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The episode starts with Siya being in her room and she was suffering very badly.
She was very angry for what has happened with her.
Siya to herself: I will not leave you Kabir. You have included yourself in my revenge circle by what you have done today. I will punish very badly idiot. Thank God that I still have time until the marriage that it will be tomorrow so I could kill Vansh and Riddhima together before they could unit and be with each other forever and you will be killed with them tomorrow Kabir so you could know what could be the consequences of messing with Siya Rudra Rai Singhania.
Afterwards, the haldi ceremony got ended and everyone was at the dinning room eating their dinner happily.
Vansh wasn’t in a good mood at all.
He has left the dinning room to not disturb anyone especially Riddhima as he wasn’t wanting her to know what he has known to not make her worry.
After Vansh has left the dinning room, Angre has followed him.
Angre has putted his hand on Vansh’s shoulder to calm him down.

Angre: Boss please try to relax. Nothing will change by that anger and worry that appears in your face. Thank God that now everything is under control and nothing has harmed neither you nor Riddhima.
Vansh turns to face Angre in a very angry way.
Vansh: How you are telling me to not worry and today I was really going to lose Riddhima forever?! Do you know what could has happened if too much amount of that poison has touched Riddhima’s body?!
He signs the death sign.
Vansh: She would has died Angre and that what I would have never be able to tolerate it.
Vansh has gotten out a poison’s empty bottle.

Vansh: This poison bottle could make me sure that my hidden enemy is one of my family members. The one who wants to kill my Riddhima and I is from VR family and I have to know that person very quickly.
Angre: When I have seen that bottle in the trash, I got to feel that the danger didn’t got vanished by the end of Aryan and Anuprya. There is still a person who is very near to us who wants to get rid of you and Riddhima.
Flashback shows Angre being in the kitchen to get a glass of water.
While he was getting the glass of water, he has smelled a very bad smell.
He starts to follow that smell until he has reached to the trash.
He got shocked when he has seen the poison bottle.
Angre to himself(being shocked): Poison?! Here?! *Flashback ends*
Angre: That poison’s empty bottle appears that there is a person inside your family that was wanting to kill you and Riddhima during today’s ceremony, but there is something that I can’t understand it.
Vansh: I know what you aren’t understanding. You are wondering how that person was wanting to kill Riddhima and I by using that bottle that appears from its empty that this person has already implanted his/her plan and still nothing has happened to Riddhima and I at the haldi ceremony.
Angre: Yes this exactly what was I’m thinking about it.
Vansh: Actually, I’m also wondering about the same and I still didn’t got to an answer to that question but I got to a conclusion from that.
Angre: What?

Vansh: That there is an saver angel in our family that is aware of the truth of the hidden enemy and that angel is the one who has failed the enemy’s plan.
Angre: But who could be that person?!
Vansh: We don’t have time to know that person Angre as we have to concentrate in knowing the hidden enemy before that person could cause any other problems that this angel couldn’t be aware of it and that angel couldn’t be able to solve it. We have to do something that couldn’t be at the enemy’s mind. We have to do something unexpected that could make that enemy do a mistake and from that mistake we could trap and expose that enemy as I could admit that this enemy is very smart, but at the same time that person has done a very stupid mistake by throwing the poison’s empty bottle in the trash of VR mansion as this has made us more alert and that is the thing that will make us be ahead of that enemy.
Angre: I can observe from your face reaction that you have a very smart plan. So tell me what is in your mind boss? What is the plan that you are storing it in your mind boss?
At that moment, Riddhima was searching about Vansh while she was worrying about what another problem could happen tomorrow in the wedding day.
Riddhima to herself: I have to talk with Vansh and make him change the wedding day. We have to do something that Siya isn’t expecting it so we could protect ourselves from anything that she could do it. I will never tolerate that this stupid Siya could forbids me from marrying my Vansh. Actually, thank God that she is in her room due to what Kabir has done with her so we could do whatever we want and shock her with it at the end so she will not be able to do any plan. I just now must find Vansh.
While Riddhima was searching about Vansh and she wasn’t finding him, Ishani has hurried up to her.
Ishani: Bhabi please come quickly as there is a shocking news Vansh bro has announced it at the hale of the house and you have to know it as it is related to you and him.

