A special and romantic trip to Egypt. #Riansh OS Part 2 – Telly Updates

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So let’s start.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I wasn’t able to control my happiness while I was being at Egypt. It was a very huge dream and I wasn’t knowing if I will be able to make it a reality because of Vansh’s fear from flights or not, but thank God my Vansh has done this huge stuff just for me and I will never forget what he has done it just to see my happiness.
We were still being at the pyramids and we were going to see the second pyramid which is Khafre pyramid.
I was just staring at Vansh very much and I was being very thankful to him to give me all of this happiness.

He has noticed my staring at him.
So he has looked at me in a speculating look while he was twisting his head in an questioning way.

Vansh: What has happened sweetheart? Why you are staring at me that much?! You are going to miss a very huge amazements by staring at me and not concentrating on exploring the pyramids as I don’t think that we will have the ability to come here once again and then don’t blame me for not enjoying the trip as you are the one who isn’t concentrating on that trip.
I have just came closer to him.
Then I have putted my hands around his neck to surround him very much.

Me: I could spend my whole life staring at you Vansh without getting bored at all. You are the reason of my happiness and I will never be able to give you the credit that you deserve it for what you are doing to me. You have made one of the most wanted dreams to me a real one. This could never happen if you aren’t with me Vansh. I’m really grateful to have a very caring and loving husband like you my love.
He has kissed me in my cheek in a very romantic way that made my heart beats got very increased.

Vansh: I could do anything to see your lovely and special smile sweetheart. My life is just useless without you Riddhima because you are the one who gives the spirit to my life. You are everything to me Riddhu.
We have hugged each other a very long and warm hug.

I was making him very close to me and I was being sure to be very connected to him.

Then I have whispered at his ears.
Me( in a mocking way): This romance that is between us is a very special one because it is happening at the land of the amazing stuff along with that we are making the great pyramids witness our love so we could be able to leave a sign at this lovely country.
He has made me more closer to him by hugging me more tightly from my back.

Then he has also whispered at my ear.
Vansh: Riddhima and Vansh’s love story will always be a legendary love story that will be stated at each and every country. I’m sure that now Egypt will never be able to forget this couple who has came to romance at its land. Actually, I think that we have to stop this romance just for now as we don’t be kicked out from Egypt forever.
I have smiled after Vansh has finished his words.

Then we have completed our exploration.
I have started looking at Khafree pyramid.

It was also a very beautiful and amazing pyramid.
Vansh: You know what Riddhima, I have known that the Khafree king is the son of Khufu king who has built the biggest pyramid and he has built this pyramid behind his father and he has done this pyramid less taller than his father’s pyramid.
Riddhima: Yes that’s true. Along with that he has built Abu Al hol. Which it is looked like a lion’s body and his face like a human being. He has ordered to be built for two reasons firstly that he could leave another something special  to be written by his name other than his pyramid and the second reason is th..
Vansh: Is that he could make it as a protection from the thieves as its shape and the way it is looking makes all the people fear from it and gives it a very huge respect. Because there was so many precious stuff at the pyramids so he has built Abu Al Hol for protection to this precious stuff. Actually, there is a very huge mystery about its nose as it doesn’t has a nose and no one is knowing does Abu Al hol was having a nose and it has got fallen because of the changes in the environment or it was really built without a nose?! We don’t know if one day they will reach to that secret or not. Let’s see.
I was being very surprised when I was hearing all those information from Vansh.
I was just staring at him in a very surprised way.

He was just smiling at me.

Then he holds my hand tightly.

He was just looking at me in an confident way.

Vansh: Oh! You are of course being surprised from how I’m having all those information that has made me interrupted you, Am I right or am I right?!
Me: To be honest yes you are absolutely right. I’m really impressed to notice that you know all those information about Egypt as if you are the one who was eagerly waiting to visit Egypt not me. So how you have got the chance to get all those information at this short time??!
I was looking at him in a speculating and listening way.

He has got very close to me.

