other side, riddhima was on the cloud nine after listening to that.

Vansh (POV), glaring Angre:

This Angre, couldn’t he control his mouth or let’s say tongue. As his poor mouth, will all be blamed? While it’s only his tongue, which spoke. He can’t keep anything from Ishani. Sometime I think I should get them married then Angre will have a really good reason for not keeping anything from ishani. Because only a husband should not keep anything from his wife. I do not when from when this rule was applied for best friend. And even if it is applied for best friend, Angre should not have known that. Now I don’t what riddhima might be thinking. I will take care of ishani and Angre later

Angre (POV), looking down:

If eyes could kill then I would have been dead by no, because the way boss is looking at me, I am dead for sure. Sometimes I wonder if ishani my bestie or my enemy. I do not why she wants to send me to Lord Ganesha, his father, his mother or let us say their whole family so soon. She told everything I told her, now boss will kill me for sure. But why am I even blaming her, it’s this mouth of mine which control now I will bear the consequences

Riddhima (POV), happy:

Really, did I impress him then it will make my work easier. I just hope that, Kabir does not came back before I finish. Once vansh trusts me, I will tell him everything about Kabir and me. Then we will take of him together. I just know what to know what vansh feels for me but I do not have any idea how but I will ask help from his sisters. I am sure they know how to make him accept his feeling.

Vansh: riddhima do not mind her she speaks nonsense.

Ishani: bhai, but I’m saying the truth, Angre told me

Angre (POV):

God, what sort of friend did you give me? I think her name ishani does not suit her; this name is for someone like siya. Her name should be parrot, she speaks like one. After boss takes me to task, I will show her.

Vansh: ishani, sometime you should not listen to every nonsense Angre says, right Angre (glaring him)

Angre: yes

Ishani: I do not believe it

Vansh: just believe what you want. I do not care. Riddhima, let’s continue I have work

Riddhima: yeah

Vansh: so this is my Dadi and my handsome brother Aryan. And this is his parents, Chanchal aunt and Rudra uncle. (Guys a little change her, Aryan and vansh love each other and anupriya isn’t here.)

Dadi: hello

Riddhima: hello, Dadi. How are you

Dadi: I am okay and you

Riddhima: me too, I am okay

Sejal: hi, Dadi

Dadi: hello

Aryan: hey beautiful.

Riddhima: hey

Aryan: I hope you do not mind if I call you that, as that is my habit

Riddhima: don’t worry I won’t mind

Aryan: then that’s good and I think we will enjoy a lot, right beautiful

Riddhima (smile): yes, handsome

Aryan: hmm, handsome not bad

Sejal: oh, hello even I am here if you forgot

Riddhima (rolling her eyes): who can forget you? You always talk that someone cannot do that

Sejal: oh please stop taunting; you will see that tomorrow I will not even speak a lot

Riddhima: are you sure 🤨

Sejal: yes

Riddhima: if you do then I will give you, your favorite chocolates

Sejal (excited): really

Riddhima: yes and if you speak then you will give me the same

Sejal (pout): now that is unfair

Riddhima: whatever. Do you accept or not

Sejal: yes, ok

Aryan: ooh, beautiful and sejal please stop or else bhai will kill you for wasting his time

Riddhima: ok handsome

Vansh (jealous): Aryan cannot you behave. You started flirting with them already

Arya: bhai what to do. She is beautiful and really nice. And if you can’t do it then let me do it

Vansh (shaked his head negatively: nothing can be done when it comes to you. So Ms. Riddhima, that’s all for the introduction. Think about what I asked and answer me tonight. Now excuse me

Riddhima: yes, sir

Vansh: Angre, let’s go

Angre: yes, boss

Angre (POV): now I am gone. This ishani I will not spare you

Angre went near ishani and whispered

Angre (whispers): I told you not to say it

Ishani (whispers): I could not control when I saw how beautiful she is, sorry

Angre (whispers): do you think how beautiful she is will help us.

Ishani (whispers): why are you saying us? It is only you

Angre (whispers): what a friend are you, but mark my words even boss will call you too.

