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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abrar telling about the sleep medicine to make the baby quiet. Amrit says you have to die for some time if you want to live, Abrar will take you both outside, Uday will take you from there. Abrar passes the note to Uday. Amrit recalls everything. She thinks Farooq can never win over us. Farooq comes there to check. He says it means Vashma and her baby are alive. He goes to hit Abrar. Randhir kicks Farooq. He asks Abrar to go out, he will come with Amrit. He sends Abrar. Vashma comes home with Uday. She asks Iqbal to check her baby, he isn’t opening eyes. Iqbal treats the baby. Vashma and Iday smile. Zaheda says I was so worried, everything changed after you came home. Iqbal asks who saved you.

Uday says Randhir, Amrit and Abrar. Vashma says yes, Abrar changed for the good now. Abrar comes home. They all worry. Randhir removes his disguise. Farooq gets shocked and says I won’t leave you. Randhir says I will not leave you. They fight. Farooq goes to attack Randhir. Amrit comes and points gun at Farooq.

Abrar says I only deserve hatred, I m sorry, forgive me. He apologizes to Radha. He takes Vashma’s baby and hugs. He cries happily. Zaheda says its enough now, we will celebrate the baby’s birth, I realized that humanity is over every religion, we will name the baby Kabir. Everyone smiles. They all worry for Amrit and Randhir. Amrit says your goons aren’t here, don’t act smart, if you take a step ahead, I swear on my dad, I will shoot. He says women can’t shoot by the gun, you have to learn it. She shoots him. She says I have learnt weapon cleaning and shooting as well. Abrar asks Uday to take his family and go, they can be in danger. Vashma says dad, permit me to go with Uday at least now. Radha says don’t refuse to them now, they have a baby now. Iqbal asks Vashma to go. He says its your duty to go with Uday. Zaheda says people will raise questions, Vashma you are going, but remember, don’t come back. Iqbal says division divides a lot of things, houses and hearts, don’t know we meet again or not, wherever you stay, stay happy.

Uday says you have to help me in saving Randhir and Amrit, help me, I can’t go. Iqbal says don’t worry for them, you have responsibility of Vashma and baby. Zaheda blesses the baby. Iqbal says the boy has a tilak on his head, he will rule in the world. Everyone smiles. Vashma hugs her family. Amrit says we are not like you, you are an animal and we are humans. Goons come back. Randhir fights them. Farooq gets up to strike. Iqbal gets the police. The police arrests Farooq. Iqbal asks Randhir and Amrit to prepare to leave fast. Farooq apologizes. He gets the gun and threatens to kill Randhir and Amrit. Randhir says you will get killed. Farooq says I don’t care, I can never lose. Amrit says you have lost, we took Vashma and Radha away, good wins over evil, you had to lose. Farooq says I never lose, I defeat others, you will be dying. He asks his man to pour the oil. The man pours kerosene all over the haveli. He lights fire. Everyone gets trapped in the fire. Farooq leaves. He laughs.

Vashma asks what’s all this. Iqbal says its a gift for you all. Amrit wakes up from coma. She asks where is Randhir. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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