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Hello guys I am back with the new episode..I really sorry guys For not updating the episode from past 3 weeks ..please spare me this time..😊..tell me all how you all doing..?I hope everyone doing well ..this below link for those who don’t remember the last episode,I know no one remember that still..


Episode starts in VR Mansion where Riddhima is thinking..

Riddhima (thinking):Who is that person tried to hurt with with a rod..who it will be..?I should find that person..But why they are trying to kill me..what I did?..

Someone comes and keeps hand in Riddhima’s shoulder.. Riddhima gets shock.. it’s Vansh ..

Vansh:What happened sweetheart why you’re worried..are you thinking about me..?(stretches on me)

Riddhima:Yeah!what else I will think at this time..I am going to get married to you so that I should think about u only..(winks)

Vansh: ok!!Ma’am go and get ready fast.. today is your mehendi..

Riddhima:Our Mehendi!!

Vansh:Yeah!!you go and get ready now..

Riddhima leaves from there

Vansh (to himself): Something is bothering her..

Vansh calls someone over phone

Vansh(over phone):No one should know our plan..if Riddhima gets to know about that our plan will flop here careful..


Daadi:Siya,..go and get your bhabhi.. it’s time to their Mehendi..

Siya:Haa,..daadi I will bring her..but with one condition if she is ready..or else I can’t wait there until she gets ready..Dulhan hai After all time toh lagegi na (winks)

Siya goes to being her..

Vansh(to himself):I ‘ll never let this plan get flop..

Siya and Riddhima comes there ..

Daadi: Riddhima beta today is your mehendi I wish everything could go well..(smiles)..

Riddhima (inside): Should I tell everything to Vansh..?..No no he will get tensed..

Daadi makes Riddhima sit on a couch..

Daadi: Riddhima,You told that your friends are coming here..where are they..?

Riddhima’s frnds(shouts):Hum Agaye!!

Riddhima hugs them and introduces them to the family..

(Introducing guest roles 😉)

Riddhima(points at her friends):Daadi this is Menna,this is Ahona,this is Seanna,this is Lyena and this is Amna..

Daadi greets everyone..

Daadi: Everyone is here…so, let’s start the ritual..(to chanchal)Apply Mehendi on Riddhima’s hands ..

Riddhima:Daadi Noooo!!

Vansh: Riddhima, why..? what happened are you ok..?

Riddhima:Vooo!! Actually Menna and Ahona are expert in doing Mehendi..Lyena&Amna does make up very well and Seanna is a very good photographer..So,Now Menna and Ahona will only apply Mehendi on my hands (winks)..

Vansh:Ohh my goodness you got experts with you..(smiles)…(to sejal):Sejal you and I don’t know anything na we belongs to same category..Nalayak ..

Seanna:Hey handsome how are you ..?

Vansh(smiles):Are you talking to me..?

Lyena:Haa she is talking to you only..

Riddhima (sarcastically):My dear friends you came here to my wedding.. remember that..ok…?look Menna,Ahona and Amna they are so Innocents not Like you both..

Seanna&Lyena:Haa madam ji we know that we are doing all these to irritate you(both Hive fives)..

Everyone laughs by seeing their Antics..

Riddhima:Wow!!Menho you both are really experts in doing Mehendi..

Menna& Ahona (shocked):Menho!!

Riddhima:Yeah I gave you both combo name Menna+Ahona=Menho….(winks and shows her Mehendi hands to everyone)

Seanna captures the moment with her camera..

Everyone leaves there

Scene:Vansh’s room

Riddhima comes there..Vansh is standing there and busy with his files .. Riddhima goes and hugs him from back..

Vansh: Sweetheart are you ok..?

Riddhima:Yeah I am absolutely ok..Vansh,you I am very excited for tomorrow.. tomorrow is our wedding na ..from tomorrow onwards I will be Mrs.Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania..(smiles).

Vansh nods and kisses on her forehead..

Vansh: Riddhima do you love me..?

Riddhima:Vansh you know that I love you much more than anything else in the world..I love you..

Vansh hugs her.. Riddhima closes her eyes to feel him..

Riddhima sees a black hoodie on Vansh’s bed and gets shock remembering the hoodie worn by the attacker .. Riddhima goes towards bed and holds the hoodie..

Riddhima:Vansh,Is this yours?..

Vansh:Yeah this hoodie is mine..tell me what happened..?

Riddhima (tries to cover up): Nothing..Just asking you..ok Vansh I am leaving now ..need to take Some rest..bye..

Vansh:Take care sweetheart..(smiles)

Riddhima leaves from there remembering the attacks on her..

Precap:RiAnsh wedding…. Hoodie guy goes to meet someone..

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