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Hello friends hope you all are fine. I know many of you may be angrey with me for not posting and update. But belive me I was much busy. So today I have 2 news for you . One is good and the other is bad one. First the bad one. Actually I have decided to end this FF as now I am in 10th and need to focus on it. I am really sorry guys. So now comming to the good one. Good news is that I passed 9th class as a topper in my 9 th standerd with 98.3% . And moreover I will be giving short updates form now on.

So lets start without wasting time.

Vansh: But she was not found any where next morning. I searched her everywhere for at least 2 days. And then suddenly Ragini came and informed me that she saw Ridhima on the terrace of our house on the 3 rd day . She seemed all exhausted with blood stains on her body but there were no injuries. She  was trying to suicide.

Flashback                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vansh reached there with Ragini.

Vansh : What are you doing Ridhima get down from there. 

Ridhima : I killed them Vansh. I killed them

Vanhs: Killed whom Ridhima.

Ridhima: The ones who tried to harm you . 

Vansh unable to understand anything: Ok don’t worry Riddhu . Just get down and then we will discuss.

Before one could understand anything she jumped off the terrace,

Flashback ends

Vansh [while crying]: I was unable to protect her. She was not badly injured but was in trauma. She didn’t ate anything for one week . She used to sleep whole day in my Arms and used to try many ways to harm her when I was not around her. Finally one day I had and outburst and then we came to know that she murdered those goon who tried to harm me and killed Aman.

Seeing her this condition I was very shocked as she was not even capable of killing a dog. Don’t know why but I ignored this. The only time I realized that on that day itself our neighbor was killed along with her dog . That was the same dog who bite me that day. And his owner made me cry and actually I don’t remember the reason why. But it was a lone tear . And then again those 3 night. She became like before. After 1 day she recovered. But now I had to take care of this matter so I took her to a physiatrist . There we discovered that she was suffering from Multiple Personality disorder.  The other side of her used to react only to some action of her loved  ones. After we went home I analyzed those 2 situations and came to a conclusion that she used to react to my tears. She was given medicines for that . Everything became normal ones again . But then again she was like that . Do you remember Angrey the surgeon who did Ishani’s operation was killed brutally.

Angre:  Do you mean….

Vansh: Yes she killed him . Because that day you cried as the delivery seemed to be unsuccessful. You cried.

Angre: It means today also someone cried……….

Bye. Don’t know when  I will update next but stay tuned.


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