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Radha announces that she is the Krishna’s biggest devotee in the whole world. Hanuman ji while meditating opens his eyes hearing that and says he is alive from Treta yug to Dwapar yug and nobody and was considered the biggest devotee in Treta yug, he is alive till now and will be alive even later, its his disciple’s wish that he woke up now and show that he is the biggest devotee. He thinks he will meet the woman who challenged to be biggest devotee and explain her so that she can correct her mistake. He flies to meet her.

Back in Dwarka, citizens celebrate Radha and Krishna’s return. Balram says its such an auspicious event and everyone are happy except Krishna. Krishna says Radha’s announcement has made him worried and woken up his great devotee. Balram asks who is his special guest. Krishna says Radha’s announcement has invited his devotee and he is coming here uninvited by him. Balram asks what are his qualities. Krishna describes Hanumanji’s long list of qualities. Radha walks to Krishna and says she is happy that she has something of Krishna nobody can have. He says she shouldn’t have used those words. She asks if she is wrong. He says she is Radha and he is Krishna and her name is taken before him, if that is not enough; her words may hurt someone and there must be a disaster. She says where there is devotion, how can there be disaster, she just spoke truth. Balram backs her. Radha says she will make Krishna’s idol out of Dwarka citizens’ given coins and assures Krishna that nothing will happen when he is here. Krishna says she unknowingly provoked a person who is a symbol of devotion, can go to any extent to prove his devotion, even Shani is afraid of him, and he doesn’t know what will his devotee do now.

Hanumanji flies towards Radha’s location and on the way sees asurs troubling saints, thinks if asurs are troubling even after yugs passed. Saints plead for help and chant Jai Sri Ram. Hanuman reaches them and says wherever his prabhu Ram’s name is taken, he will reach there for help. Asurs laugh that this vanar/monkey has come here searching for fruits and throw fruits towards him. He blows air and hits fruits on them instead. They get afraid and say this vanar is a magician and try to attack him. He flies them far away with a blow of air. Saints thank him. He says wherever his prabhu Ram’s name is taken, he will reach there to help them; he asks about a woman’s location who had a unique voice. Saint says it must be definitely from Dwarka and explains direction. Hanumanji says Dwarka sounds so good and flies in its direction.

Radha sees Krishna’s chariot ready and asks him if he is going somewhere. Krishna says because of her challenge, his guest will come and meet Radha and Balram first. Balram asks how can he go when his devotee coming. Krishna says he is going for some important work and asks Balram to take care of his guest and make sure he keeps calm as he cannot withstand his guest’s anger. Balram asks who is this special guest who can be more angry than him as the whole world knows about his anger. Krishna says he thinks he stops him always from doing anything, today he will not. Radha says she made announcement to express her feelings for him to Dwarka people, she loves him is pure and its superior. She asks how can she prove it. She says her love has turned into devotion and nobody can deny it; asks Dau to accompany her to make food arrangements for the special guests. Balram walks away with her. Krishna thinks they both don’t know what his guest can do, he will explain the new meaning of devotion; he will have to disguise and not let his devotee identify him.

Hanuman thinks he lost his way and thinks of seeking someone’s help. He sees garud/hawk and says he needs his help. Garud says he doesn’t know him. Hanuman says he is Ram devotee Hanuman and asks Dwarka’s location. Garud says his prabhu stays there and its far away. Hanuman says he can reach long distance in seconds. Garud says he cannot reach sun in seconds. Hanuman says he had during childhood. Garud gets offended and asks if he is challenging him. Hanuman says he is not and just needs Dwarka’s direction. Garud challenges him again and says he has long feathers and is more powerful. Hanuman says with his Prabhu Ram’s name, he can reach anywhere easily and his devotion makes him more powerful. Krishna thinks nobody can match Hanuman’s devotion. Hanuman flies faster than Garud.

Precap: Hanuman reaches Dwarka and feels the peace he felt when he met Ram. Krishna walks to him.

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