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  Chapter VI

Siya starts getting worried “Bhabi- you won’t leave us, you will stay here with us right?!”

“Riddhima Bhabi- please say something… you won’t leave us and go right?” Siya starts freaking out- what if, what if her best friend, her sister leaves her and goes forever? Everything was her mistake. She starts weeping

“Siya, i’m sorry but i can’t stay in this house anymore i have nothing but horrible and depressing memories here, i can’t stay in a place where everyone just decides to not recognize me one fine day. I’m not a puppet, i have my own mind and self respect , i stayed here this long only because i wanted you to wake up ” Riddhima says coldly,but her eyes holds mixed emotions of sadness,fear and happiness.

“Riddhima… please don’t leave me and go, i’m really sorry, i never meant to…” Vansh cries

“Meant to? Meant to what? Leave me in Shimla? Ask me to kill Kabir? Give Ahana my place? Blame me for Siya’s injuries? What Mr Vansh Raisinghania?” Riddhima shouts

"Meant to? Meant to what? Leave me in Shimla? Ask me to kill Kabir? Give Ahana my place? Blame me for Siya's injuries? What Mr Vansh Raisinghania?" Riddhima shouts

“Bhabi… i understand what bhai did was wrong but please don’t leave me and go..” Siya cries hugging Riddhima

Riddhima calms down but firmly tells Siya “Siya please don’t call me bhabi, don’t cry… your tears pierce my heart, if i leave VR mansion and go you can always come and visit me”

Everyone including the Raisinghania siblings are shocked to see their bond. It was so pure and beautiful, Siya was never comfortable with anyone except her Vansh Bhai but within less than a year she mingled well with Riddhima.

Dadi was proud of this bond and felt that if Vansh couldn’t convince Riddhima atleast Siya would.

“bha- i mean Riddhima Di can you atleast stay with me tonight? After mom died you were the only mother figure i found, Dadi was always like Dadi for me and i always found anupriya little fake.”

Riddhima felt very emotional and nodded her head “ill get my night stuff.”

Siya turns to Vansh “Bhai,That day I gave Bhabi 12 hours to bring Ragini back to you. She went, leaving me alone with Anupriya.I heard Anupriya speak to kabir about her plans. I didn’t think that she would hurt me to this extent. But I tried to call you. Bhabi went and  succeeded in saving ragini, but at the last minute someone shot ragini and she died. She was so worried for you that she left her phone, bag with your watch in her car in hurry to get to you Bhai. She knew that the person that kidnapped Ragini would be attacking you next.

She had nightmares every night after you faked your death. She mourned for you day and night. 

Kabir created this image in her mind that you were a cold blooded killer.  He manipulated her with lies and half truths. But then everything changed. Slowly, without her realizing, she fell in love with you. She tried telling you her past so many times, but you always stopped her saying that you didn’t care about her past and what mattered was the present. 

She pushed all of her sorrows aside, she had to stay strong for our family,  and because of something you had told, in the past she gave Kabir permission to stay in our house as it turned out he was Anupriya’s son. She remembered how heartbroken bhai was that Anupriya didn’t trust him enough to tell the truth about her son. 

Then she found out how it was their plot all along. How for so many years, Anupriya left her illegitimate son in an orphanage to act as the perfect mother to all of us. But all she wanted was to usurp the empire from you. They told her everything, He threw her in the pool and electrocuted her. He told her he would kill Ishani and Dadi if she didn’t keep her mouth shut. 

 Then the news that all of the property and empire had been transferred under Dadi’s name came. Kabir thought he was only one step closer to the goal. So again she became his target. He threatened her to marry him within three days or he will would kill Dadi. She gave Kabir a condition, he had to  burn all the proofs he had against you. 

Then she found vihaan and with his help nobody could threaten her in the house but he turned out to be Vansh bhai. She was so happy.”

“i know all this because bhabi used to sit beside me and tell me whatever happened everyday just like how we normally would talk.” Siya told everyone.

Everyone was feeling guilty with how they had treated Riddhima.

Ishani and Aryan also had a change of heart and they felt very guilty for torturing her.

Vansh was regretting all his mistakes and his heart broke after listening to Siya's words

Vansh was regretting all his mistakes and his heart broke after listening to Siya’s words

But there were two people in the room who were horrified with Siya’s confession, they knew their game was up

To be continued…………

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