Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 11 – Telly Updates

I am very happy that I touched 30 comment ….so as I promised you all to update today…..this for you guys enjoy it and don’t forget give reviews about it……yesterday’s episode was small but today’s I managed little longer…..

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In 1-2 episodes I am going to cover past story then present will starts with Ragini and vansh marriage preparations…..Riansh emotional turmoil….Aryan’s planning trap Ridhima…and many other things will also there …..

Episode Starts……

In VR mention ….

In hall ….

Siya : you know bhabhi from today only one month is left to complete a year of your marriage.

Ridhima( with no expression) : Hmm….

Ishani : that means we have tolerated her 11 months .

Anupriya ( smile ): ishani what a logic…not bad…
Both laughed…

Aryaan : you both are superb….let’s celebrate this for our tolerance level…

Siya : you know them …please don’t mind….

Ridhima : its ok siya …I understand….

Vansh and Angre were passing by the hall. vansh noticed tension between them…so he asked them..

Vansh : what’s going on?

Siya : nothing bhai….we are talking about your marriage anniversary….

Vansh : but for that still one month is there….

Ridhima : you know ?

Vansh : of course sweetheart..

Angre : Boss we have meeting ……

Vansh : let’s go…

Ridhima phone rang…she received the call…..

Ridhima : what???

Person : meet me in backyard…

Ridhima : I am not coming.

Person : if you are not coming then I will come…

Ridhima : ok..ok…

She went to backyard …

Ridhima :so tell me why are you here….

Person : I was missing you JAAN…

Ridhima(angry) : listen kabeer ….if one more you called me JAAN…..then I will tell vansh about you and your mission.

Kabeer : Go…go… and tell him but don’t forget to tell him about our…(evil smile). think ridhima if he come to know about your past then….

Ridhima : what then???

Kabeer : then will throw you out of his life.not only throw but he will kill you ….. You know him .How much he hate betrayal…and you are betraying him…

Ridhima : this is last time when you are blackmailing me .Today I wil tell him about my past. This is last time your talking to me.

Kabeer laughs ….

Kabeer : Ridhima ….Ridhima ….. What you think ? You will tell him about your betrayal and he is going welcome you into his life .No ridhima .no… always say I know him …I know him…this is what you know him…he will not accept you …he will kill you…

Ridhima : I will tell him each and every thing….he will understand me…..

Kabeer : no he will not…

Ridhima : I will tell him …its upon him either to accept me or reject me….I will respect his decision…..

Kabeer : you will lose your life…..think one more time ridhima . Give me proof against vansh and join hand with me….then we will peacefully life… know how much I love….

Ridhima : I know how much I am important to you for your mission…, you can’t manipulate me….so you can leave now…

In riansh’s room

Ridhima was waiting for the vansh but he didn’t come. She called him .

Ridhima : hello vansh where you? Please come fast I am waiting.

Vansh : oohhh so you are missing me.

Ridhima : No .I wasn’t.

Vansh : then why you have called me?

Ridhima : because I want talk to you.

Vansh : so tell me what you want say.

Ridhima : I can’t say on the call.please come I am waiting.

Vansh : if you can’t tell on the call then you have to wait for the one week . I am in Dubai for one meeting .Sorry I forget to inform you about it as I was in hurry.

Ridhima(surprised ) : one week ? No I can’t wait that much…..

Vansh (happy) : I think someone is so eager to confess her feeling..

Ridhima( innocently) : Yeas , I want to drain out my heart…..

Vansh : if you can’t wait then say it on the call and then I will tell my answer.

Ridhima :This is not something that I can confess on the phone .for this you have in front of me….you complete your work then I will say it to you….

Vansh : ok ……you made things more difficult to me….

Ridhima( innocently): what I have done?

Vansh : nothing sweetheart . Tell me are you done with your dinner.

Ridhima (sad): No , I was waiting for you .but…..leave it .did you done ?

Vansh : No , I will eat after the call .

Ridhima : ok .How was the day.

Vansh : God. And your??

Then Angre called vansh for the deal…

Ridhima : my ….. (Interrupted by vansh)

Vansh ; I have to go. Ok I call you later….BYE sweetheart

Ridhima : bye vansh .

In Dubai….

After finishing his meeting vansh went to his room. He sit down on the bed and took out his phone.He stated talking to phone which had his and ridhima’s photo.

Vansh : what you want to tell me?why you can’t say it on the call? This suspence is killing me sweetheart. How can you do this to me sweetheart. Only one week sweetheart…

In VR mention

Ridhima was coming from kitchen with food to her room….

Person : sweetheart

Ridhima (joyfully) : vansh !!!! You came….(turned to see)

Ridhima(angry) : how dare you Aryan (shouted)….you don’t have manner to talk….

Aryan : ooh come on Ridhima!!!! Stop acting….vansh is not there….

Ridhima : you behave yourself.,…

Aryan : let’s directly come to point . As you know vansh is present so I can accompany you for this night…..

Ridhima : leave from here…..

Aryan : if your mind change then call me babe….I am just one call away from you…

Ridhima( angry) : leave…( shouted)

When he went out the room then she locked her room…

Ridhima : vansh I am missing you…please come na….I am waiting for you….(with tears)…..I want to confess each and everything.what if you rejecte will I leave with you…..only one week vansh….

Her phone range…

Ridhima : hello sejal!!!

Sejal(panting): yes Ridhima just listen to me…..

Ridhima(serious) : yes tell me….

Sejal : kabeer visit to chemist shop to buy medicine and injection for a lady.

Ridhima(surprised) : lady… she his crime partner…

Sejal : I don’t know .I haven’t seen her..,..I am sending you one address .may be you find her there

Ridhima : ok send me….but why are panting so much…

Sejal : because …..because…..

Stay home stay safe

Stay happy

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