Ishani (whispers): no

Vansh (shouting): Angre, where the hell are you? And tell ishani to come I need to talk to her

Angre (whispers): see I told you

Ishani (whispers): just shut up. Now I’m gone like you

Angre (whispers): why are you asking me to shut up? It’s that mouth of yours which is the reason

Ishani (whispers: do not saying anything about my mouth or I won’t spare you

Angre (whispers): do you know what we will continue our fight after we talked to boss. For now let’s go or else if he calls us again we will be double dead

Ishani (whispers): okay we will go, but yeah I remembered that I paid you for what you did

Angre (whispers): what did I do?

Ishani (whispers): don’t you remember when I asked to tell that I do not talk a lot, but you said that siya was right. So that was a payment for you

Angre (whispers): oh god, now I really think you are my enemy at least what I said would not get you killed like you did for me

Ishani (whispers): oops

Vansh (shouting): ishani, Angre

Ishani & Angre: coming

They went in his study room where he was sitting

Ishani: bhai, you wanted to talk to me

Vansh: hmm

Ishani: what did you want say

Vansh: vaise, Angre I wanted to ask you something?

Angre: yes, boss. Tell me

Vansh: are you married to ishani

Ishani & Angre: whattt?

Vansh: didn’t you hear? Are you married to ishani?

Angre: no, boss

Vansh: then what is the need to tell her everything

Angre: sh…e… is my b…est…friend

Vansh (raising his eyebrow): from when did they say that you should tell everything your best friend? I thought this was applicable for the couple’s only🤨

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Angre: vo..vo… boss actually it was a slip of tongue

Vansh: okay, let’s accept It was. But you ishani, even if he told you couldn’t you just keep quiet

Ishani: bhai, what could I do, she is so beautiful after all that’s why

Vansh: do you what. It’s impossible to put some senses in the two of you. But if you do it again, I will get the two of you married.

Ishani (murmurs): then I will not stop. After all, I want to get married to him

Vansh: I heard it

Ishani (shy): that is good then

Saying so she runs from there leaving a confuse Angre.

Angre (confused): boss what as such she said that she was that shy. I never saw her like that.

Vansh (smile): you will know at the right time.

Angre (confused): you bhai, behen always confuse me. I am going boss. You have an important meeting in sometime; I am going to prepare it

Vansh: ok

Vansh (POV):

Angre, you still have not understood how much ishani loves you. But at the right time, you will understand. For now, before I go let me go and check on her.

But first wait, why I am even going. Am I crazy?

No, I am going just because she takes care of siya, yes right. Let us go

Author (POV):

Saying so, he went to check on riddhima, who was doing some exercises with siya and were laughing with sejal. Vansh was feeling more attracted towards her while seeing her smile.

Vanhs (POV):

She does not only have a beautiful face but everything about her is beautiful. Her smile, everything. I just wish if I could stay her all day looking at her. I do not why, but I feel attracted towards her, I feel like I just wish for her to be with me all the time. I do not know what this feeling is. Whom to ask. I think Dadi is the best option

Author (POV):

That day everyone was just busy with his or her work. Sejal was just chitchatting with ishani and Aryan. Watching movies. While riddhima and siya were doing some exercises, when they finished they went to join them. Vansh and Angre were busy with their office work. While Dadi was just, busy with some prayers. Chanchal and Rudra that day had an important business trip for their business so went on that trip. At 20:00pm, everyone was at the dining table to eat. Riddhima and sejal were the first.

Dinner table:

Vansh: I think everyone is here. So let us start to eat

Riddhima: but sir what about Chanchal aunt and Rudra uncle

Vansh: they will not come as they had a business trip

Vansh: okay.

While eating vansh asked riddhima

Vansh: so have you decided

When riddhima was about to answer sejal interrupted

Sejal: of course, we are coming

Riddhima: when did I say that?

Sejal: you did not but I said for you

Riddhima: are you my lawyer to speak for me

Sejal: no but I’m your attorney

Riddhima (banging her face in her palm): it is the same thing

Sejal (smile): no, I used a synonym. And synonym it means the same thing but not exactly. So it is not the same😁

Riddhima: no one can win against you

Sejal: then why try when you that it’s not possible😊

Vansh: Oh, ma’am’s please continue this after. So answer first are you coming or not

Riddhima: yes we are coming

Vansh: ok now everyone go to sleep

Author’s (POV):

Everyone went to sleep the next morning. Everyone meet again on the dining table. It was a beautiful Tuesday for everyone. Everyone had his or her breakfast. Vansh wanted to speak to his Dadi so went to her room while riddhima needed ishani’s help so went to her

Dadi’s room:

Vansh (knocking): can I come in Dadi

Dadi: vansh, how many times have I told you not to ask me permission to enter?

