Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 8) – Telly Updates

Episode starts with everyone gathering at the lawn.
Siya: Riddhima bhabhi has not come till now.
Vidyut: Bhabhi is definitely going to kill Vansh today by her beauty.
Riddhima on the other hand is sitting at floor in vansh’s room and crying unconsably.She then looks at the clock,wiped her tears and thinks to go out fast but the glass which Vansh broke in the morning,one piece from that glass had left there,and it got in Riddhima’s leg,she paniced in pain.She did the first aid fast,and left.But the wound was deep,she went where everyone had gathered.

Siya:Bhabhi,moon has come ,come everyone,lets go to terrace.
And everyone started leaving for the terrace.
Vansh noticed Riddhima walking with difficulty.he then saw on the floor and saw blood prints,he became shocked.He understood that she might have got wound from the glass pieces ,he rushed and lifted her.Everyone stood shocked and then smiled.
Vansh:What was the need to do this all?
He started moving upstairs to terrace.
Riddhima:If you are adamant then so am i.I will not get my wound dressedup till I break fast.
Vansh takes her to terrace,all of them break their fast and leave.
Vansh then cleans Riddhima’s wound and dress up it.

Riddhima and Vansh share an eye lock.
Riddhima without saying a word leave.She greets everyone and make them leave.She stops Angre,
Riddhima:Angre,I know that I am not that close to you .But still as a bhabhi,think about yours and ishani’s relation.Make her wish fullfilled,just have a talk.Because talking has the power,which can solve out everything.
Angre:Thanks bhabhi,I think you should also have a talk with vansh,regarding everything.I have an idea bhabhi..let me take Riansh with me for one day,I will see if Ishani is mature enough to have a kid and you and Vansh will have some time for talk.It will make RIansh’s future safe and better bhabhi.Have a thought.
RIddhima smiles and nods.
Next morning Riddhima make RIansh go with Angre and tells Vansh to come at time in evening as they have to talk.Vansh ignores her and leave.
In the evening Riddhima is all ready with dinner,Vansh comes ,they have a dinner ,everything was silent.
Riddhima:I think we should have a talk.
Riddhima: Vansh ,are you able to accept Riansh now.

Vansh stayed quiet.
Riddhima:Vansh ..are you able to accept Riansh now.
Vansh looked in her eyes,both eyes got filled.He left the food.
Vansh:Riddhima..its difficult,difficult for me to accept those things.I am ..unable to do it.
Riddhima smiles.
Riddhima:Please pour your heart out.
Vansh:I have no heart now,It died the day you…
He held his tears hardly.
Vansh:I am sorry ,but I can not forget the day,
Riddhima smiles.
Riddhima:I will leave happily ,if you want.
Vansh stayed quiet
Riddhima:Thankyou so much Vansh,really its not a taunt,thanks from heart that you tried.Its really okay,I will leave with Riansh tomorrow.
She lefts from there,Vansh lays back on the chair.

Riddhima comes to her room and hugs Vansh pics and cries unconsably.
Riddhima’s flashback-
“It was only when Riddhima joined vansh’s company as Saumya requested her to.Saumya and Riddhima both started working with full heart.Saumya’s wholeintentions everytime were to grab’s Vansh’s attention,Riddhima was full hearted girl,who was spreading happiness all around her.Vansh started falling for her chirpiness ,slowly he started feeling good around Riddhima.
Then vansh’s sister Siya,she suffered an accident,it was only Riddhima who with her full heart,make Siya recover.Vansh fell for her completely during this.Riddhima also reciprocated.Vansh then one day proposed Riddhima,Riddhima asked for sometime to think.
That night when she came to saumya to tell her about Vansh’s proposal,as Saumya,for her was her everything,her sister,friend and sometimes she even saw a helper in her,so she wanted to ask her opinion as she was little bit onfused about her feelings for Vansh,but what she saw,she saw vansh’s photo in Saumya’s mobile wallpaper.
Riddhima:Dii…Vansh photo?

Saumya:Now what to hide from you.I love him.So much,that even after getting so much oppurtunities from other companies ,I stayed here ,just for his love.But he ,he never paid any attention.
Riddhima felt heart broken,she could not snatch Saumya’s love.So she denied to vansh.Vansh respected her decision,they stayed as friends.but Riddhima was falling in Vansh’s love and it was becoming really hard for her to control her feelings but she had no other optionShe then found that vansh still die only for her ,so she accepted vansh’s proposal,as even if she not,Vansh would not be able to give love to Saumya.
Saumya remain shattered,and started making distanc with her.

Riddhima ‘s flashback ended,she wiped her tears and started packing.
Downstairs Vansh was crying unconsably.His flashbak started,
“Both vansh and Riddhima were happy in their love life,and were soon about toget married but Vansh got a huge business project,only on the demand on Riddhima,he accepted and moved out of the city for three months.Their long distance relationshipwas also as beautiful as their closer one.
Then one day their lives changed,
It was the day of gangaur.
Vansh returned from the project and rang the door bell,what happened,just ended his life .
A pregnant Riddhima opened the door.He saw her condition,and then the baby bump and felt devastated.
Vansh was unable to speak anything and so did Riddhima.

Then he just kept asking Riddhima ,that why did she do it.
Vansh screamed:Riddhima we never spent a single night together,how this,whose child is it.
Riddhima never answered him.
Vansh: Why Riddhima…
From then ,Vansh and riddhima never met.
Then one day ,Vansh met Riddhimaand Saumya’s badpapa,he died in an accident,in front of Vanh’s eyes and made a heart wrenchind requst to vansh to take are of is eler fmilydaughter,who was none other than Saumya thakur.
Vanh was already devastated,and his .Situations were such that he could not deny,and for the biggest surprise everit was Ridhima,witha 8 month old child baby bump,who became their wedding planer.Tere was not even the slightest pain on her face of losing Vansh.As if he never s*xisted for her.
The marriage was court marriage,Vansh and Sumya just sgned the papers.

That night ,instead of being with Saumya,Vansh let te hom and reached Riddhima.He saw from glass window,a sad,devstated Riddhima,withtears in eyes and pain over face,smiling with dried lips and saying,
“Its not needed that life always ives you what you deired.”
Vansh’s heart was wrenching,but that question in his mind,”Why Riddhima” forced him to leave.
He straight went to airort and never returned back,Saumya caled him a lot,but he had no courage to be in any relation with anyone.He just paid Sauya’s*xpenses,but never returned,it was only 2 years later,whe the robotic Vansh ,who kept working all throug day and night,recieved a call,that was frm a hospital,telling him that ,your wife Saumya,died du to brain stroke.He returned ack,ad peformed her lastrite well,he was sorry to her,but the thing ws not in his hands.Hecould never love ayone except Riddhia,sothere was no meaning to return back to India and ive with her.

He then reached the home,and saw atable note,written by Saumya,
“Vansh,I had did a lot of sins in y life.I wantto sa that I could never love you truly,if Iwould have then my loe would havegot you back from US,still I have no coplains in my heart to you.Just a requst,Vansh I have brain tumor,ancerous celsare on last stage,I will nt ivemuch,just fulfilllast wish of a girl,my sister Rddhima and he child,are alone.Accept them”.
Vansh hardly accepted her decision,hemae the reuest to Riddhima,it was only three months back,and their marriage hapened.”
Vansh’s flasback ended.His eyes were redwith tears,”Why Riddhima,why.”

Precap: Riddhima puls Riansh ,Rians cries nconsably,sayng”I won’t leave daddy.”
Vansh stayed silent.


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