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Bawara Dil 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode we see that Siddhi is telling Shiva that she has every right to tell her what she feels is right.  Shiva asks her to stop but Siddhi doesn’t pay heed to him and keeps going. She says that she has nothing to loose. Shiva says don’t challenge me else you will get burned. Siddhi challenges him and says you will burn me like you burned Gaurav.

Ishvar and Yashwant talk to each other. Ishvar says can he take Siddhi with him for pathphera ritual? Yashwant says that only  after kuldevta darshan Siddhi can go.

Siddhi puts on her eye pads and goes to sleep. Siddhi’s hiccups start suddenly. Shiva gets up and tries to give her water but he falls on Siddhi mistakenly. Siddhi asks him what is he doing? Shiva says he was just trying to give her water. Siddhi says she doesn’t need his help. They go to sleep.

Next day Siddhi wakes up and performs puja. She tries to go to washroom but Shiva comes out of washroom shirtless. Siddhi comments on him roaming around shirtless. Shiva says he doesn’t need her permission. Its his house, he can stay the way he likes. Siddhi says you will take my permissionand Shiva asks her not to speak any rubbish.

They again get into a tussle of words.  Shiva shouts he didn’t kill anyone. He tries to make her believe but in vain. He says if he will have to say it one more time, he will eventually end up killing some one in reality.  Siddhi gets scared. Shoni and others try to apply colors on Siddhi but she says she is not in mood to celebrate Holi. Shoni doesn’t insist her much as she can’t make her upset by forcefully applying colors on her.

Siddhi prays to God. Vijaya gives her puranpoli but she refuses to eat. Shiva eats it and taunts Siddhi. Vijaya tells Siddhi to keep the plate at dinner table. Shiva too goes out and shouts at people asking them not to put colors on him. Yashwant throws water at Shiva. Seeing him others also put colors on Shiva. One person hides behind Siddhi saying she will save him from Shiva. Shiva says come in front of me, I’ll show you.

Yashwant notices Shiva and Siddhi. He tells Shoni that she should play Holi with them. Shoni says she tried but Siddhi didn’t agree. Yashwant tells Shoni to find idea to bring them together. And then bhaang comes into the picture. Shoni says she will feed laddu to Siddhi and Shiva which have bhaang in them.

Siddhi asks Shiva why is he forcing people to apply colors. Shiva says that it is his way of having fun and it is not at all forcing. He asks her to get aside and as she moves Shiva watches a man fall into a tub of color.

Mangal plans with Vilas and decides to do something to get Siddhi out of the house.  She also thinks to feed Bhaang laddu to Siddhi.

Yashwant tells Siddhi to enjoy Holi and forget about everything else which is occupying her mind. Mangal tells Vijaya to feed bhaang laddu to Siddhi. Siddhi was about to eat it but Agga Bai stops her from doing so. Shiva wishes Happy Holi to her. When Agga Bai looks at Siddhi she asks why is she so clean. It’s Holi today. She tries to apply colors on her but Siddhi stops her saying she doesn’t play Holi. Shiva gets angry but Agga Bai asks him not o speak like this to his wife.

Agga Bai again questions Siddhi’s upbringing saying she doesn’t know how to take blessings from elders.

Siddhi explains that she just doesnt like playing Holi. She can take her elder’s blessings for sure. Agga Bai says Siddhi is taking decision on her own. Siddhi says but you took the biggest decision of my life. Agga Bai tells Shiva she wants to talk to him.


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