Vansh: I must always be interested in the things that my wife is interested on it so of course I must to get all the information about Egypt so I could suits my wife in her knowledge. And about how I have gotten all those information in that short time, I think that you really don’t need to ask me this question as you know your husband very much as Vansh Rai Singhania has his own ways in getting all the information that he wants it.
He has looked at me in a very cute and heart taking look.

I was just staring at him very much.

Then we have started looking at Abu Al Hol.

We were being very impressed from its fixed shape.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh and Riddhima were being very amazed from what they were seeing it at the pyramids.
They have gone to watch the smallest pyramid which is Menkaure pyramid.

Vansh: Let me tell you about that pyramid so you could know how your husband knows a lot of stuff about your dream country. Menkaure king is the one who has ordered to build this pyramid. He is the son of Khafree and the grandson of Khufu king. He has built his pyramid behind his father and his grandfather’s pyramids. It is also a very great pyramid.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a questioning way.

Riddhima: So if you are having all this knowledge about Egypt as if you are living on it and being on it since a lot Mr. Egyptian, can you tell me the reason that has made all those kings have built those pyramids?
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a surprising way.

Vansh: Oh! So you are testing me Mrs. Rai Singhania. Interesting, very interesting!
Riddhima: Yeah. Let me see if you really have a huge knowledge like your wife or you have to take lessons from me.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in an irritated way from what she has said to him.

Vansh: You will never defeat me in your knowledge Riddhu as I know that answer of that question.
Riddhima: And what is that?

Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a pretending thinking look as if he is still thinking about the answer.

Vansh: They have built the pyramids either it may be used to store offerings, store burial equipment, or it may be a serdab chamber. The upper descending passage is clad in granite and descends to join with the horizontal passage to the burial chamber. The burial chamber was carved out of a pit in the bedrock. The roof is constructed of gabled limestone beams.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in an impressive way.

Riddhima: Impressive! You have really proved to me that you have a very huge knowledge Vansh.
Vansh: I told you that you will never be able to defeat Vansh Rai Singhania.
Riddhima: I’m sure of that.
Vansh and Riddhima were staring at each other very much.

They were being very happy while enjoying their moments together at Egypt.
Then they kept roaming at the pyramids and seeing the different places on it.
Afterwards, they have gotten above a camel together.

They were enjoying a lot while they were riding that camel.
Riddhima was making Vansh look at each and every place at the pyramids.

She was being very happy and enjoying her time.

Riddhima: Vansh, I’m really worried while ridding that camel especially while wearing that white dress as it isn’t a comfortable and suitable one for that.

Vansh has looked at Riddhima’s dress.

Vansh: But you are looking so hot while wearing that dress sweetheart and actually you don’t have to worry as your Vansh will protect you always and will never make anything happens to you.

Riddhima has smiled.

Then she just holds Vansh more closer to her while they were riding the camel.
Moreover, Vansh and Riddhima have finished their exploration at the pyramids and they were at the hotel.
Vansh and Riddhima were having a cute little romantic moment at the room.
They were surrounding each other very closely to the other.

They were being very happy while being that close and attached to the other.
Riddhima has came more closer to Vansh so she could feel his breathes.

Riddhima: I have enjoyed a lot today Vansh while we were exploring the pyramids together. I would never be that happy while exploring Egypt if you weren’t with me.
Vansh has kissed her near her eye.

Vansh: Still there are so many stuff that will make you fly from happiness sweetheart. I promise you that you will never be able to forget that trip and it will be a very memorable trip to you.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a smiling way.

Riddhima: You have made me very curious to see what other stuff my husband has planned it to me.
Vansh: Keep thinking sweetheart as still you will not be able to imagine that.
She has looked at him in a surprising and cute way.

Riddhima: Oh! Really?! You are over confident Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania and that is good at all.
He has just smiled.

Then he holds her very high.

Vansh: But I love you.
He was making her very high to make her be happy and make her enjoy her time.
Then he has made her down.
She has hugged him a very warm and deep hug.

Then he has made her very close to him to feel her breathes.