Riddhima wasn’t understanding what Vansh has announced it, but she has observed from Ishani’s reaction that it is a very shocking one.
Riddhima and Ishani have went to the hale of the house.
There was a huge confusion and shock was appearing on everyone’s faces.
Riddhima: What is going on guys? Why you are all shocked like that?!
Chanchel: Ask your future husband. Tell him that this will never be able to happen at that short time.
Dadi: I’m sure that Riddhima is the one who will convince you to not do that.
Riddhima: So tell me Vansh what is that announcement that you have announced it that made everyone that shock?!
Vansh: I don’t know why they are that shocked as they have to be happy as I have told them that this marriage will not happen tomorrow anymore as it will happen today. I don’t want to waste more time without making you my wife Riddhima. We have already finished each and every ritual so what is the need to wait for tomorrow to marry on it as we could marry each other today.
Rudra: Please Riddhima tell your future husband that this can’t happen in that hurry way. We still have a lot of preparations that it didn’t has got organized yet.
Dadi: We don’t even know if there is an auspicious time for today to have the wedding on it or not. Along with that we didn’t have done any preparations.
Chanchel: Please Riddhima dear try to make Vansh listen to you as you will of course be the one who he could be convinced from her words.
Riddhima has taken some time for thinking.
Then she has shocked everyone with her decision.
Riddhima: I agree with Vansh. I want to get married to him today.
Everyone got shocked.

Vansh has smiled that Riddhima has supported him in that decision without even talking with each other about it before.
Dadi: You too Riddhima?! Today’s children are so hasty!!
Rudra: How we will be able to arrange everything in that short time?!
Vansh: Don’t worry Rudra uncle I have arranged everything with my team and all the preparations are ready and I have known that there will be an auspicious time for marriage after 3 hours so we could be ready for it.
Riddhima: Please guys don’t worry. Everything will happen the way you all want it to happen and we will not be able to wait for tomorrow and this will make our happiness come early.
Everyone got convinced from Vansh and Riddhima’s words.
So each one has gone to get ready and finish the preparations for the marriage.
Vansh and Riddhima were still standing on the hale of the house.
Vansh has came near Riddhima and he pulls her towards him.
Vansh: I wasn’t expecting that you will be convinced that easily in making the marriage today not tomorrow like what is supposed to be. So what is the reason of being convinced that easily?
Riddhima has putted her hands around Vansh’s neck to make him closer to her.

Riddhima: Actually, I was searching about you to discuss with you about the same topic. I was wanting to change the date of the marriage.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! The bride and groom were thinking about the same stuff without even discussing that with each other! Impressive! We are really meant to be together as we have a very strong connection and we feel about each other very much.
Riddhima: Yeah. Actually, that what makes our jodi a very special and unique one. I have decided about the change in the time of the marriage date after all the bad stuff that have happened to us as I wasn’t wanting any new thing to come between us.
Vansh has made Riddhima very close to him.
Vansh: Nothing could come between us sweetheart. Our marriage will happen whatever are the circumstances and nothing will separate me from you Riddhu.
Riddhima: I’m sure that my Vansh will fix everything. By the way, I’m super excited for our marriage Vansh.

