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It was 8:00 am in the morning..

At breakfast table.. except Riddhima and Vansh everyone was present..

Riddhima:- Good morning Dadi..

Dadi:-Good Morning beta hope you are fine..and have you slept well ?

Riddhima:-Yes dadi I slept well (in your grand son’s thought..😊)

(Uff what I am thinking..)

Aksh:-Good Morning beautiful..

Riddhima:- Good morning handsome..

Aksh:- you have to play with me today as you promised me yesterday..🤨

Kabir:- yes ofcourse champ we will promised ..😉

This pissed Vansh who coming to the dinning table..

Vansh:- Aksh didn’t you tell your friend that only I have right to call you champ..

Kabir (interrupting):- Sorry Vansh I did not know..I am really sorry..

Aksh:- It’s okay dude..mamu don’t worry I’ll be always your champ..

Vansh:- hmm… that’s like a good boy..

Vansh’s pov

What did Kabir think of him that he is nice and handsome more than vansh rai is just a stupid Romeo..😠

Dadi:- Aryan beta when are your parents coming..

Aryan:- Dadi they are just on the way..

Aryan did not sleep whole night his eyes were swallon 😩🥱..

Riddhima:- I think Aryan you did not sleep whole night..

Kabir:- who knows better than me..he was just disturbing me every 5 minutes…”Kabir Siya will be mine na…vansh will accept us n??😭🤔”..

Everyone was laughing except Siya and Aryan..

As then uma and ajay enter..

Dadi:- Come beta we were waiting for you only..have a seat..

All were settled in living room..

Then Vansh spoke…

Vansh:- Hello Uncle and Aunty I am Siya’s brother..Siya and Aryan love each other..and we invited you here to talk about them..only..

Vansh:- So as I said yesterday Aryan has to prove his love for Siya..

Ajay:- I am sure my son will pass all the tests…for his love☺️

Uma:-Aryan you again hide this matter from me.. previously I forgive you but this time I will punish you..

Siya in (shocked):- Aunty again means he was in love with someone else??..

Riddhima,Sejal and Kabir burst into laughter..🤣🤣😂😂

And Ayan was giving dangerous looks to his mom..

Where Rai Singhania family were shocked

Riddhima:- tell Aryan you loved some one before Siya..😉

Aryan:- Stop it all also..

Siya this is nothing like that..I will tell you from starting..

Vansh:- Aryan I am telling you before after your explanation if my sister’s heart broke then I am not going to spare you..😠

Arayn:- First let me explain..😦…it’s nothing like that you all are thinking..

3 years ago when Sejal me and Riddhima were have made a special bond between us I thought that I should take to my parents as dad always ask me to introduce my two besties that I am always talking about..and I thought they will feel better because they were always carving for family’s love..

And mom misunderstood this she thought that Riddhima and I are in love..and she took 6 months to understand me and Riddhima that we are like bro-sis…

Riddhima,Sejal and Kabir were not able to control..

Riddhima:- So Siya are you jealous of me..

Aryan:- Riddhima stop it.. don’t start now first mom and then you..

Siya:- Sorry Aryan…

Sejal:- Don’t say’s not your fault..😂

Uma:- Sorry Aryan..I don’t want to..

Aryan:- No mom it’s okay..

Now should we start..

Vansh:- Yes so Aryan you have to 5 things to prove yourself..

1) You have to cook food for every one…..

Sejal :- Vansh I thought u will give a difficult one…but..Aryan loves to cook and he makes delicious food..😋

Aryan:- So what you want I should fail my test..😠

Sejal:- No I don’t mean that…now you should go as your times Start now.😂

Aryan rushed to kitchen…

Riddhima asked vansh ” why you asked such an easy task to Aryan..I thought you are Great Vansh Rai will choose something hard…

Vansh:- So you are making fun of me..😏 I know I have given an easy task to Aryan as I know his abilities already I told you na yesterday that he is a nice I just wanted to punish both of them..for hidding things from us’s just a game..

Riddhima:- So I was wrong Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania has also mischievous side..

Vansh:- So what you think I am a cold hearted person..with no feelings..

Riddhima:- well..Yes..😉 winks and runs from there..

Vansh’s pov

I was right she is different..I fell for her every moment when ever she smiles☺️

Vansh was blushing..☺️

Ishani was observing Riddhima and Vansh from far..

Ishani’s pov:-

I know that Vansh bhai is in love with Riddhima… previous he didn’t smile with us also..but today after a long time I am seeing my bro laughing whole heartedly…God just be with my bhai..he seriously needs someone by his side..😌.

While Ajay,uma, rudra, chanchal and dadi were having chitchat and were talking about some random stuffs..

When Aryan came with some servants ready with food items..

Aryan:- So vansh you should taste it first..☺️

Vansh (acting to be angry). :- hmm.. okay…

Vansh tastes and then asks Riddhima to taste … everyone was confused with Vansh’s look…

Where Arayn heart beating was increasing….

Then Vansh spoke…Arayn what is this you called this food..😠😠

Sejal you were wrong Aryan didn’t even now ‘C’ of cooking..

Everyone was shocked..

And Aryan was on the verge of crying he was only hoping that Riddhima could safe him as she also tatsted the food..

Riddhima:- Seriously Aryan you forgot how to cook ??

It is not tasting like a normal food…😒 Forgot about delicious food..

Aryan was😶😶…

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