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Chapter 30: “The Secret Well Wisher!!!”

The episode starts with all the youngsters arriving at a restaurant. They all got down the car and started moving inside. They came to the restaurant as they had forced Riddhima to give them a treat. They went inside the restaurant and ordered food. Riddhima had booked a long family table for this. The sitting arrangement was that girls were sitting on one side and boys were sitting on the opposite facing each other. Riddhima and Vansh were sitting at the cornor side in front of each other. Everyone was either busy in his/her thoughts or in the mobile phone. Riddhima was checking her phone but was actually thinking,
R(herself): These all are my responsibility here. If I started falling weak then who will save them. No Riddhima! You have enough of living in his fear. Rather than being scared and only on the defensive mode, you should plan something before the situation gets even more worse. Dad wanted me to move on because of this reason only. He was fearing that I will fall weak he will return. I can’t let his assumption win over me. Before the situation gets worse, I have to call them.

Saying so, she opened her chats group and selected a group chat named, “Tripple M”. She texted there,
“Need you all urgently for a new mission. Be in my office tomorrow and come fully prepared”
And the message was sent. Riddhima started looking here and there. After sometime, she stands up,
R: I will be right back. Going to the washroom.

She leaves. Vansh talks to Angre in a low voice,
V: Angre! Don’t you find Riddhima’s behaviour a little bit suspicious.
A: Yeah! I felt too but she is an Intelligence chief. Mayybe she got any secret mission. She told it before that they are not permitted to tell about their mission to anyone.
V: I understand Angre! But if its a secret mission then why I can’t see the same worry on Kabir and Aryan’s face. They are completely chill as if nothing is wrong.
A: Maybe they both are not involved in this.
V: How can this be possible? They both are her right hands. They are always with her in her every mission. No! Its not any mission. She is worried for some other reason and I can see it clearly on her face.
A: Maybe you are right Vansh! But I’ll suggest you that you better ask her directly rather than assuming anything. Because with your doubts, you have already created a distance of 5 years between you both.
V: You are right Angre! No one can satisfy me except Riddhima herself. I will talk to her.

After sometime, Riddhima came back and sat down. The food had arrived so they all started eating.

All this while, someone was seen keeping an eye on them. With his binoculars, he saw Riddhima sitting inside the restaurant. After a while, he, hiding his face went inside the restaurant and sat down on a table a little bit away from their table. He started watching Riddhima. Another person also came in hiding his face too and sat down away from both Riddhima and the other person. But Riddhima caught sight of him. She became shocked and suspicious. She immediately took out her mobile and texted him,
(OP stands for other person)
R: What are you doing here?
OP: Following.
R: Following who?
OP: Him!
R: What?
OP: What means what?
R: You mean he is here! In this restaurant?
OP: What else it could mean. I told you before that he is following you everywhere. I don’t think you take me seriously.

Before she could reply him, she saw the reflection of a person in the mirror at the side of her table. That person was holding a gun in his hand and he was aiming Riddhima. Riddhima immediately pulled out his gun and stood up, shouting,
R(shout): Get down!!!
Saying this, she fired a bullet in his direction and The person that was aiming at Riddhima, fired the bullet but as Riddhima stood up, it hit the glass on their table which making a cracking sound, broke into many pieces. Riddhima shot him in return and he died at the spot. The sound of two gunshots made everyone lose their senses. All the youngsters and Vansh, were literally shocked. They all had got down under the table except Vansh who also pulled out his gun. All the people in the restaurant starting shouting and panicking. They all ran out. Vansh ran to Riddhima,
V(panicking): Riddhima! Are you ok? Did it hit you somewhere? Tell me?
R(panting): Vansh! Take everyone home. I will be back. I have to go. And just take care of all of them.
V: No! I am not going to leave you here.
R: Vansh! Please! Don’t argue at this moment!
V: Kabir, Aryan and Angre are with the girls. They will take them home safely. But I am coming with you and no more discussion. Its final.

Vansh asked The boys to take the girls with them to the mansion. Within five minutes, they all left. Riddhima ran towards that dead body and started searching his pockets. Vansh checked the restaurant whether anyone is hiding inside or not. He came back to Riddhima. Riddhima found nothing in his pockets. She got up.
V: We should leave Riddhima! There is no one here.
R: Hmm.
Before they could make a move, they heard many gun shots as if someone has opened fire on the restaurant. It was a scene of extreme horror. Vansh and Riddhima got down and crawling on their knees, they hid at a safest place. The fire shots broke all the windows, many serving plates on tables and glasses too. There were broken pieces of glass everywhere. Vansh and Riddhima hidden at their respective places, aimed at them too. They also started firing but as it was an open fire, none of them knew where the person is standing. They were both firing blankly the same way the attackers were doing. After alot of firing, one of the bullets hit the power box. And the light switched off. Now, It was complete darkness inside and even moon has no light. Vansh and Riddhima were at some distance from each other, panting and worrying for the other. They couldn’t make a sound as it could make them get caught. No more gunshots. It was complete silence. No one was able to see anything. Riddhima pulled out her mobile and texted Vansh,
R: You ok?
V: Yeah. You?
R: Fine!
V: Move towards the main entrance slowly. I am also coming.
R: Ok!
After this, Ridhima started slowly walking towards the main door, using her touch senses as it was complete darkness to use the vision. Vansh was also going towards the main door sensing the obstacles in the way. While moving, Riddhima sensed someone passing beside her. She thought him to be Vansh. But when he moved passing beside her swiftly, he slowly whispered,
“Hello Riddhima!”
And he vanished. Listening to his voice, Riddhima was standing shocked and blank. She recognized the voice.
R(shocked): Same perfume! Same voice! Its him! He is back! He has returned!!

Thinking so, she texted to the same person,
R: Where are you?
OP: Outside the restaurant, hidden. I lost him. I have no idea where he went.
R: He was here. He passed beside me. He said, “Hello”. Its his voice only. And then, he vanished.
OP: He vanished?
R: You were right! You were always right! He has returned.
OP: I told you but you didn’t listen. Now, see! Its proved that Aditya Randhawa never gives wrong information!!!!

And the, His face is shown. The person that used to warn Riddhima was none other than Aditya Randhawa.


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