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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Rani telling Veer that she hates him for portraying himself as a devil when he is such a kind person. She was about to walk away when Veer pulls her towards him and says that he also has many reasons to hate her and adds that he hates her for going to any extent to save the ones she loves. He says he hates her for putting in so much effort to save him. She asks Veer to let go but when he denies she asks him to close his eyes as she has a surprise for him. He closes his eyes and Rani puts color on his face and runs away.

The next day morning, Rai wakes up with Veer sleeping beside her holding her hand. She recalls what happened last night. She remembers the earring and starts searching for it. Veer wakes up and asks what is she searching for. She finally finds it. Everyone wakes up. Kiara says that she loved this year’s holi. Vikram thinks that they slept so long because of the bhang they had.

Veer recalls the event of yesterday and thinks that he will miss his family when he will not be here. Rani on the other hand is thinking that she will have to find the owner of the earring soon.

Rani is about to go get breakfast for Veer when he stops her and asks about what she wanted to tell him about earrings or anklets. She tries to dodge the question and says that she was just singing a song and starts singing. Veer understands that she trying to avoid his question while Rani is determined to find the truth. She prays to God bless her and guide her.

Dikvijay tells Rajmata that none of the big lawyers are ready to take Veer’s case. Vikram says he is fake and so is his concern for Veer. Veer arrives there. Kumud gives him juice and says that Rani told her to give it to him. Veer leaves from there while Rajmata scolds Vikram for his behavior towards Dikvijay.

A Jeweler arrives at Rajavat’s house to meet Rajmata. She sends him away saying she doesn’t want to get the jewelry polished for now. Rani tells Rajmata that they can polish the jewels themselves. Rajmata agrees with her.

The episode ends

Precap: Everyone in the family give their jewelry to Rani for polishing. Kiara says that her earring is missing. Rani looks at her with surprise

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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