Vansh: Dadi what to do. Don’t you know how when I used to come here in childhood without knocking, dada used to say that I was spoiling his romance with you😉?

Dadi (shy): shameless boy. Accha, now tell me what do you need?

Vansh: Dadi, can’t I come here when I need nothing

Dadi: of course, you can buy I know you, when you come here it means you need my advice in something

Vansh: ok, voh, Dadi, when you feel attracted to someone, you wish her happiness. You wish that she always stays with you what is that feeling called

Dadi (smile): so tell me for whom, are you getting those feelings

Vansh: no, it…is… n…ot… me. Actually, it is my friend who asked me

Dadi: did someone tell you that you do not know how to lie

Vansh: yes and that’s you

Dadi: now stop lying and tell me the truth. You are feeling this for riddhima, right

Vansh (looking down): no, I told you Dadi, it is not me

Dadi: I know you, vansh. You are feeling those for riddhima, right

Vansh (giving up: yes Dadi, but I do not why

Dadi: beta, you feel those when you are in love

Vansh: no, Dadi that is not possible

Dadi: I just told you the truth, now it is your turn to reach out those feeling at your own

Vansh left dadi’s room in deep thoughts

Vansh (POV):

Is Dadi, right do I love her. But I cannot do that.

Vansh’s heart: why

Vansh: because I cannot

Vansh’s heart: see the last time, I told you that when you will know what you are feeling me too I would understand.

Vansh: just shut up okay. Why did you come again?

Vansh’s heart: when did I leave, I wonder when you will understand that I don’t leave, I’m just here

Vansh: if you cannot leave then shut up

Vansh’s heart: how can I do that? When I do not have a mouth

Vansh: then how am I understanding what you are saying when you do not t have a mouth

Vansh’s heart: arre, how do you crack deal when you are so stupid? How can your conscience have a mouth? It is not possible, got it

Vansh: accha I got it

While vansh was going lost in his thoughts he did not see riddhima who was coming, and she too was busy in her phone so could not see vansh. They collided when she was about to fall, vansh caught her and they shared an eye lock. Vansh was so lost in her beautiful eyes that he did not know when she started to touch her hair and her face and was saying

Vansh: I just cannot control myself you are so beautiful, you are cute, you are fearless. I just cannot help but fall for you more.

Riddhima was so happy after he said that and was about to answer him when riddhima’s phone rang. And vansh realized what he said

Vansh: sorry, I did not mean it.

Riddhima: it is okay

Riddhima (POV):

I know you mean it. But you do not want to accept the truth. But I will make you accept it that’s why I am going to talk to ishani so that she can help and mark my words by next week we will be happy.

Ishani’s room:

Riddhima (knocking): can I come in?

Ishani: of course, riddhima

Riddhima: Actually, I needed you help

Ishani: yes tell me

Riddhima: voh, i… l…ove vansh. And I want your help to know if he loves you

Ishani (happy): really

Riddhima: yes, won’t you mind

Ishani: no, and my brother loves you a lot

Riddhima: really

Ishani: yes, everyone here knows that but he does not want to accept it

Riddhima: yes, I know. So I needed your help to make him confess

Ishani: hmm, let me call others so that they can help us.

Riddhima: okay.

Ishani called Aryan, sejal, Angre and siya to help them.

Aryan: hey, beautiful.

Riddhima: hey.

Continued on next page…

Aryan: beautiful, couldn’t you love someone else. Vansh bhai, like seriously

Riddhima: Do not say anything about him. He is good as he is

Everyone: oooh

Siya: vaise, now everyone except sejal will call you bhabhi as you love him and we know that he loves you too

Angre: yeah, bhabhi

Ishani: ok, everyone. Give us idea to how to make bhai confess his feelings

Siya: first, we will do it during weekends,

Everyone: yeah, that’s better

Ishani: so, siya said something, now we will go one by one. First Aryan, Angre, sejal then me.

Everyone: ok.

