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Sai Aur Virat Ki Kahaani ( chapter 2)

Sai answered the call and said Sai Joshi  speaking

A strange voice came from the other side and said  Hello Sai Joshi sab khairiyat ( Is every thing fine)

hello , aap kaun hai ( who are you?)

you better dont try to know who I am?

Agar tum apne Aaba ko zinda dekhna chahte toh abhi ke abhi  mahadev ke mandir ke piche aao( If you want see your Aaba alive ,then come to the backside of Mahadev Temple)

Sai angrily says how dare you to speak about my Aaba.

stranger laughs and says do what I say , better you shouldn’t inform police.

call ends, Sai feels so tensed and she consoles herself from breaking down.

she speaks to herself ab mein kya karoo? ( what should I do know?)

She decides to go to mahadev temple and walk towards the direction of the temple.

The story shifts from Gadchiroli to a foot ball ground in Nagpur where the youngsters were playing footall enthusiastically.

The game was very intresting , but there is one handsome hunk of the team who is seeking everyones attention.

Audience were praising his sports spirit and game skills and everyone were asking  each other who is this guy ?

A player screamed out VIRAT hume ye game jeetna hi hoga( we have to win this game at any cost)

audience got to know his identity and cheering him up by shouting Virat…..Virat……Virat…….

The game came toan end where virat’s team needed to defend the opponent team from not making a goal.

precap : Sai shouts Aaba aap kaha hai, where as in nagpur virat as a goalkeeper trying hard to win the game.

Will Sai find her Aaba and Will Virat win the game . lets wait and read..

Hope you enjoyed this story, please give me some suggestions , as it is my first fan fiction

Thank You ………..

Have a wonderful day ahead………….

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