Rakhi Sawant on two of her new projects been put on hold – Telly Updates

Rakhi Sawant pretty much was reborn as a complete entertainer during her stay in Bigg Boss 14 house. The reality show gave her the much-required attention and publicity she required to boost up her diminishing carrier. With her witty comments and one-liners, she became the synonym of entertainment.

According to Rakhi, she signed two new projects post Bigg Boss 14. Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic both the shows have now been put on hold

Talking about her shows in an interview with ETimes TV, Rakhi said, “I was really excited after I came out of the Bigg Boss house. I got the required push for my career which was needed for the past so many years. In fact, I had also signed two very good shows, though I had not received the signing amount, everything else was final. But both these projects have been put on hold because of Covid.”


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