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Episodes start:-

In car :- way to sejal’s and Riddhima’s house..

Arayan’s pov

Oh my god he is Vansh Rai Singhania Siya’s brother.. I hope that I have not done any mistake infront of him as I have to impress him so that I can be in alliance with Siya….

I am just worried..and now I am not able to keep this secret in my heart anymore..I have not even told Riddhima and Sejal that I am datting Siya…and now it is going to be nearly a year..I am sure all three of them are not going to leave me…wait I can tell him he will definitely help me..hmm…first he will be angry but i will manage to handle’s much easier to convience him than sejal and Riddhima…

Aryan:- Guys Do you know anything about him.when he is coming back??

Sejal:- No I have not in contact with him since day before yesterday..

Riddhima:- Even he didn’t pick my calls..

They reached their home when they saw that the house was open…

Scene shifts to VR mansion..

Vansh and Ishani enter the mansion..

Dadi:-Ishani you are okay na?? Angre ka phone aaya tha..

Ishani:- yes dadi I am okay..where is Aksh??.. dadi you haven’t tell anything to him na??

Dadi:- no I haven’t tell him anything about this incident…aksh is in his room

Chanchal:- first tell me Ishani how this happened..

Ishani and vansh narrate the whole story to everyone..

Siya:- Thanks to that girl who saves ishani di risking her own life..

Dadi:- yes beta I want to thank her..vansh invite her and her friends also in dinner today..

Chanchal:- Yes she also get hurt..we can take this initiative to thank her..

Vansh:- Okay dadi I will inform her..

Vansh’s pov

Why I am thinking about her..what dadi said was in my mind also..why I am so attracted to her..??

Wait was it first time I see her?? No, Today when I was going to aksh’s school she was the one who was about to bumped into my car…is it a co incidence ??

Aksh:- badi nani who is coming??…

Aksh’s sentence bring vansh out of his thoughts..

Ishani:- One of my friend is coming for dinner tonight..

Aksh:- yeah means today we will be having party??

Vansh:- No champ not party but I hope you will enjoy..

Aksh:- Great so I am waiting for tonight dinner..

Scene shifts to Aryan,Sejal and Riddhima who all were worried.that the door was opened..

Aryan:- Both of you stay here only I will check once there any theif or what..

Sejal:- Be careful..

Aryan goes inside and saw there was mess in the kitchen all the utensil were mainly on the floor..

Aryan goes near and saw that the fridge was half open and when he went up stairs to check the rooms he heard some sought of music from the guest room..

He was not having guds to check the guest room he was was freaking with fear…

Aryan:-Oh God pls help me the theif has also choosen his room ..I know that sejal’s room was already messed up and if he has check Riddhima’s room it is filled with soft toys and flowers so I think he liked the guest room 😅 that’s why he is already settled there.

Aryan was moving towards the room…

At VR mansion..

Everyone was very excited for today’s dinner.. everyone was preparing for dinner..

And the most excited person was Aksh .. which every one noticed but there was someone else also who was excited to meet Ishani’s friend..and i.e vansh..

Aryan Open the door and saw a man’s back who was wearing casual..

Aryan picking the vase in hand…

Aryan:- who the hell are you??just show me your blo*dy face …what are you doing here..????😤😤

That’s it ….for this episode..

I know it’s short but I am going to upload th next episode today only..

Guess who is there in guest room..

And the precap that was written in the previous episode will be there in next episode..

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