Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 52 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Vansh standing beside the door after he got to close it.
He was looking at Riddhima while he was smiling a very lovely smile.

She was also smiling while she was seeing him smiling that much.
Riddhima( coming close to him): Do you know something?
Vansh: What?!
Riddhima( reaching to him and putting her hands around his neck): You look so attractive and super handsome while smiling in that way so please keep smiling as you made me fall for you more and more by seeing that lovely smile of yours.
He has putted his hands around her waist to make her very close to him.
Vansh: I can’t stop smiling when I’m with you sweetheart. You are the reason of my happiness. You are the reason of any good thing that is happening with me. You have made me the most happiest man in the whole world after being my wife. You have given me so much happiness that I’m really grateful for you for giving that happiness to me. I love you and I will always love you so much Riddhu.
She immediately has hugged him a very warm hug.
He has hugged her back.
They have hugged each other a very long and tight hug.

At the same time, Kabir was still standing quietly without saying a word.
Then he has shocked Siya with his words when he comes near Sejal and he has smiled at her.

Kabir: Relax Sejal. You don’t have to be that worried and stressed. I trust you so much and I know that you have changed otherwise you would have never helped me in making Vansh and Riddhima get married. So you don’t have to panic that much.
Sejal starts being calmed down from Kabir’s words.
Kabir: I know how much she is a very cunning girl so I would never listen to her words. You just relax and leave that idiot to me.
Sejal: Thank you Kabir for trusting me. Your support have made me remember Vansh bro’s support. Thank you very much.
Kabir: You are like Riddhima for me Sejal so you don’t have to thank me.
Afterwards, Kabir has came near Siya.
He has putted his hands on the chair that she is tied on it to face her.
Kabir: You are a very cheap girl Siya. I hate you. I promise you to not leave you as your end is very near. I will not make you succeed in fooling me or causing any problems in the lives of my closest people to me. I didn’t have hated a person like I hate you Siya. You are the most cunning girl that I have seen her in my life, but trust me your evilness will not last for more time because I will get rid of you very soon. If the virus is very strong still its antivirus is more stronger and it could get rid of it very easily.
Sejal: Not all the ones who do mistakes is like you Siya who doesn’t get back to their senses. There are some people who God guides them to the right path and they listen to them and I thank God that he has waked me up and made me understand the whole truth and I got back to my senses.
Kabir: It isn’t so much time left until your whole truth will be exposed as not only Sejal who has known your truth Siya but also Riddhima has known your truth and very soon Vansh and the rest of the family will know your truth and then you will not be able to face their anger.
Sejal: You still have time Siya just surrender and get back to your senses. Then everything will be fine and we all will return back as the happily family. You must have to get back to see how much your family is the most caring ones to you.
Siya: Just shut up Sejal. You would never make me be convinced from those stupid words. I will not be relaxed until I could get my renege from you all and destroy VR family along with destroying Vansh and Riddhima together. The control of VR family is just for me and I will be the only owner of the whole VR business. Just wait and watch and I will not leave anyone of you and none of you will be able to expose me in front of Vansh and he will always think that I’m his innocent cousin who even if she isn’t engage with the whole family, but she is still be a very caring girl to her family. He will never imagine that I’m going to destroy him along with destroying the whole family. Even if the 3 of you have known my truth, still I’m safe and I will be able to succeed in my motive.
Kabir has looked at Sejal.
Kabir: Don’t waste your time Sejal with that stupid girl as she will not listen to you. Leave her complete being in that path and her end will be on it very soon. So leave her destroying herself by her own self.
Siya starts to be very angry.
She starts moving her hands aggressively.
Siya(being angry): Get me out of here. You both have already forbidden me from destroying the marriage and your lovely sister and brother have gotten married. So what is the reason in making me still here?! Get me out of here as you still don’t have proofs against me and if anyone has known what you are both doing with me you both will be the ones who will be punished not me.
Kabir: We will leave you idiot as we have already got very relaxed seeing you in that state.
Sejal: You just will be with us till the end of this night so you couldn’t disturb our lovely Vansh and Riddhima.
Kabir: So don’t disturb us as you will not get out now at all. So enjoy your time and leave us enjoy our time.

Kabir has smiled at Siya in an irritating way.

Then he gets a chair and starts looking at her to make her be more angry.

He was trying to take the advantage of those some time to punish Siya so much until he could be able to get rid of her and expose her.
At Vansh and Riddhima’s room, Vansh and Riddhima were still hugging each other very tightly.
Then Vansh starts to stare at her very much.
Riddhima: Hey hey!! Why you are staring at me that much?!
Vansh: I’m wondering how I have got to have a very beautiful and amazing wife like you. I will spend my whole life thanking God that he has sent me a very unique and special wife like you.
Riddhima: Aww! How sweet?! Till now you have proved to me that there is a very tiny husbands who are still flirting with their wives that much. Let’s see if you will complete flirting with me after couple of years of our marriage or you will start to be the typical and boring husband.
He comes so close to her.
Then he has kissed her a very long and romantic kiss.
She got shy and her cheeks has turned red.
Vansh: I think that I have given to you an answer to your words by my behaviour, Am I right or am I right?! I will always flirt with you forever sweetheart and that stuff will never change even while we are celebrating our anniversary number 100!
He smiles and winks at her.
She wasn’t saying any word as she was very shy.
He puts his hands on her cheeks.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! Your cheeks start to look exactly like the tomatoes due to your so much shy, but what you will do afterwards sweetheart?! As it is just the trailer for what will happen tonight. So store more shyness for what will happen next.
She got more shy.
So he makes her closer to him by hugging her very tightly.

