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Hello everyone i m so sry i was not well and not in mood to post bt i write this quite short and boring update for u becoz i love u guys alot

And after being ambivalent for 2 days finally i decided not to end this ff becoz the jolt of separating from u was scaring me

Guys due to the flood of ffs my ff sometimes goes to previous page which leades to loss in comments plz guys thodi mehnt krke dhundh lia kro yrπŸ˜… mujhe likhne me 1.5 hour lgta pr dhundhne me ap logo 1.5 minute lgega πŸ˜‚

So episode starts

Next day

Scene 1

Angre’s room

Angre is caressing a pic


U can’t even imagine how much i love u..
I crave just for ur mare glance..
I want to feel u.. i know u don’t love me.. u consider me only as frnd bt i love u

What do u think why i came here to work with your brother the sole reason is u jaan..

I saw u first time at ur college and i fell in love with u..

Bt i never dared to confess becoz u love that bastard aryan..

I wish u could have loved me then i would be the luckiest man of this world..

Although u considered me a servent back then..but now i m so happy to be your frnd..

I don’t want to force myself on u..
I am happy with a Friend jaan

He says

Meri pehli mohhobatt mera joonun ho tum
Mere drd ki dawa mere dil ka sukun ho tum
Bhle hi meri kismat me na shi pr mere sth ho tum
Tum nhi janti pr meri jaan ho tum


Scene 2

Vansh – may i have your attention everyone

I have two good news for u guys

Siya (giggles) – how can u give good news before your marrige bhai..πŸ˜‰

Ishani – shut up sia.. tell us bhai..plz

Vansh – dadi i have called pandit ji for fixing the date of my marriage with riddhima

Everyone is so happy after listening this and riddhima is blushing

Pandit ji comes

And match the kundlis

Vansh – dadi although i don’t believe in this but i m doing this for u only

Dadi – thnk u beta

Pandit ji – i have seen your kundlis and there is no date of marriage before 5 months..

Vansh and riddhima (unison) – what!!!

Dadi – sry beta bt u have to wait then

Vansh (sad ) – ok dadi..

Ishani (teasing vansh ) – sry bhai bt u have to wait so..sad…bt don’t worry u can romance till than

Angre – c’mon ishani VR doesn’t need permission for romance but i know my sona she is so innocent in this matter

Vansh – just shut up she is not Innocent at all she was the one who was kissing me first.. Yesterday😣

Riddhima (glares) – keep ur mouth shut vansh…

Everyone laughs

Siya – but what is the second good news bhai this one was indeed a bad for both of u..(chuckles)

Vansh (glares) – hold your horses siya i m telling u

He goes to angre and keeps his hand on his shoulder

Vansh – angre my brother u always helped me and stand by my side so

I decided to give a gift to u..

I know u will not Deny me..
I chose a girl for u..
Her name his ragini and i fixed her alliance with u

She is coming with her family tomorrow and then we will do your engagement and then marriage

Everyone is flabbergasted bt two persons are just numb

Angre felt that his whole life is up side down now

And ishani has mixed emotions she doesn’t what whether to feel happy for his frnd or not..

Angre – but boss this is.

Vansh – c’ mon man..i know she is best for u…

Once u will meet her u won’t refuse..

And i already fixed the alliance don’t u trust me

Angre – no boss nothing like that i trust u

Vansh – done than u will get married before meπŸ˜‰

Scene 3

Riddhima’ s room

Vansh (coming close to her)- yr..i wanted to punch that pandit ji on his face 5 months yr how will I live without u..

Riddhima ( angry) – just stay away then becoz i was the one na..who was desperate to kiss u..πŸ˜’πŸ˜£

Vansh ( cupping her face ) – aww…my sweetheart is angry..on me..i was kidding yr..πŸ˜…

Riddhima ( frowned ) – i don’t want to talk to u.

Vansh ( kissing her cheeks) – then do some romance na..

Riddhima (blushes and hugging him) – sb thik to hoga na vansh..

Vansh (hugging back) – as far as i m here.. Nothing will go wrong

Riddhima – i love u vansh..

Vansh (kissing her crown) – i love u too sweetheart

He says

Teri chaht me itna barbaad hai..
Ki..apni har saas ke liye tere karzdaar hai..
Wo ishq hi kya jo bhula diya jaye..
Tum toh wo mohhobatt ho ..jis par hame..aj bhi aetbaar hai..

Scene 4

Ishani’ s room


What is this feeling why i m feeling so weird after hearing his alliance news why my heart is not accepting this..

Am i in love with him

No no no..may be becoz he is my best frnd i m feeling insecure..relex ishani…

She says

Na jane ye konse jazbaat hai jo mere dil ko khaye ja rhe hai..

Shyd ye dhere dhere mujhe tera bnaye ja rhe hai..


Done for today guys.. sry forΒ  loopholes if any…

Plz do comment and shower ur love

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