RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 2 – Telly Updates

The episode starts here: 

Author’s POV: 

Finally Riddhima agreed to meet her Father’s guest, Riddhima, Shreya and his father meet…

Gautam: Hello, How are you Man? Riddhima, Shreya he’s Aayush Khanna, CEO of Khanna industries. His father is a dear friend of mine and Aayush she’s Riddhima my Daughter and Shreya her friend.

Aayush: Hello, Mr. Shroff and Hey, Riddhima and Shreya. I know Riddhima afterall her company is on such a peak right now🤗 absolutely nice to meet you both. I’ve just returned for Paris.

Gautam: And that too for marriage!

(Signing Riddhima)

Riddhima: Oh! Glad to meet you too Mr. Khanna. Firstly I’m Miss. Riddhima Shroff,not just Riddhima and secondly I don’t have any plans for marriage. So if you and my father are Cooking something in your brains please burn it up. And yeah; enjoy the party and then you may leave 😌😌

(Aayush stands still and shocked, Riddhima and Shreya leave but suddenly Gautam stops them and says:)

Gautam: What’s this behaviour Riddhima? If you don’t want to get married you would have told me later but what was the point of insulting both of us?

Riddhima: Behaviour? Tell later? Insulting?  Dad who even told you to think about this all? The Times I think to start a healthy relationship with you, your one or the other things take over me to the line where we started from. Who are you to think and take decisions of my Life?

Gautam: Your father (cutting his words)

Riddhima: Father? Yes dad why not but taking decisions of my life, this right you already lost when your wife left you and you left me to our househlepers to look after me. Because of my wonderful parents I’ve just lost all interest and faith in relationships. Till now whatever I’ve done and achieved is on my own and will think about my personal and professional life also on my own! Please don’t be bothered. Let’s go to stage and address the guests Shreya, come.

(Riddhima and Shreya go on the stage, Riddhima take the Mic, and starts speaking..)

Riddhima: Well when I look back 5 years ago just can’t imagine today I’m standing here when Planning Bells last night received an award for Fastest growing company! 5 years back I was completing my PHD in Psychology and thought of starting a business. Started it, had put in a combined efforts of all the people associated with and came till here! Would give a special thanks to Rahul who was there when Planning Bells was just in a small room till Today, the entire team of Planning Bells who work day and night to provide a quality of product. Business tycoons who guided me throughout this time, my father who was always ready to just help me out but indirectly always giving me Zeal to not take any favours and be self made, my patients who always filled me with different level of joy and confidence. Thankyou All! And enjoy the party 🎉🎉

(And suddenly Shreya coughs,)

Riddhima: Uff! I was about to mention you! The one who loves me, understands me, irritates me with her habit of being late, she know this is the thing k hate 🙄🙄😂 my utmost backbone since childhood, with her I’ve shared my every moment of sadness and happiness! Thanku for being who you are and filling the empty place in my life with your friendship 😍.

Author’s POV: 

They hug, and someone was listening carefully to her! He told another person standing besides him…

Man: Angre go and Talk to her about Siya.

Angre: Yes Boss.

(Angre goes to Riddhima and Shreya they were talking while he interrupted..)

Angre: Excuse me Ma’am! I would like to talk to you about something important.

Riddhima: Yeah sure, please continue.

Angre: Do you know Mr. Vansh Raisinghania? Ofcourse you must be knowing. Her youngest sister Siya is mentally sad, so we would be really happy to hire you as her personal psychologist. Please arrive at our mansion tomorrow morning 8am.

Riddhima: Excuse me! Yeah I know Mr. Vansh Raisinghania but just as a businessman. And I think you don’t know me because I don’t visit anyone personally. Patients take appointments for days to just have one session with me. Please ask your Boss to come and take appointment from my assistant psychologist and bring his sister to me😌😊

(Shreya and Riddhima leave and Shreya says:)

Shreya: Yrr! You are being damn rude these days! Stop being so. You should have given his offer a try! Atleast as a psychologist.

Riddhima: You sure I was rude, rather I think I was much polite 😂 Leave it let’s enjoy na.

Shreya: Exactly because in the end you will do what you feel like.

(They giggle and suddenly Vansh approaches Riddhima after listening to Angre and says:)

Vansh: Interesting! very interesting.. So you are Miss. Riddhima Shroff.

Riddhima: Well thanks for the complement Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. I know I’m damn interesting.

Vansh: So you recognised me?

Riddhima: Infact I was Waiting for your arrival I knew after what I said to your man you would definitely approach me.

Vansh: So I will directly come to the point. My youngest sister Siya is mentally sad you know. At at of 10 she had an accident and was not able to walk she recovered from it after 6years but that trauma is still haunting her day and night. In school her classmates used to mock her as she was handicapped our parents left us at a very young age, we never had an easy childhood but Siya had a painful one. She jas distanced herself from people and doesn’t visit anyone, that’s the reason I want you to treat her at my Mansion itself.

(Riddhima was touched, she could understand the painful childhood very well and said:)

Riddhima: Well that’s fine! I’ll come at your mansion tomorrow morning 9am.

Vansh: Does that mean that Miss. Riddhima Shroff is going against her principles just by being emotionally touched?

Riddhima: Not really, Mr. Riasinghania! I would take three sessions with Siya at your mansion and then she herself will agree to come to me😌

Vansh: Interesting! Very interesting.. quite a negotiable deal Miss Shroff.

Riddhima: Business in Blood, You see! Well, see you tomorrow then. Sharp 9am, I hate delays.

Vansh: Okay then! I would take a Leave.

(He leaves and Shreya says..)

Shreya: So Riddhima you agreed to him, I mean to visit his Mansion! Quite surprising hnn!

Riddhima: When you hear about Mr VRS then, he’s the rudest and most stern person you could ever meet but Today he showed his different side! He loves his family alot. And for me Family is just so important 🥺❤️

Shreya: Chalo! Finally there’s someone who changed you a little bit 😜 because I was tired since childhood 🙄

Riddhima: not really Shreya! Riddhima is not the who can be changed and BTW you are tired of me??🤨🤨

Shreya: suddenly you became Antaryami darling 👏👏

Riddhima: Oh just shut up!

(They both engage in a silly banter 🤣)

At night in VR mansion: 

Author’s POV:

Someone sneaking into the mansion and suddenly the security alarm rings; everyone rushes to the hall…

Vansh: who’s there who tried to sneak in VR mansion 😡??

Angre: I’ll go and Check boss!

(He checks and catches someone in hoodie, he brings the culprit and removes the hoodie everyone gets shocked and vansh screams…)

Vansh: Ishani you?? How could you do this? Where were you and from where are you coming so late from?

Aryan: Sis! You are such a freak 😜 you tried to sneak 🤣🤣

Ishani: Oh shut up Aryan bro! Vansh bhai I’m sorry I was in a pub! It won’t happen next time but I’m Ishani Riasinghania I can do anything if you restrict me from going out!

(She leaves for her room)

Vansh: Aryan is Siya sleeping?

Aryan: Yes bhai she’s sleeping she had dinner early and slept! Well it’s late now I must go and sleep I’ve to go to a latest gaming zone tomorrow early 😌 Good night all!

Episode ends! 

Sorry as the last episode was short but I hope this length is fine! I got immense love and support from previous updates! Thnqu all and keep supporting me the same way! Hope I’m not disappointing you all. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏❤️ 

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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