And they have gone into a cute little hot moment.
Moreover, Vansh and Riddhima have went into a tour at the masques and masjids that are found allover Cairo.

There were ancient ones that Vansh and Riddhima were wanting to explore it a lot.
Riddhima and Vansh were staring at each other while they were being very amazed from what they were seeing it.

Riddhima: You know Vansh the atmospheric, narrow lanes of the capital’s Islamic Cairo district are crammed full of mosques, madrassas (Islamic schools of learning), and monuments dating from the Fatimid through to the Mameluke eras. This is where you’ll find the labyrinth shopping souk of Khan el-Khalili, where coppersmiths and artisans still have their tiny workshops, and stalls are laden with ceramics, textiles, spice, and perfume. Surrounding the market is a muddle of roads, home to some of the most beautiful preserved architecture of the old Islamic empires. There is a wealth of history here to explore.  There is also Al-Azhar Mosque and the dazzling Sultan Hassan Mosque, and make also climbing the roof of the ancient medieval gate of Bab Zuweila will make you gain the best minaret-speckled panoramas across the district.
Vansh: So let’s go and see those places right now so we could finish exploring at Cairo and we could start from tomorrow our trip at other city of the amazing cuties of Egypt, but if you are tired we could postpone that to tomorrow and don’t do all of those stuff at the same time.
Riddhima has putted her hands on Vansh’s face.

Riddhima: I’m not tired at all Vansh especially when I’m with you my beloved husband.
Vansh has smiled at Riddhima.

Then he holds her hand near to him.

Afterwards, he has kissed her hand in a very romantic way.

Riddhima was looking at him smiley while he was doing that.

They have went first to Khan El Kahlili.
They were so amazed while seeing this amazing place.
It was a very heart taking place.

Vansh and Riddhima were enjoying a lot while seeing its bright decorations and the amazing stuff that is being sold there.

Moreover, they have went to Al Azhar mosque.

Riddhima was putting a scarf on her hair respecting to that spiritual place.

Then they have went to Sultan Hassan mosque.

They were liking its way in built a lot.
Afterwards, they have went to Bab Zuweila.

They were being in ninth cloud while exploring those amazing places.
Then Vansh and Riddhima were just walking together near the Nile River.

They were enjoying the look of the Nile so much.
Riddhima: Today was just a very memorable day. We have seen so many amazing places here Vansh. Egypt is really like an heaven place. It is so amazing place.
Vansh has grabbed Riddhima near him.

Then he starts putting his hand on her face in a romantic way.

Vansh: You are the amazing person so that’s why you always see everything amazing like you. I’m enjoying a lot while I’m doing this trip just with you Riddhu.
He has kissed her in her cheek in a very romantic way.

Then they have seated together near the Nile.

Vansh has gotten to Riddhima some Egyptian desserts and snacks that it is found a lot in Egypt.
Firstly, they have started with baked sweet potato.

Then they have eaten Zalabya.

Riddhima: Oh! It is so yummy Vansh. It contains so much sugar, but it is so so tasty.
Vansh: You still didn’t have tried Om Ali sweetheart. I’m sure if you have tried it, you will fall madly for it.
Riddhima: You made me very excited for it.
Vansh: Let’s try it now.
Vansh and Riddhima have eaten Om Ali.

They have liked it a lot.
Then they have tried other delicious Egyptian desserts.
Such as: Sweet goulash.


Riddhima: You know that Qatayaf is just found during Ramadan month at Egypt that’s why we have gotten the chance to try it because we have came at that month.
Vansh: Yeah. We are very lucky sweetheart, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima has smiled at Vansh.

Riddhima: You are always right my Vansh.
Riddhima has came near Vansh and she has became very close to him.

Then she has kissed him in his forehead.

Riddhima: You have made me enjoy a lot today Vansh. I love you so much.
Vansh: I love you more sweetheart. Actually, you will enjoy more and more sweetheart tomorrow when we will discover a new city at Egypt.
She has hugged Vansh very tightly.

Riddhima: I’m sure that my Vansh will make me see Egypt at different way.





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