Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 9 – Telly Updates

Later , vansh comes to the place , where riddima is present and then he goes to a room listening someone speaking


Guys you all are right its aarav who is apologising

Aarav : riddima , I am sorry , I can’t kill you or vansh as I learned my mistake

Vansh : aarav!!!!!!??????

They both turn back to see vansh

Vansh : aarav , my best friend you here

And then aarav explains why he kidnapped riddima and then he apologises to them

Later , Riansh return back home

Vansh : and now you came back I am happy

Riddima : even me

Vansh then goes out for a call when riddima starts tying the saree

Vansh comes

Vansh :(seeing her and turning back ) oh I am sorry

Riddima : it’s ok vansh

Vansh : may I tie it

Riddima : hmmm ok

Vansh (closing his eyes) : how much you know about me ??

Riddima : how much you wanna know ??

Vansh : hmm , my fav dish

Riddima : meethi baat

Vansh : my fav colour

Riddima : turquoise blue

Vansh asks a few more questions , and after completing tying her saree

Vansh (turning back and controlling himself) : vansh , control control

But then two more eyes are observing them

Vansh : so now comedown we can go for a long drive

When he said *long drive* the unknown smirks

Unknown and now your both count down starts

In the car

Vansh : riddima connect the songs pl

Riddima : ok , hmm , yaar vansh there are no best songs , let me connect my phone

Riddima plays her favourite (guys even everyone’s favourite who love immj2 serial )
Which is ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN TITLE SONG , they listen to it

Riddima : vansh I am thirsty

Vansh : ok then we can go to a nearby beach

Riddima (hits him ) : vansh then my thirst grows right ??

Vansh : riddima I am talking about the weather and there will be an icecream counter

Riddima : oh

They reach to the beach

Riddima & vansh at a time to ice cream vendor man : chocolate flavour please

Then they look at each other strangely

Vendor man : I think you both are wife and husband ??

V & R : (happy) : yes (realizing what they said ) no actually we are best friends but our families got us married

Vendor man : hmm pyaar will definitely start when there is friendship like yours how caring , god bless you both

Then they have there ice cream

And when they leave to go back , vansh tries to apply breaks but he can’t do anything as they are not working

Riddima : what happened vansh , is everything fine ??

Vansh : no riddima as , breaks failed

Riddima : what ???

Vansh : you just jump from the car , and don’t worry about me , I will come

Riddima : promise me

He promises her and she with teary eyes jumps off

He too later jumps and then they reach home in a cab

Everyone get worried and ask them what happened , they explain to them how the breaks failed

Unknown person smirks

Unknown : its just a trailer and the real movie will start from now

Precap : riddima coughs

Guys today’s questions :

1. Who could be the unknown
2. What can be their gender
3. Why riddima coughed

Stay tuned to know why ??

Till then
Have a good day
Take care
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