Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 9 – Telly Updates

Episode starts with ,
Riddima remembering abhi’s past

abhi loved a girl named ahana in his college days when he is 21 and loved her a lot but one day finding a rich guy from London and she has gone away from him and betrayed him he gone into depression and then riddima suggested him to join the business and he now in the present he became a great business tycoon

*Flashback ends *
Riddima : that girl is just horrible how could she leave him

At the same time ,
Unknown (who is none other than ahana ) :
Abhi I have been gone away with that rich guy dikshit but he betrayed me and left me and then I realised my mistake and I’m back and this time I will not leave you at any cost

Ahana comes in front of everyone and abhi becomes upset bcoz of seeing her face once again . Riddima loses her cool and then she confesses that she is the same who cheated abhi in the past . everyone get shocked annd riddima understands that neither plan A nor plan B will work .abhi is upset and siya consoles him and he hugs her

At the same time ,
Riddima : why do you entered once again into our lives

Ahana : oh come on you know that I love abhi very much

Riddima : seriously OMG !! (Laughs) guyz listen what she is saying that she loves abhi (angry) then why she betrayed him for a rich guy and I think now she came once again only for abhi’s money

Ahana : stay in your limits and don’t talk cheaply about me

And then she leaves from there and she warns siya to be away from abhi but abhi keeps a stand to her and talks by her side

Abhi(sad) : why do you came once again in to my life pl leave me

But ahana makes a drama and then she controls him with fake crying and creates a huge scene

After ahana left riddima calls everyone a side and explains her plan to them

Riddima : guys we can’t do anything as ahana is clever and she will do any drama and will blackmail us and there are chances for abhi going to jail

Siya : so what we can do to stop her and expose her

Riddima : so siya I need your help in this
Siya : I am with you say what is your plan

Riddima explains her plan and when abhi and siya left to focus on their plan

Riddima : guys as ahana came so we can’t apply our Plan A or B so our plan C which is explained now will help us and it is beneficial in so many things like
1. Ahana gets jealous and angry
2.we can expose her
3. Making ahana busy we can collect proofs
4. The most important one in this plan abi abhi and siya could realise their love

Everyone : yes
Riddima : guys we have to be in our planing so let’s go
Everyone : ok

Precap : plan C revealed

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