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chapter 5

In vr mansion
Vansh was shocked  after events at his college reunion. Ahaan was standing their shamelssly.he directly went to study and started talking to Riddhima’s photo.
Vansh: sweetheart,seeing you after 1 year was a bliss for me,but why did you do this couldn’t you even come once to meet me?? Vut now I want you in my life at any f**kibg cost.
Vansh dials a unknown number
U: hello ,how many times do I have to tell you that you cant call me.if Riddhima gets to know she will kill me.
Vansh: I know but I want my wife and my baby back in my life at any f**king cost.
U: I am coming with her tomorrow to vr mansion ok,so calm down.
Vansh: it better be siddhaant mathur
Yes the person was siddhaant mathur.
As I had said before when Riddhima left house she along with sid went to london for 6 that time aryan with help of kabir wanted to meet her and apologise to her.
Aryan: bro I heard you yesterday.  You were talking to bhabi. I want to meet her once apologise for my behavior pls let her meet me once .
Kabir: I will talk to her and let you know.
Vansh was listening to all this.
Vansh(thinking) : kabir knows were is Riddhima. I need to get to know where is her location.does he still love her?? no this cant happen.

for next few days,vansh was stalking kabir and tried to get all information of riddhima. one day, he saw kabir and aryan going in terrace so he decided to follow them.he hid behind pillar ad heard aryan say

aryan:sorry bhabhi
Voice from phone came ,
V: its ok aryan, you realised your mistake thats enough for me.
It was Riddhima, his Riddhima.
He hacked kabirs phone and got all information about her.
He got to know that she was loving with siddhaant mathur, kabir and aryans best friend.

He contacted him and tried to talk to him but he simply refused. After many tries He finally talked,and explained his side to him,after lot of convincing he agreed,but he never told him about riddhimas pregnancy.

vansh: why the f**k didn’t you tell me about Riddhimas pregnancy?? And was was the punch for??
Sid: look, ri is my dear friend and for her I am faking this marriage,got it??
Vansh: look,don’t get too close ok??
She is mine only mine
Sid: vansh listen to me, tomorrow I will bring her to vr mansion then you talk to her, vansh I will get her
Voice from phone came
V: you betrayed me sid?? I trusted you so much and you,??
Vansh: f**k, Riddhima got to know everything, shit??
Beep beep
“She is leaving vansh, I cant stop her ”
Vansh panicked and started driving towards their house.

Precap: leap of 8 years.

Hi lovlies ,sorry for late update. I know you have got 440 volt jhatka after the update.  I will try to update by tonight. I am unable to think on ahaana topic anymore.i will end the ff by 14 to 15 episodes. I will write a fresh story and of course will update wildvilla. please show some love to wild villa too.i am sorry as it is a short father is tested positive for covid 19 and we got tested  today,i also had hectic shedule.  i will try to update regularly

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