Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 11 – Telly Updates

Episode starts with abhi and siya being in their room and packing bags and thinking

Abhi : siya you turned my life into heaven I will be very happy living with you but I don’t know about your opinion

Siya : abhi when we are acting like we are close and love each other I thought that why It could not be true I am waiting for your confession

At the same time everyone at the reception
Riddima : guys I think we have to do something bcoz if this two idiots will not confess waiting for other to confess then our complete effort will spoil so we have to do something

Everyone : but what we can do
Riddima : motivate them
Angre : I didn’t understand
Riddima : uffo guys we have to motivate them to confess
Everyone nod and then they convince abhYa to confess the both agree and then abhi comes to riddima for help

Abhi : riddu darling as you helped so many in our college in love matter as you are a love guru, could you help me even ??

Riddima : dude tension lena mat I will plan it and you should start doing rehearsal of how to express your love ok
Riddima gives him a letter in which the confession is filled with her new fresh shayari and abhi goes to reherse about it
And riddima starts planning a dinner date for AbhYa and then when everything is ready she calls him and then she goed to siya’s room and she keeps a dress with a letter in which it is written ,


Siya blushes and leaves to go to the restaurant and then everyone have a hifi as their plan got success siya liked the dress a lot and she leaves to the restaurant and she got amazed seeing the decorations and then abhi comes in front of her and then he confesses his love by reading the confession letter done riddima which is

Oh Siya ,
Tu hi meri piya
Tune meri zindagi mein aaya
Tune mujhpar jaadu kiya
Aur mene usko fida hoo gaya
Aur tune mujhse meri dil cheen liya
Tu hi hai meri chaya
Tu hi meri dil ki saaya
Agar tujhe samajh me aaya
Aur tujhe mujh par aur meri pyaar pe hai daya
Meri pyaar ko accept karlo na siya
(Dear siya , you are my beloved and you are my love , you cane into my life and you made something magic and I became a puppet of you and you stolen my heart , you are my reflection , you are my heart’s shadow and if you understood what I have said and if you have mercy on me and my love , accept my love siya )

Siya accepted it and they danced and they ate dinner and they went to their homes and slept

Precap : vansh decides to confess his love

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