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The Episode starts with Tejo asking Inspector to arrest Jas and his mum. He says we are trying, explain your family to stop dreaming about Canada. Tejo says Jas and his mum cheated us, my family isn’t selfish, you didn’t do your work, fine, I will not sit quiet. He asks what will you do. She says I will put his posters to alert innocent girls from the fraud. She goes.

Fateh looks on. She says I have to go. He says you have to come back here. She says I m not joking. He says even I m not joking, I m doing this for my friend, hold my hand, is there any problem. She holds his hand. He asks her to see her watch now and be silent for half an hour. He says I also have anger in my heart, come with me, don’t ask. He takes her along. He throws glass bottles at a bus. He asks do you trust me. She nods. He says then vent out your anger, throw this bottle at bus, think its Jas’ head. She throws the bottles angrily. She feels better and smiles. They think of their families. Tejo cries and goes to sit inside the bus. She says I hate myself, everyone has sold everything for my sake, Jas has ruined my family happiness. Fateh asks her not to cry. Jasmin comes and says sorry Tejo. They paste Jas’ posters in the pind. She says I want people to know him, he shouldn’t cheat any girl, I will teach a lesson to this fraud. Jasmin says I will blacken his face. Fateh says we should catch him first, who got his alliance. They say Billo matchmaker.

They catch a man and asks for Billo. The man says she has gone to Delhi for an alliance. Tejo asks where is Jas. They scold Billo’s husband. The man tries to run. Tejo says we will take him to the police station. The man says I m saying the truth, police has already questioned me, I didn’t know Jas and his mum will do this with Tejo, I swear. Jasmin gets angry. Fateh says he is saying the truth, we just want to find Jas. Tejo says if you regret whatever happened with me, tell me anything you know about them. The man says sure. He goes. She says we will find some way to reach Jas. Jasmin says we should go home now. They leave.

Tejo comes home and hugs Dilraj. She asks Abhiraj to drop Dilraj to the school, take her scooty, his bike will come back soon. Abhiraj says I have no tension when you are here. She stays upset with Satti. Bebe consoles Satti. Fateh asks Jasmin about Tejo’s plan. Tejo comes and says we have to make a set up, we need a girl who wants to go to Canada, she should be rich, Jas and his mum would like to trap her, it won’t be easy. Jasmin likes her plan. Fateh says idea is good, we have to catch Jas first. Tejo says Jas had sold land to Bindra. Jasmin says he won’t help us. Fateh says I have an idea, we get info from registrar office. Jasmin says Vicky works there. Fateh asks who is he. Tejo says he is brother of Jasmin’s friend, he likes Jasmin a lot. Jasmin smiles. She goes to meet Vicky. She talks to him sweetly. Fateh looks on and gets jealous. She asks him to get some drink. He goes out. She checks the files. Fateh signs her.

Vicky gets a drink. She says I need your help. He says you can ask for my life. She asks did my dad sell any land. He says I remember, your dad came here to sell the land to Jas, Jas had told the land to Bindra, there is no record here, Bindra didn’t get registry done. She says okay bye. He asks what happened. She leaves. Tejo asks what happened. Jasmin says registry didn’t happen yet. Tejo says I wish I could get the land back to dad. Fateh says I know how to find Jas.

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