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Choti Sardarni 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Kulwant asking Sandhya what she wanted to talk about. Sandhya tell her about Moji and her escaping from the clutches of her parents and brother and how she met someone in the way. Before she could tell her that it was Meher, the phone rang. It’s her mother who tells her that Sarab is there in Govindpur. She plans with her mother to get Meher out of there. She disconnects the phone and dodges the topic. Kulwant realizes that something is fishy and she not telling the entire truth. Kulwant receives a call and she also leaves. Sandhya’s mother successfully gets Meher inside the car and informs Sandhya that the job is done.

Rajan takes a lift from Sarab. He asks Sarab if he got any news from Meher. Sarab says no. He says men should have a grip on their wives. Sarab doesn’t like his point of view and asks him to keep her opinion to him. Sandhya calls Sarab and tells him to stop his car and open the boot of the car as there is a surprise for him in there. Sarab drops Rajan and then opens the boot but it’s empty. He calls Sandhya back and tells her that the boot is empty. Sandhya is shocked and she tells Harleen that she will have to go. Sarab calls again and asks Harleen to give the phone to Sandhya. She tells him that she has gone.

What actually happened was that Sarab’s car was not starting and Pratap offered him his car. Sarab left his car there only and took Pratap’s car. Pratap later opens the boot of Sarab’s car to find Meher hiding in there. He lashes out at the guards to find out who helped her to escape. His father asks him to kill Meher. His mother intervenes and says that she helped her to escape.

In his car Sarab joins the dots and find out that Sandhya was married to Rajan and she must have some sort of connection with Meher. Sandhya takes a lift from a lady in a veil and tells her that she wants to go Hisar. Sarab meets the inspector and tells him what he has discovered so far. At Prataps house they are planning to cremate Meher alive.

The lady Sandhya took a lift from is actually Kulwant. Sandhya asks her to stop the car and gets out at Govindpur. Kulwant wonders why she has come to Govindpur.  Meher is about to be cremated alive while Sarab’s hand starts to bleed again.

The episode ends.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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