Vansh: By the way, I have left to you a dress on the coach. I hope you could like it. So wear it here and I also will go to change my clothes at the washroom.
Before he could leave, he has putted a kiss on her cheek.

This kiss has drawn a smile on Riddhima’s face.

Then each one of them went to change their clothes.
Riddhima has wear the dress that Vansh has gifted it to her.
It was a white and open dress.

She was looking so stunning while wearing that dress.
She was waiting for Vansh in their room.
She starts to panic very much when he got late.
Riddhima to herself( being worried): Vansh got to be very late as of course he will no take all those time in changing his clothes as I’m the girl who always take time in changing her clothes has got ready so what will make him that late?! I starts to worry. I hope he could be fine now.
Riddhima starts to get near to the door of the washroom.

she starts talking to Vansh.
Riddhima: Vansh, are you okay? You have taken so many time. Are you fine?
There was a huge silence spread in the room.
Riddhima’s worry starts to increase.
Then Vansh’s voice got to appear.
Vansh: Riddhima, please enter. My leg has got broken and I’m not able to get up from my place.
Riddhima got shocked after hearing those words from Vansh.
She has worried so much about him.
So she rushes immediately to the washroom to check on Vansh and help him.
She has gotten shocked when she has found the washroom filled with flowers and candles.

Then Vansh has came from her back and he has hugged her from her back.

Riddhima has turned to face Vansh.
She has putted her hands on his face in a worrying way and she has kissed his forehead.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you fine? Thank God that you are fine and I’m seeing you well.
She has hugged him a very warm hug trying to minimize her worry.
He makes her more closer to him and he has hugged her very tightly to calm her down.
Vansh: I’m absolutely fine sweetheart please relax. Nothing has happened to me.
She gets out from his arms.
Riddhima( in an angry way): So why you have told me that your leg got broken?! Why you have made me worry that much about you?! Do you know what was happening with me while I was waiting for you outside and being worrying so much about you?! Do you have known how much I was very tensed when you have told me that your leg got broken?! My heart was going to get out from my chest. I was very afraid about you Vansh. My breathes were going to stop from my fear about you.
Riddhima was truly worried about Vansh and she was very tensed.
So Vansh makes her closer to him.
Then he has hugged her very closely to his heart.
He was wanting to apologize to her for making her worry about him that much.
Vansh: I’m really sorry sweetheart. I wasn’t meant to make you that tensed. I was just wanting to surprise with that decorations that I have done it in the washroom. Please relax and calm down as I will not be able to forgive myself for making my lovely wife worry that much and be in that state.
He makes her get out from his arms.
Then he made her sit on the edge of the bath tub.
Then he made her very close to him.
His face was very near to her face.

She was putting her hands around his neck to feel his closeness and she was trying to feel his breathes.

He was feeling very secured and relaxed while he was that close to her.
Vansh: I’m really sorry sweetheart. I hope you aren’t upset from me because I can’t tolerate that my dearest wife could be upset from me.
Riddhima( dragging him more closer to her): I can’t be upset from my dearest husband whatever he will do with me. Actually, how I will be upset from you after you have done all this lovely decorations in the washroom along with getting me that amazing dress.
He has looked at her look.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! You look so hot while wearing that dress. I have to praise myself for choosing that dress to you specifically for our first night as it really suits that hot night. Wow Vansh! You are really amazing!!
Riddhima has looked at him in an speculating way.
Riddhima: Oh! Impressive! You always can’t miss anytime without praising yourself.
Vansh: At the e..
Riddhima: I know what you will say so you don’t have to complete. You will say “At the end I’m Vansh Rai Singhania. So of course I will praise myself and my special abilities!”
Then she imitated the way he talks with it.

The way she has imitated Vansh on it made him laugh out loud.
She was laughing while seeing him laughing.
He has dragged her towards him.
Then he has kissed her in her cheek.
Vansh: I can observe that there is a small copy of Vansh Rai Singhania starts to be created! You have proved to me that you are the true wife of Vansh Rai Singhania. As you really know how your husband will say before he could even say. Wow Sweetheart! You have really impressed me.
Riddhima: I will always impress you with so many stuff Vansh that will amaze you so much.
Vansh: I want you to amaze me by doing something for me.
Riddhima: What?
Vansh: I want you to amaze me in today’s night. I want to see the naughty shade of my lovey Riddhu as you know that today’s night will be full of naughty behaviours so it is not the time for your shyness at all. That’s why I have get you here to the washroom.
He winks at her.

Riddhima gets shy.
So she gives Vansh her back.
He comes closer to her.
Then he starts touching her waist in a slow motion and romantic way.
She was closing her eyes with a shy and comfortable way.
She was shy, but she wasn’t wanting him to stop.
She was wanting to unit with him so they could be one.
He was feeling how she was feeling happy for that so he was being more closer to her.
He holds her from her back very tightly.
Then he starts kissing her neck while he was still holding her from her back.
Then he grabs her towards him and he gets her near to the wall.
He starts kissing her allover her face in a very romantic way.
Riddhima was holding his neck and grabbing him towards her.
Then she has forgotten her shyness and she starts to engage with him.
She starts kissing him on his cheek.
Then they got into a very long and long kisses.

The hotness was very high in the washroom.
Every part of that washroom was witnessing a very hot and romantic moment between Vansh and Riddhima.
Precap: “You have to take care from your family as not all your family members love you.”

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