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The Episode starts with Dhara saying this is your room, Raavi. She stops Shiva and says Raavi is your wife, you have to share the room with her, its your room too, stay here, okay. Shiva says as you say. Rishita asks will we enjoy Dev. Dev says yes, just first get fine, I was so scared today, I swear. She says you didn’t get medicine for me. He says Dhara gave the medicine. She says this medicine. She hugs him. She says your touch, your hug, its medicine for me, when I m close to you, I feel okay. He kisses her.

Shiva and Raavi argue. He asks her to listen to Dhara carefully, its his cupboard also, share it as well. She asks him to keep his clothes aside. They fight for a hanger. Rishita says we will see others’ room. Dev says we are not kids, I will show the place where Gautam got married. She says we will see which room Raavi got. Dev leaves. Gautam and Dhara recall their old days and smile. She says when Hardik told me about marrying you, I refused and came here, Hardik convinced me here. Gautam says then I came here, if you refused to marry me, what would have happened. She says I was waiting for you in the mandap, you were running away. They laugh.

She says good you agreed, else think how would your life be without me. He hugs her and says me and my family would have shattered, I didn’t know what happened with me, my one decision changed my entire life. Rishita comes to Raavi’s room. She likes the room. She says you took a good room. Raavi says Dhara gave me this room, don’t say you want this room. Rishita says I didn’t say it, Dev should get it. Raavi says Gautam is the eldest brother, he should get it, but Dhara gave me this room. Rishita says you behave like Shiva’s wife. She goes and sits upset. Dev showers flowers on her. He says its a small surprise for you, I can do anything for you. She asks him to come down. He asks her to close eyes. He kisses her hand. Gerua….plays….

Gautam and Dhara hug and kiss. Raavi stays alone. Shiva comes there. Her dupatta flies over her face. She falls back. Shiva runs to hold her. Krish dances and smokes. He stops recalling Dhara’s words. He throws the cigarette. He sees a girl and runs after her. Shiva says its not easy to die, go and die in Prafulla’s house, don’t trap us by dying here. Raavi pushes him away. She says I don’t have the mood to commit suicide, I have to stay alive and dance on your head, I will not leave you so soon. She leaves. He throws the dupatta over her. He leaves. Dev says I m here with you, I m balancing between love and family. Rishita says we would have got a bigger room if we asked Dhara. Dev says you have been stupid. He hugs her. Krish looks for the girl.

He asks what happened to me, who was that girl. Dhara calls Suman and says we reached safely, Shiva and Raavi are also fine, everything will be fine between them, take care, have medicines on time. Gautam comes and asks how do you stay positive, I feel everything will be fine if you are saying it, I get calm hearing you, I saw Shiva and Raavi fighting. She laughs and says relations take time, Shiva is stubborn like you, you also took time, we fell in love, they will also fall in love. He says I wish it happens. Shiva wears his tshirt. Raavi comes there. His tshirt gets torn. She jokes on him. He removes the tshirt and throws it away. He says Dhara got new clothes, but she thinks I m still a kid. Raavi collides with him. She turns away. She asks are you Salman Khan, go and wear clothes, new clothes won’t fit you, wear your old clothes. He says its my room, I can roam with or without tshirt. She says fine, I will go to Gautam and Dhara’s room, tell them why I left the room. He says wait, I will wear the tshirt. He wears a vest and gets on the bed. She says we will divide the bed. He asks how.

She pours water on the bed. She says you like to put water, I have put it today, I have divided the bed, half yours, half mine. He looks at her.

Shiva says I have seen a spirit at the stairs. Rishita gets scared hearing Shiva and Krish’s talk.

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