Kajol reveals the 5 ways to stay healthy during the pandemic

Kajol is one of the most loved and revered actresses of Bollywood. She has been a part of several iconic films over the years and has played many memorable characters too. The audience love her screen presence and the freshness she brings with every part she plays. Kajol was last seen in  Tribhanga and now she is taking a break till the pandemic settles down. Kajol however, has become extremely active on social media and from time to time keeps her fans updated about her life.

Kajol Kajol Kajol

She took to Instagram this morning to share a sweet post helping out her fans and followers with some awesome advice. Kajol revealed the 5 rules one must follow to remain healthy during these trying times. She captioned a picture from her childhood as, “5 rules Ã¢ÂœÂ‹Ã°ÂŸÂ�¼ of staying healthier today in the world.
1. Pull your hands in✊
2. Windows up🙄
3. Drive that car🚗
4. Go home�
5. Don’t step out🚫
And that my friend is how we celebrate #WorldHealthDay2021 “ We totally agree with you Kajol!

Kajol Kajol Kajol

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