Aryan: I think we should make him jealous. If you guys remember, yesterday when I was flirting with riddhima, it felt as if he will kick my ass

Riddhima (laughing): yes, I thought I was the one who got those vibes only.

Angre: I think we should give, Bhabhi a ring which will she will wear and it will feel like she’s engaged or has a boyfriend

Ishani: yeah

Sejal: then we have to talk about a boy when vansh is here so he can feel more jealous

Ishani: yeah we will add all those ideas and I even think on Saturday when we go, we should make riddhima talk on phone and behave as if she is talking to her fiancé or her boyfriend.

Riddhima: don’t you think that is too much for him

Ishani: eeenn, do you want him to accept his feelings or not

Riddhima: I want it

Ishani: then we have to do it. Who is in?

Everyone putted his or her hands together for the plan

Ishani: guys, Chanchal aunt and Rudra aunt are not here so we have to send Dadi somewhere so that this weekend should be for us only.

Aryan: yeah, but where to send her

Sejal: I think I know where to send her

Angre: where

Sejal: I think your Dadi loves praying

Aryan: yeah

Sejal: so, I heard that there is a prayer of a great sage in Hrishikesh for 1 week. And it starts tomorrow. So we can convince her and send her there

Aryan: hmm right. But who will convince her

Ishani: I know whom

Siya: no, ishani

Ishani: yes.

Aryan: but, who is it that siya knows

Ishani: herself of course, as Dadi never refuses her don’t you know that even vansh bhai used to send her during childhood when he needed something.

They sent her to convince Dadi and thankfully, she agreed. The next morning she left while they started working on their plan.

They gave riddhima the ring, she wear it and made sure vansh sees it. When vansh saw that, he was just going on asking her who gave her the ring while she has just ignored it. But was actually enjoying playing with him. Vansh was getting angrier on Aryan when he used to call riddhima beautiful, which made them happy that their plan was working. In VR Mansion, everyone was happy why Kabir returned and got to know that riddhima was not living in her hostel anymore. He tried to call her but she used to ignore his call, which pissed of Kabir. Days passed while they enjoyed troubling vansh. Vansh was getting more possessive for riddhima. Friday night, they decided to go to Kashmir this weekend. They even decided to stay there for 5 days. It even gave them more chance to make riddhima and vansh more closely.

In the next morning, the got ready and went to their airport for their plane. They were enjoying but they did not know someone had followed them until Kashmir.

Author (POV):

When they arrived at Kashmir, They stayed in one of the most popular hotels of Kashmir, “RK Sarovar Portico Srinagar- A saravor hotel”. As they were tired, everyone went to their bed to sleep and decided to wake up at 8:00 PM to spend some time together. The person, who was following them from Mumbai, didn’t leave them for a second.

Unknown: what did you think that I wouldn’t get to know what you were doing? Just wait, and watch what I do.

At 8:00 PM:

They were sitting outside, feeling the cool breeze, laughing and chitchatting.

Ishani: so what do we do? We have tonight, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aryan: for today, let us watch a Movie. Tomorrow and for the other day, we shall see.

Siya: which one

Aryan: Darr.

Siya (excited): you mean the one with a love triangle or let’s say an obsessive lover.

Aryan: yep

Ishani: siya you know the movie

Siya: yeah it’s really fantastic

Sejal: who are the leads?

Siya: Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla and SRK

Sejal (excited): oh wow, in which year was it released? What’s the plot? Who is the villain?

Riddhima: aree, sejal if you shut up then she will answer.

Siya: If I tell you, the plot and the villain then the movie won’t be interesting. It was released in 1993.

Sejal: ooh quite interesting. So who will watch?

Ishani: of course Aryan, siya, sejal, Angre and me. Riddhima I do not know for bhai, he won’t watch

Riddhima: yeah I will not watch I’m going to watch the mountains. Why will vansh sir not watch it?

Vansh: riddhima, I told you to call me vansh only

Ishani: aree, bhai what happened to you. When a girl used to call your vansh. You used to say that she should call you vansh sir, but now with riddhima, you changed

Vansh: oh ishani, shut up okay. I told you Angre gives you wrong ideas

Angre: boss, why blame me for every nonsense she says

Vansh (sarcastically): who else, to be blame. You always with her and tell her everything like a…

Angre: I know, I know. No need to say it again.