Vansh: Not more than me sweetheart.
They have hugged each other a very warm and long hug.
They were very excited and happy that they will get married to each other after a couple of hours.
They were also afraid that anything could interfere between their happiness.
Riddhima to herself: I just hope that everything could go well and I could be able to marry my love Vansh. Please God don’t make that Siya cause any problems in my wedding with Vansh.
Vansh to himself: I promise you Riddhima that I will not allow that hidden enemy to harm you or separate us. Everything will happen the way we want it and very soon we will be able to expose that hidden enemy.
Afterwards, Riddhima and Vansh went to get ready for their marriage with happy souls.
Kabir was getting ready while he was happy and relaxed.
Kabir to herself: I’m sure that now Siya will not be able to do anything to Vansh and Riddhima as Vansh’s unexpected decision will shock her and she will not be able to do anything, buy I also must never underestimate her and complete watching her moves.
At the same time, Siya has gotten shocked to know about the marriage that will happen today.
She wasn’t having any idea to stop the marriage.
She was paining along with being shocked.
Siya to herself( angry and shocked): I have to do something very quickly to stop with it that marriage even if I will kidnap Riddhima to stop that marriage with it. Yes, this is the perfect plan! I will kidnap Riddhima and then I will see what I will do next.
There was a black hoodie person listening to Siya’s conversation with herself.
At the same time, Ragini has came to Angre’s room.
Ragini: Thank God that you didn’t change your clothes yet..
Angre: Why?!
Ragini: Because I have gotten to you a black kurta that will look so amazing on you. What makes it a special one that is written on it the first letters of our names. I have bought it to you with a hope that I could give it to you when we confess to each other so you could wear it on Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding day and thank God that this what has happened. So please wear it as I’m sure that it will really suits you so much.
Angre was smiling and being very happy from Ragini’s gift.

He takes the kurta from her and he has putted it on the bed.
Then he makes Ragini close to him.
Angre: Of course it will suits me because you are the one who has bought it to me. The queen of beauty is the one who has bought it to me so it of course will be the best thing to me. I’m blessed to have you in my life my Ragini.
Ragini was smiling and she was very happy.
The have hugged each other.
Ragini: I love you so much Angre.
Angre: I love you too my lovely Ragini.
Afterwards, Riddhima has gotten ready.
She was looking so gorgeous in a black wedding dress.

She was getting out from her room when a hand of someone has pulled her.
She was terrified.
Her fear got changed when she has seen Vansh in front her.
He was staring at her very much.
Riddhima: Just a second, why you are staring at me that much and what is the reason that makes me you have pulled me in that way as you have really ter…
Before Riddhima could complete her words, he has kissed her a very hot kiss in her cheek.

She wasn’t able to say a word and she was standing like a statue.
Vansh: You look so fabulous sweetheart. I told you before that you will be the best bride ever and here is that. I’m so lucky to have a very beautiful wife like you.
A smile has drawn on Riddhima’s face.
Riddhima: I’m the luckiest girl ever to have a very caring husband like you Vansh. I will always be grateful to God that he has sent you to me to change my whole life and brought to me all those happiness.
He has hugged her very closely to him.

Vansh: So let’s take a bride and groom selfie so this moment could be a very memorable one.

Riddhima: Sure. Let’s do that as you also look very hot and attractive in that black kurta.

They have taken the selfie and they were both happy while they very near to start that new journey together.

After they have taken the picture, Vansh was making Riddhima very closely to him.

She was shy so she escaped from him.
Riddhima: Come on Vansh don’t be that hasty. Just a couple of hours left and I will be yours forever so please be patient. So go now and wait for me at the mandap and I will follow you.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I could observe that the wife starts to boss her husband even before the marriage could happen! Not bad sweetheart!
Before he could leave, Riddhima has kissed him in his cheek to not make him sad.
Riddhima: Happy and satisfied now?
Vansh: I will be satisfied of that for just now, but after marriage there will be more stuff to please me with it not just a tiny kiss in the cheek.

He smiles and he winks at Riddhima.
Riddhima has smiled a smile mix of happiness and shyness.
While Riddhima was alone in the corridor walking to her way to the hale of the house to start the wedding steps with Vansh, Siya comes and starts to move near her.
Siya to herself: Your happiness will not last forever Riddhima as you will be kidnapped by me now and you will not be able to marry Vansh.
Precap: The black hoodie person hits Siya on her head.




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