#Riansh ACCEPTANCE OF LOVE OS PART 1 – Telly Updates

hey guys , i am back with a os … hope you will like it and support me like you all were doing in my ff . i have decided to complete this os in two or three parts so i hope you all will support me

i have tried to keep my this os somewhat real and here ridhima is not any intruder and she doesn’t love kabir but as same as show she is an orphan and has only one best friend sejal . she is a physiotherapist and all other characters are also same like show but here kabir is bestfriend of ridhima . lets begin

my os begins from ridhima entering into vr mansion as a doctor of siya but here she is only going to stay there till siya recovers

ridhima : siya we will start your treatment from tommorow be ready at 7 am

siya : ok dr ridhima

they both depart for their ridhima . in ridhima’s room when she was changing suddenly aryan enters enter her room and she got frightened and wears her jacket back immediately

ridhima : hey mr don’t you have any manners to knock before entering into someone’s room

aryan : hey ridhima why are you getting angry by the way don’t forget that you are living in my house , and in my house i can go anywhere whenever i want

ridhima : look mister i know i am living in your house but it doesn’t give you any right to come without knocking into my room and i am here only for your sister’s treatment and i am living here only on your brothers order , so next time when ever you come please first knock on the door .

aryan : and if i don’t do then what will you do

ridhima : if you can’t understand anything at a time then better go and take your treatment at a good mental hospital . it will help you

aryan ( grabbing her hand ) : you cheap girl , don’t dare to talk in such a tone with me next time otherwise you won’t be able to bear consequences..

vansh : aryan , it would be better if you stay in your limits . and leve her hand as you are making her uncomfortable

aryan : bhai , it would be better if you stay out of this as this matter is between us . so please

vansh : aryan , i said leave her hand , you can’t bother anyone living in vr mansion and especially a girl and she is doctor of sia so its my order to behave properly with her

aryan : ok bhai

aryan leaves . vansh come neart to ridhima

vansh : i am sorry on his behalf , please don’t mind , are you fine

ridhima : thank you mr vr , yes i am absolutely alright

ridhima was attracted to vansh respect towards girls and they both shaked their hand and vansh leaves . vansh was also attracted to ridhima’s befeating replies to aryan which show that she is very brave . they both were not able to sleep as both of them has started occuping each other’s mind . next morning vansh heard some laughing sound coming from yard and from window he saw ridhima and siya were laughing together . he was very happy to see siya laughing whole heartidly as she rarely laugh with anyone after that incident

ridhima : siya first we will do some stretching exercises

siya : ok dr ridhima

ridhima : siya as we have became freind sow so you can call me ridhu

siya : ok dr ridhima … i mean ridhu

(they both laughed )

they both completed their exercises and went back inside the house . whole family was gathered at dinning table for having breakfast , when ridhima was passing by and dadi spoke

dadi : ridhima where are you going , come let’s have breakfast with us

listining to dadi’s word vansh was also overjoyed like he also wanted to have ridhima with them at breakfast table . he doesn’t understand what those feeling were but he was having a great desire to have breakfast wit ridhima , but his thoughts were interupeted by ishani listining to which he became very much angry

ishani : common dadi she is servent here who has just come to treat siya , how could she have breakfast with us

vansh (fuming in ager ) : ishani mind your tongue and be in your limits , she is a renowned doctor and runs her hospital very well and still on my request she is here to treat siya so behave

ishani : but bhaii

ridhima : its ok you all please dont argue , i am not hungry so , i will take breakfast later

ridhima leaves …. she was in her bedroom reading a novel when someone knocked on her door

ridhima : please , come in

( a servant enter with a plate full of food in his hand )

ridhima : but i have not asked anything

servant 1 : mam this is send by vansh sir for you and he has asked to finish it all

ridhima : ok thank you , you keep it there

servant 1 : ok mam … and its a vansh sir order that if you need ayting you can call me

ridhima became happy with the mention of vansh name , she was also not aware of her feelings towards vansh but was very much happy with vansh care towards her .

the end !!! hope you all liked it

in this part both vansh and ridhima has started developing feeling towards each other let’s see what’s written in their fate

please tell me your views whether you all liked it or not

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