Ishani: it is not Angre, bhai. And riddhima, bhai will not watch the film because he does not like it. So maybe he is going to work

Riddhima: ooh, ok. You guys watch the movie; I will go to watch the mountains.

Riddhima (POV): I know, vansh you will come and this night will be the memorable one for us. I have already prepared for everything. Tonight I will even tell you about Kabir. I know how jealous you were when you saw that ring on my finger. I can’t wait for you to confess, but I will confess on my own tonight.

Author’s (POV):

The others started to watch the movie while vansh was confused what to do and riddhima was waiting for him. All this continued to happen and the unknown person was continuing to follow them. He wasn’t following all of them but was especially following riddhima.

Unknown: what did you think riddhima that I will let you succeeded in what you are going to do. No, of course, I will destroy it, before you can even start.

Vansh (POV):

Now what to do, I want to go there but can’t. What if her boyfriend gave that ring she wears all around and I want to be with her, when it is not possible. Arggh, what to do.

Author’s (POV):

Vansh was there confused to what to do. When he finally decided to go. The unknown person came to talk to him.

Vansh: youu!! What are you doing here?


After sometime, vansh went where riddhima was, but there was a strange look from his face. Like betrayal look. When he arrived there, everything was dark.

Vansh: riddhima, where are you? I want to talk to you

Author’s (POV):

When he said that the lights went on, there he saw a table in a heart form with two chairs. They were fairly light with some candles. The table was in the middle of flowers, which formed a heart. Then riddhima, appeared. She was wearing a lavender strapless long sleeve dress, silver pleated with a small diamond necklace and earring in heart forms. She was absolutely breath taking. When vansh saw her, he forgot all he wanted to say he was just speechless. Riddhima walked to him.

Riddhima: vansh, come

Riddhima: vansh, come

Author (POV):

When riddhima, called him. He came out from his dreamland only to get angry with her

Vansh (angry): I am not going anywhere with you. You lied to me.

Riddhima (understanding): ok, ok. I know. I just want you to listen to me. I know you will try to interrupt me but please. You will let me do whatever I want to do.

Vansh: ok, you have only ten minutes.

Riddhima: vansh, I know that maybe you will not trust me but I fell in love with you from the first time with you for the first time. But I didn’t want to accept it. But when my ex-boyfriend Kabir lied to me that you are a criminal, I realized that I never loved him and I really loved you. I know you might reject me after knowing all this, but it’s okay for me. Even though we just passed together somedays, there were the best of my life. Kabir asked me to come to your life to destroy but I refused by lying to him. I know now you will think that the girl who lied to her ex-boyfriend why will she tell you the truth. I know it will be difficult to trust me, but believe me I love you that is why I came to VR Mansion to protect you. I knew that I am Kabir’s weakness and if I am with you, he will not dare to attack you. But will attack you, emotionally.

Author’s (POV):

Continued on next page…

Riddhima told everything to vansh, about Kabir. Which angered him more, to know how much she lied to him. But when riddhima bended on her knees his face became soft from angry. She took a platinum ring with Vansh’s name on it. (just imagine Vansh’s name instead of Adithya)

Riddhima (on her knees): I know, it is an ordinary one, without diamonds

Riddhima (on her knees): I know, it is an ordinary one, without diamonds. But please accept it. My eyes search for you when you are not around. My heart aches when I do not find you. You are the reason for all my happiness and without you; my life would be so dull. You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it. I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you. All I want is to be with you all my life. I am lucky to have you in my life, I am lucky to be in love with a person like you! Please spend the rest of your lives with me! You have taught me to see the beauty in the world; you gave meaning to my life. I do not wanna lose you ever. I love you! My days are filled with your laughter and my heart is filled with your thoughts. Promise me we’ll be together forever because I love you! I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, be in your arms, be the one you love. I don’t want anyone to take my place. Please never let it happen and be mine forever. All I want in my life is that we stay together for all the life. So will you, in years to come, allow my hands to creep to yours? Let’s put our hearts into each other’s hands for life. I love you.

Author’s (Pov):

Vansh wanted to reject her but couldn’t his heart just melted after her proposal. He wanted to scream, hate her for her liars but couldn’t. He was fighting with myself to reject her proposal. And finally his heart won, he bended to her level and said.

