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Shakti 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi telling Preeto that they didn’t think about Soumya and says if she is in trouble. Everyone runs out. Soumya thinks to come out of the cupboard. Mahi comes back to room and looks out of window. She walks towards the window. Soumya is about to come out from the cupboard, but stops seeing Mahi going towards the window. Mahi says Soumya is smart, to have eloped from the window and thinks she had surely come here. She thinks she will expose theem. Soumya thinks Mahi lied about seeing reflection here, she has doubt on me. Mahi goes out of the room. Soumya comes out of the cupboard and thinks she will not let Mahi make an issue, and will not let her ruin the house environment. Everyone search for Soumya and says she is not in her room, kitchen etc. Mahi says where did she go? Soumya comes to hall from the terrace and asks what happened? Harman says Soumya ji is here. Preeto asks where did you go? Soumya says she had gone to terrace to bring the raw mangoes, suddenly she remembered and went. She asks if everything is fine. Preeto says yes and scolds Mahi for making everyone worried. Harak Singh asks Harman not to worry and says we will go and talk to the watchman. Mahi holds Soumya’s hand and says it is enough. Soumya asks what happened? Mahi says I got insulted because of you. Soumya thinks to throw Harman out before Mahi’s anger and doubt increases.

Rohan comes to Parmeet’s farmhouse and apologizes to her. He says he didn’t mean that. Parmeet says its ok. Rohan walks towards Simran seeing her. Simran gets emotional. Rohan bends down on his knees and shows the bouquet. He apologizes to her for yesterday and says he will never say anything wrong and will not let any misunderstanding come between them. Simran takes the bouquet. Rohan asks her to give him a chance to be a good Papa, along with good husband. He asks if she will come with him. Simran says yes. Rohan kisses on her forehead. Nayan comes there to get lehenga and sees Rohan and Simran. Virat thinks how did she come here, I have sent her to market. He says here is the bag and takes her from there.

Preeto tells Mahi to make Achaar and then make food. She says your bau ji has gone to market to bring vegetable. Mahi says ok. Preeto asks Raavi to sit and do work. She cuts the mangoes and says tell about the spices used in the achaar, and sarson oil in it. Harman comes there and looks here and there. Mahi asks if he is searching someone. Harman says I am seeing you all working. Preeto tells that she is making achaar with the mangoes plucked from their mango trees. She tells that Harman used to like Achaar a lot and even Heer don’t have food without Achaar. Harman says they are my type of people. Preeto says you are like Harman. Harman says he will cut the mangoes. He cuts the mango and is about to eat. She says Achaar will not be good if mango is eaten. Harman says mango doesn’t look good with pepper and salt. Preeto gets emotional and tells that Harman used to help me then used to keep his side of mangoes separately. Harman says he helped her with the intention to get some achaar from her. Preeto says Harman’s share is yours now.

Nayan asks Virat who is he? Virat says he is my friend and asks her to go and prepare for their special day. Nayan goes. Virat turns and sees Rohan standing. Rohan asks Virat why did he hide about him to that girl. Virat says there is nothing. Parmeet asks him to come inside and says there is nothing. Rohan says you call me as family, but that doesn’t mean that you trust me. Parmeet tells him that Heer and Virat are separated. Rohan gets shocked. Parmeet says this girl Nayan is going to marry Virat. Virat is marrying her. Rohan is shocked. Mahi asks until when you are here? Preeto asks what are you saying? Mahi says I was asking as it will take a week to make achaar. Harman tells that he will stay back for a week to take achaar. Preeto asks Harman about his family. Raavi asks him to tell who is in his family.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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