Divyanka Tripathi: Another lockdown will be terrible for the economy – Telly Updates

Yesterday, CM Uddhav Thackeray in an address to the state revealed that the state might have another lockdown.  And with the current growing numbers of COVID, the situation is not that far. Nonetheless, he mentioned that he will make his decision in the next 2 days.

Last year we had seen how rough things were when the country was under a lockdown and now with another one ready to be imposed, there are many TV actors who are voicing against it. Actress Divyanka Tripathi too has spoken about how adversely the economy gets effected during lockdown and on how we can not have another one shaking up our finances. She added further how small businesses have just about begun to recover and she wonders how would they sustain post the new set of restrictions. She also highlighted how the poor must be provided with medical facilities and financial aid.

About the current scenario of the country, she mentioned that people wear masks but not everyone abides by the law, unlike their behaviour when they go abroad. She added how she was told by a friend of hers that people must take 2 days of rest post the vaccine and they are not doing that as well, all of this because they were not informed and it is things like these, that make her feel that the information going out is limited.

Well, while Divyanka does have a point, it is only in time that we’ll know what will the due course of action ahead be.

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