Vansh: I wanted to hate you for lying to me. I wanted to just leave you heartbroken but I couldn’t. I wanted to scream at you, to why did you lie to me but who will do that after this cute and awesome proposal. I don’t have a ring right now, but yeah I have a little lines. As I was planning to do, what you did today but it is okay. It’s time to open my heart and express my deepest feelings to you. I want you to know that I love you like I have never loved anyone before and would like you to concede me the great honor to be my girlfriend. The day I will love another woman in my life is the day you become the mother of our lovely daughter. I love you, riddhima

Riddhima: I love you too, vansh

Vansh: oh ma’am, please give me my ring. Who will wear it, if not me?

Riddhima (smiling): here you go *she said while putting the finger in his finger. By the way, you were angry because of Kabir, right

Vansh: yes, how did you know?

Riddhima: Actually, I saw him, while I was sleeping and then I knew he followed us here because I rejected his call. And I decided to propose you, once I wake up. But where did you meet him

Vansh: actually I meet him, when I was about to come here

Flashback starts:

Vansh: youu!! What are you doing here?

Unknown: yeah me. What did you think you will make my weakness go to your side and I will leave you? Never.

Vansh: what do you mean, by your weakness?

Unknown: vaahi, riddhima

Vansh (shouting): Kabir!! Don’t say her name from your mouth, it will spoil it’s beauty. How do you know, my riddhima

Kabir (clapping): Aree, waa. You started to make my riddhima, yours. What do you think that she loves you, naaa? She is just playing you because I asked her.

Vansh (broken): what do you mean?

Kabir: vaahi, that riddhima loves me a lot. And she came to VR Mansion, for me to help me destroy you.

Vansh (broken): no, that is not true

Kabir (mocking): tsss. The truth hurts. You don’t believe me then go and ask her. For me, I’m leaving see you soon. I will be watching how she breaks your heart. Bye, bye

Vansh (POV):

Why, Riddhimaa, why. Why did you do that? I fell for you because you were fearless but you were not fearless but all of that was nothing except betrayal. I hate you, now you have to answer me.

Flashback ends.

Vansh: you do not know how angry I was feeling when I came here. I thought you really betrayed me. But I was wrong.

Riddhima: so it means that Kabir is here.

Vansh: yes.

Riddhima: Kabir come out I know you are here.

Ishani: oops, he is not here

Riddhima: ishani, you are here. And how do you that Kabir was here

Aryan: Because we knocked him, out. Before you proposed each other, beautiful

Riddhima: oof, handsome. You were watching the movie then.

Aryan: beautiful, siya had gone to use the bathroom and while coming back she saw you and bhai so called us.

Riddhima: ooh, where is siya and Angre

Siya: I am here, bhabhi

Riddhima: bhabhi?

Siya: yeah, after all love is in the air *wink

Riddhima (blushing): stop it siya. Accha then where is Angre

Ishani: Angre took Kabir to the police station. Saying he was following us.

Riddhima: but he himself is a police officer, so why will they arrest him.

Ishani: don’t worry, Angre will take care of that and bhai too will help

Aryan: accha, beautiful do not you…

Vansh (cutting him): shut up, Aryan. I told you not to call riddhima like that.

Aryan (teasing): ooh, possessive. Accha I will not now I will call her bhabhi

Vansh: good for you

Aryan: so, bhabhi do not you think we should even setup one romantic date for someone else, here.

Riddhima (understanding): haa, as we all know that she won’t take the first step herself so we need to help *hi-fiving him

Ishani (innocently): who is that

Riddhima (smirks): do you want me to say the name?

Ishani: yes

Riddhima: it’s you of course, right vansh

Vansh: yeah, I have been saying that since the start.

Ishani: bhaiii.

They all laugh. They started to setup another date for Ishani and Angre. While ishani, was ready in a beautiful short green dress, with green heels and diamond earrings. Angre came and ishani proposed him. While he accepted and they enjoyed all the night. The other days they just enjoyed with each other, passed time while exploring Kashmir. When the days were over, they went home and told everything to Dadi who was very happy to get a beautiful, caring bahu like riddhima.

What ishani wore:

What ishani wore:

The end!!

The end!!

So that’s all guys. I hope you loved this story.

Big love! Stay happy and stay safe. Hope you liked it. Comment and give suggestions if you want an os. 

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